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Master Haotian looked at Chen Mu's back, his face turned a little gloomy.

For some reason, he had a bad feeling in his heart.

Chen Mu said with a smile: "Everyone, everyone knows the current situation of my fairy league.

Everyone happened to be here today, and I would like to take this opportunity to resolve this matter. "

The four great sect masters were all taken aback when they heard this, and then couldn't help but sneer.

This Chen Mu could not have received a few compliments and floated directly.

Want to take this opportunity to solve the affairs of the fairy alliance?

It's so light!


Is it possible to announce the integration of the fairy league and form a super sect?

All the cultivators of the Immortal League were looking straight at Chen Mu.

Everyone is very clear in their hearts that the main contradiction of the Immortal League is the contradiction between the law enforcement elders and the four major sects.

Chen Mu wants to resolve this matter, is it to resolve this contradiction?

Thinking of this, many immortal cultivators began to look forward to it.

Chen Mu took a deep breath and said quietly: "The original intention of my immortal alliance was to maintain the order of the immortal world and avoid another large-scale war.

Over the past thousand years, under the order and rules of the Fairy League, everyone has been able to develop with peace of mind.

But now?

Haotian Sect, Five Elements Sect, Feihong Sect, Divine Sword Sect...

These four sects want to integrate the fairy alliance and transform this huge alliance into a unified super sect.

As a law enforcement elder, my master would naturally not agree.

Everyone knows that it is not easy for the vast world of immortality to be completely unified?

In the end, it is hard to escape the result of a divisional war. "

Chen Mu's words are quite straightforward.

The issue of Xianmeng was brought to the table for the first time.

All the cultivators of the immortal alliance became quite complicated when they heard this expression.

Yeah, how easy is it to unify the huge world of immortality?

Such a big sect must be separated from each other inside.

The four major sects will definitely be direct descendants when they come, and their sects will only become side branches.

At that point, where can they retain talented disciples?

If things go on like this, in the end they can only completely disappear in the realm of cultivation.

This is only second!

I'm afraid that under the current situation, these small and medium sects will be directly reduced to cannon fodder.

They are in an alliance like the Xianmeng, and the Xianmeng will not forcefully assign tasks, but if they become a unified sect, they will have to refuse some things.

"Chen Mu! What do you want to express?"

The face of True Person Haotian had become extremely ugly at this time.

The same is true for the suzerains of the other three sects.

If it weren't for the headquarters of Xianmeng, they might have to do it.

Chen Mu ignored them, but continued: "Dear friends from the fairy alliance, what was the intention of establishing a line of law enforcement elders independent of other sects?

Isn't it just to deal with this situation?

When there are problems in the fairy league, as a law enforcement elder, you should come forward and solve these problems! "

Hearing Chen Mu's words, Ji Xingyun was extremely moved next to him.

Yes, why did you set up a line of law enforcement elders in the first place?

Isn't it just to restrain the founding of the five sects?

Thinking of this, his originally hesitant heart became firm.

There is a saying that it is not broken or standing.

The fairy league has now reached the point where it needs to be broken and then stand up.

The four major problems must be solved!

"Chen Mu, you are right, we will listen to you how you want to solve it!"

Among the crowd, someone shouted loudly.

These words immediately attracted a lot of immortal alliance cultivators to agree.

If you can keep the sect inheritance, no one will be willing to become a vassal of others.

Feeling that the four great sect masters behind him were like knives, and even with the oppressive gaze of the soul, Chen Mu remained indifferent and continued: "It is actually very simple to solve the problem!

On behalf of the law enforcement elders, I now exercise the law enforcement power of the Fairy League!

From today on, Clear Sky Sect, Five Elements Sect, Feihong Sect, and Divine Sword Sect no longer belong to my Immortal League.

Those who are willing to follow the four major sects to break away from the immortal alliance, don't hesitate to do so!

My fairy league does not need any unstable factors..."

"Shut up! Chen Mu, do you know what you are talking about?

Simply presumptuous! "

Zhen Haotian interrupted with angrily.

He thought that Chen Mu would get into trouble, but he didn't expect Chen Mu to dare to be so bold!

Xianmeng was founded by the five major groups at the beginning!

Although the intermediary who liaises with all parties has played the most critical role, it is undeniable that at the beginning, the five major parties were the main body of the Immortal League.

Thousands of years later, a large number of sects joined the Immortal League one after another, which allowed the Immortal League to develop to its current scale.

But what is Chen Mu going to do?

He even wanted to kick four of the five founding sects out of the fairy league!

Got it! This is!

If the Immortal League does not have the four major sects, can it still be regarded as the top power in this world?

"Chen Mu! Take these words back, you still have room for maneuver!

Don't be conceited! "

Sect Master of the Five Elements Sect threatened viciously.

At this time, Chen Mu's expression suddenly became cold and severe.

"Everyone, I'll say it again, those who are willing to follow the four major sects and leave the immortal alliance, can leave now.

For those who stayed today, I should be willing to stay in Xianmeng.

As the sect of the fairy alliance, I must abide by the rules of the fairy alliance.

If after today, who still colludes with some hostile forces of our fairy alliance, don't blame me for being rude! "

"Yellow-mouthed kid! Talking madly! I don't know how high the sky is!"

Zhen Haotian laughed in anger.

Chen Mu suddenly turned his head and said coldly: "Mr. Haotian, you said I don't know how high the sky is, but I haven't seen anyone willing to go with you.

I think you are not sure about the situation. "

Hearing this, the real person Haotian was so angry that he lost his breath.

With so many representatives of the Immortal League present, from the current point of view, it is true that none of them are willing to go with the four major sects, which made him feel ashamed and angry.

At the same time he understood it thoroughly.

It's no wonder that Chen Mu had to work so hard before, it turned out to be for this moment!

On one side is the fairy league led by Tianjiao, the world's number one.

Although the strength is greatly reduced, the future is boundless.

More importantly, inheritance can be preserved.

On the other side are the four powerful sects, but choosing this side will lose the name of the sect and even become cannon fodder.

These two options, any monk who is normal, knows how to choose at this moment.

"Okay! Very good! Chen Mu, let me ask you, you kicked our four sects out of the fairy league, can you afford this responsibility?

Did you know that as long as we leave the Immortal League, our four sects can attack any sect in the immortal world at will!

Can you afford the consequences? "

Hearing this threatening language, some small sect cultivators looked at Chen Mu in unison, their eyes were rather timid.

If the four major sects go to war... they are also afraid. UU reading www.uukanshu. cm

Chen Mu was silent for a moment, then looked up at the majestic and majestic law enforcement hall, and said indifferently: "True Haotian, my fairy league rules are there. If anyone shoots at my fairy league sect for no reason, then our fairy league will naturally Will fight back.

I, Chen Mu, are willing to swear here that from today, no matter who it is or which sect, as long as I provoke my fairy league, then I will spend my life and make it pay the corresponding price! "

The cultivators of the Immortal League felt relieved a lot after hearing this.

If someone else said this, I am afraid that many people will sneer at it.

You even want to scold you, what kind of thing are you?

But now that said this is the world's first arrogant!

Who dares not take it seriously?

The first arrogant of the world has been thinking about it for a lifetime, let alone a single sect, even a top power such as the Demon Road and the Demon Kingdom will have to sleep and eat!

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