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Big Brother: The guy is so skilled in cultivation and looks good. Only I can compete with Wu Yanzu in Ninetowns today. It seems that he is a rare peerless wizard. I’m here to touch Mogu.

Lin Fan:…

Gangster: Huh! Impossible, so scumbag! !

Lin Fan:…

Big Brother: How do you practice?

Lin Fan: Work hard! diligent! belief! Indispensable!

[Hint: trigger ten times crit! ! ]

[Hint: Dali Niu Moquan proficiency +10! ]

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:ICCIMA
Alternate Title:我修炼武学能暴击
Weekly Rank:#526
Monthly Rank:#111
All Time Rank:#2799
Tags:Adventurers, Cautious Protagonist, Cheats, Childcare, Fast Cultivation, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Hidden Abilities, Late Romance, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Overpowered Protagonist, Polygamy, Pregnancy, Romantic Subplot, Slow Romance, System, Time Skip, Weak to Strong,
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35 Comments on “I Can Crit In Martial Arts
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  1. Great novel i have read it till 230chp and there is no sense of repetition you get from other cultivation novels,the flow of the novel is great and it is very different from other wuxia system cultivation novels as there are no stupid young master faceslapping or naive protaganist bullshit

  2. The story is quite good, while he have a goldfinger like system, but the system is not that overpower. I think it's more like support system to gain a crit for proficiency in his cultivation. At first for you who seek for rampant and dominnering MC I think this one not for you, cause at first MC is really low-key, everyone else think he is just nobody. But after chapter 180 or 200 his power is revealed to everyone. The romance in this story kinda slow based with understanding senior sister. Now his senior sister is pregnant with his child. Moreover I think the MC need to understand his first woman, Miss Eight more than just a woman that he spent one night before. You know that she have a child with MC, I mean of course that's the unexpected gain from one night stand with MC but the decision to gave a birth to MC's child made me think that at least Miss Eight still have "something" for MC cause you know that MC is her first man after all. The story of his first child kinda made me sad, his mother tell that she is his sister not mother, while telling the child that his father already dead, and MC only came after the child already 5 years old to teach him for one month. I mean the MC need to think again about his view on life, he already have to woman, one that he spent one night and accidentally gave birth to his child and one who he truly love and spent most the time with, his senior sister. He already have a "home" in this new world, but still he keep cultivate like madman just because he think that he is not strong enough to survive in this world (while in reality not many people can defeat him in battle). I like to know more about MC and his first woman, kinda want to see her tsundere act (maybe). Btw sorry for my bad english.

  3. It turned out that after MC defeated all the sage of old generation he become the strongest man on his plane. But I hate it when there is a damned time skip, moreover it's 10 years. His first son already married (I think there's no chance that the MC will engage with Miss Eight in this life, the chance is pretty slim, while the cultivation power of Miss Eight just mere 7th realm ordinary warrior. I doubt that she can prolonged her life without MC help.). I really hope that fu**ing time skip never happened, cause from that author can show the relationship of MC with his first child and Miss Eight, maybe there are some chance that Miss Eight being helped by Mc from being frustrated of problem or something. But reality is often not what you wish for, Miss Eight really hate MC because he just suddenly appear after all of this year, she think that MC will robe his son after all this year. I think the only purpose why time skip happen is to cut the previous arc and prepare the journey of MC to another realm (Shen Wu/Divine Realm).

  4. I think it's not about Miss Eight character, but more about her "background". Her backstory more rich than our "Senior Sister", while Miss Eight keep struggling to keep what his father left to him and take care the child, the senior sister plot sounds more ordinary than her. I mean She likes MC at her first glance, she'll do anything to gain MC trust and affection. But in reality, something like that kinda strange. We love the character because of their similiarities with real life, there is reason for what they do and their every decision (yes I know they are just a fictional character in story, their existence just to complement the story in what author decide to create).

  5. Im came looking for copper but found gold pros: +no continous face_slapping. +no stupid side charaters(some really good) +no dry,force jokes. +no stupid low-key. +the romance is okay , mc doesnt flirt with every girls he sees. +the system is f**king simple and im love it♡♡. just like the time i read "way of the devil" system is not a brainless cheat but fertilzer. +the power stages are also simple . cons: + havent seem so far ;). if anyone think im bias just comment and add your opinions, just dont ruin a potential story . 😅

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