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“Heavenly Fairy Game” is a surreal game created by the Earth Alliance government for ten years, claiming that this game will lead the birth of a civilization of immortality.

In order to popularize this game to the public, the league first established a reality show, and selected fifty players for the live broadcast of the game in the first phase.

Yi Xiaofeng, who had special abilities since he was a child, successfully signed up to become the first test player with money.

Yi Xiaofeng’s eyes can see hidden opportunities and can discern the value of items.

When all the players are busy with the task of Raiders, he is constantly collecting opportunities.

All kinds of hidden cheats, pill recipes, and magical instruments were all cursed by him.

By the time the game was in public beta, his cultivation was already far behind the public.

When the game replaced reality, Yi Xiaofeng was already at the peak of his practice.

In an interview, the host asked: “Why do you always find those hidden opportunities?”

Yi Xiaofeng said earnestly: “I feel it with my heart, and I can speak by chance.”

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Short Title:ICSHC
Alternate Title:我能看到隐藏机缘
Author:Need a dream
Weekly Rank:#5256
Monthly Rank:#1951
All Time Rank:#2578
Tags:Cautious Protagonist, Cheats, Early Romance, Famous Protagonist, Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Slow Growth at Start, Special Abilitie, Sword Wielder,
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  1. It does not make scense.First mc have been chosen as an early player, then he plan to lay low profile and new player what should i say shit brain They have already seen mc power on live show and they want to rob mc. If u want to rob u have to atleast have a plan to succed right? Why they are like a moth flying into the flame.not once or twice.

  2. okay the start is good in close beta (although weak, full of plotarmor) but at least entertaining too. After open beta, I'm getting bored... already weak, still rampant here and there and high profile, relying on other people. heh can't low profile for a while he's still "weak"?! damn plotarmor.

  3. okay that's funny from a "player" perspective, but now look at it from another perspective (a real person from the cultivator world) who is stronger than him? that's stupid! rely on "plot armor" and others to run rampant. ok, my enthusiasm is waning..

  4. i find it entertaining as long as you focus on the in game plot and ignore the racism, thick plot armor and harem trope i personally entertaining but thats probably bc im rly bored

  5. racism but its either bad translations but its an mtl so meh or its context of the place of the author as china is one of the biggest countries or the author is just licking the authorities feet. as some places call each other dog as an insult

  6. 120 chapters spoilers A new perspective for a game novel, but it's worse as a cultivation one. - for most cultivation novels When mc has peerless cultivation qualifications its heavenly protected and send to the sect, not send to a deadly assessment with a demon king When People disappear out of thin eat usually some old monsters investigates something Or unusual numbers of people appear suddenly and do some sneaky activities The Sword teacher is more of a protagonist than mc Mc is usually on the edge of death with no securities around him It's an ok read but too forced, characters appears out of thin air, enemies for the smallest reason and too many masters

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