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I Can Become a Treasure by Picking Up Garbage

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“There is a lot of garbage here.”

Seeing the beauty in her arms complaining, Lin Hong smiled slightly: “To me, these are all treasures.”

When the words were over, he swiped his hand, and all the garbage in front of him turned into rare treasures.

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Short Title:ICBTBPUG
Alternate Title:我捡垃圾能成宝
Weekly Rank:#665
Monthly Rank:#265
All Time Rank:#2707
Tags:System, Weak to Strong,
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28 Comments on “I Can Become a Treasure by Picking Up Garbage
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  1. Yeah a playboy. I like harem but this kind of guy is a fcking dickhead. Always telling he have a girlfriend so he cant accept the feelings of the other girls but still always flirt with them. just let it out. Put your dick on your brain please.

  2. were is this Picking Up Garbage novel . mc is stupid and can be kill easily if opponent plan well. this is China novel but mc dont kill . mc's 1st bad guy fight with mc then mc told him i want all of ur property give me and left him later he kind of forget. after that guys have bounty on mc after family mc help came forward so he withdrew it and hire assassin club who attack mc many time after that mc think i will take care of bad guy but before he go to him assassin club kill bad guy. so mc lost all bad guys property and didnt ever Picking Up Garbage that much time. for Picking Up Garbage u should read "infinite waste pick-up system" in that mc will always find time to Picking Up Garbage and even ask others to give him trash and always tell others he is Garbage man.in this novel we know mc got every thing from trash but we cant find his love for trash or his work for trash. its like normal movie were we know people sleep together but didnt see it.

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