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I Can Improve Perception

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Novel Summary

Ding, congratulations to the host for killing the second-level monster, rewarding 2 points of perception. Ding, the host is ranked in the top ten in this assessment and rewards 38 points for perception.

Ding, congratulations to the host for completing the system task and successfully entering the Donglin Wuyuan, with a 50 persuasion.


When he woke up, Jiang Chen found that he had traveled to a different world, and got a system that could enhance his consciousness.

In order to live a better life in this world, Jiang Chen began to find ways to improve his understanding.

As a result, gradually, he found that he had become a genius in the eyes of others …

- Description from Uukanshu


Short Title:ICIP
Original Title:我能提升悟性
Author:I Love Keyboard
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Fantasy, Xuanhuan
Weekly Rank:#929
Monthly Rank:#1109
All Time Rank:#1433
Tags:Game Elements, Level System, Multiple Realms, System Administrator,

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