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Qin Yi sat quietly near the human race.


Wait for time to pass.

He quietly played with the scales in his hand, thinking a lot.

He does not feel alone when there is no one. On the contrary, when there are many people, he feels a little lonely inexplicably, feeling that he is not a person in this world.

But over the past few years, after experiencing so many things, he has gradually integrated into this place, with friends, brothers, elders and juniors, it seems that there is another inexplicable...confidant?

Jin Mingyue's face suddenly flashed across his head, smiled, and inexplicably thought of Lao Mu.

He grinned.

Where is the rich lady in the airport holding flesh and bones now, right?

"I'm in, why do you think of her? This guy's chest muscles are not as big as me!"

Qin Yi was startled suddenly, and curled his lips in disgust, but the smile in his eyes could not be erased.

"Hey, headache!"

He scratched his hair and subconsciously took a look outside.

It was completely dark outside, and the moon was gradually sinking to the west.

it's midnight!

Time to go out!

He took a deep breath and stepped towards the light gate.

Outside, although it was midnight at this time, there were still people watching. Four people from the Orcs were always watching this side on guard, and the Humans were no exception. The Great Sage Fuhai and Old Yuan Yuan squinted their eyes to look here. On the side, there is no relaxation at all.

After receiving the news from Bu Yunzhen and the others, they also knew that there was only one person left in it, and all the cubs of the orcs were dead. Of course they were very happy and a little nervous.

He is not only the disciple of the Ten Thousand Swordsman, but also the arrogant of their human race, but also a hero who has made contributions to the human race. Of course, he must be protected!

Under the eyes of the Orcs and Sea Races, protecting Qin Yi's safety is one of the most important tasks!

The light door fluctuates slowly.

The eyes of the Great Sage Fu and Yuan Lao slowly changed. Yuan Lao was carrying a sword behind his back, not knowing when a sword appeared.

"It should be coming out!"

He communicated to the Great Sage Fuhai, and at the same time notifying others to come over.

The orc side also moved immediately, and the four saints looked at this side with excitement on their faces.

"When you come out, you must protect their safety, and you must not let the people get black hands!"

One of them said loudly.

His name is Xiongli, he is his father Xiongtian, the mid-level strength of the saint realm, and he also uses a big axe, which is very fierce and brutal.

His own son is in the team, of course he has to pay attention, lest he is really killed by the opponent!

One leg appeared in everyone's eyes.


No doubt the orcs!

Master Fuhai and Old Yuan Yuan looked at each other.

How can this belong to the Orcs?

Didn’t you say they were all dead?

So what is going on?

Soon, the "orc" revealed the whole picture.

He has a horrible face, a sturdy body, and a big dark red axe in his hand.


He glanced around and moved his hands, the house-sized secret realm quickly shrank and turned into a ball the size of a grapefruit, which fell into his hand.

Very heavy!

"That's my son!"

Xiongli smiled.

He was about to speak, but suddenly his face was stunned.

What's the situation?

Others were also a little surprised.

Why is this **** who looks like a mold carved out of Xiongli, but is rushing toward the human race?

Are you dizzy?

"Son, here, you are running backwards!"

Xiongli immediately spread the message, and at the same time made a big hand to pull Qin Yi back.

Qin Yi's body tightened, his eyes rounded, and he rushed forward desperately.

"No, that's not my son, that's... Human Race!"

Xiong Li quickly discovered the abnormality, and he shouted loudly, his face was full of anger, and his face was green, and he slapped Qin Yi with his slap.

His palm was like a huge mountain, which was rumblingly pressed down, and Qin Yi couldn't breathe under the huge terrifying pressure.

"He has the breath of Ding Haizhu!" Behind, a hidden Sea Clan suddenly shouted in surprise.

"What? He took Ding Haizhu?"

"Quickly, kill him, catch him back!"

The Orcs and Sea Race said angrily.

Master Fuhai and Yuan Lao had already shot at this time.

The crutch that had been sticking in his hand was held by the hands of the Great Sage of the Sea, and the brilliance flashed, the stick began to grow bigger and thicker, and he straightened his body. At this time, his haggard face gradually inflated and his muscles became knotted. The body has become very strong, a muscular hunk!

"You are really beasts, and even your own people are doing black hands. Since you don't want it, then we will accept it!"

He shouted loudly, pretending to think that the man who ran wildly belonged to the orc, and made a bold move.

An extremely violent stick figure directly smashed the giant hand of Xiongli, and blasted towards the four of the orcs!

He didn't even stop, facing the four saints alone!

"Old immortal, get out!"

Xiongli was angry.

Although it looks very similar to his son, he can't tell the difference at all, but if you look closely, you can find that it is obviously a human pretending!

And there is even the breath of Ding Haizhu!

What will happen to his son now, don’t ask!

The most important thing is that the Heavenly Emperor Secret Realm was taken away by that kid!

How could he not be angry?

"You haunt him, I must kill that bastard!"

He gritted his teeth, his eyes were bloodshot.

The wrath of the saint turned upside down!

Qin Yi felt a tingling pain in his back, and sounded an alarm to him.


Extremely dangerous!

He glanced at the front, he was still not close to the territories of the human race, but the fierce battle fluctuations in the rear had already made him feel his body shake, and his internal organs were a little overwhelmed!

This is the power of the saint!

At this time, the sky and the earth were dark, and the oblique moon fell into the thick clouds, Qin Yi's vision was affected to a certain extent.


In the rear, at this moment, the figures of several saints appeared again, without saying a word, they surrounded the Great Sage Fuhai and Yuan Lao, and a terrifying attack blasted towards the two.

The law of the avenue shreds the space, and the cracks in the dark space swallowed up everything around him. The boundless cold and dead silence made Qin Yi's hair stand up and run faster!

"Want to go? Die!"

Xiong Liyin roared fiercely, and the huge axe hacked towards Qin Yi.

The space above Qin Yi's head was shattered into pieces, and the scene was terrifying.

A little blood appeared at the corner of Qin Yi's eyes. U U Reading www.uukanshu.com

"Hurry up, hurry up!"

He was anxious in his heart, and all kinds of laws were used, but in the face of the attack of the saint, he was so powerless.

"Don't panic!"

Suddenly, Qin Yi heard the shout from the front.

It is the Three Heroes of Windy City.

The three of their brothers are all powerful in the Conferred King Realm, and they definitely can't deal with saints, but they are much better than Qin Yilai, at least able to withstand one or two breaths.

Qin Yi turned his head and glanced at the axe phantom that was more than a hundred feet high behind him, constantly tearing everything around him and hacking at him like a bamboo.

It's close, it's close!

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