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Qin Lin was electrocuted by playing a nostalgic “Ranch Story” game, and suddenly gained the ability to enter the game. He also found that he could bring the watermelons grown in the game out of reality.

At first, he calculated that a pound of watermelon would sell for 2 yuan. As long as he sells 10,000 catties of watermelon seeds in the game, he can earn 20,000 yuan a day.

Later, he discovered that by upgrading pastures, he could obtain advanced crops beyond the world, raising livestock to obtain advanced livestock breeds that were far beyond the world, and building factories to obtain various formulas that were far beyond the world, and everything was different.

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Short Title:ICEG
Alternate Title:我可以进入游戏
Author:Ask the heart forever
Weekly Rank:#118
Monthly Rank:#49
All Time Rank:#1160
Tags:Business Management, Devoted Love Interests, Early Romance, Fan-fiction, Farming, Game Elements, Hard-Working Protagonist, Magical Space, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Nationalism, Poor to Rich, Slow Growth at Start, System,
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  1. Good part of this novel is that MC is not arrogant cause of his fame ,power and money. And most importantly he didn't create a harem and was loyal to his lover aka wife till the end as far as the novel was updated, Simply awesome...

  2. The wine arc is too boring. I like it more when he develop the Bougainvillea. And if it is me, I will do two more flower areas like the Bougainvillea . The game sold other flower seeds too if I am not mistaken.

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