【I can actually bring out game items】【】

436 world authority

There is still more than 100% of the world authority?

The knife is really eye-opening.

But looking at the system prompts, the world authority of my virtual world is still 100%, and it has not exceeded,

However, using the world authority, the ability to sense and manipulate the entire world.

In contrast, it has exceeded 100% of the world authority, and this feeling is not wrong.

Maybe I can feel wrong, but in the personal space, the analysis and deduction in the mode of heaven really proves that my control ability has improved.

No, not right.

The authority is still 100%, but the world instinct is more friendly, and it will cooperate more instinctively.

Therefore, the effect of using authority is more obvious.

3.36 trillion spirit stones.

It's not a waste of money, it's very precious to get these data, I believe that the success rate of merging into a big world will definitely increase.

It's a pity that the knife can't provide more energy in a short period of time, so naturally it can't be tested anymore.

Now that I am so poor and exhausted, I will be able to complete this deal with good recovery.

Naturally, these spirit stones cannot be thrown here for nothing.

But the knife did not take away the spirit stone.

Instead, use the authority of the Lord of the World to cooperate with Wangui Banner.

But let's not rush.

He fully used the power of the master of the world, and under the influence of the world's instinct, he inspected and sensed the entire virtual world.

100% permissions are clearer than before.

At this time, Mohu can only sense a little incongruity in the small world of the virtual world.

But I can feel the instinctive acceptance of the world.

The instinct of the world, without wisdom, is just a collection of rules, with the instinct of seeking good and avoiding evil.

So it proves that this incongruity is good for the development of the small world.

Through the analysis and deduction of personal space, plus the information collected by myself.

This is obviously the fragmented Netherland of that great world.

I don't know how to disperse them, and blend into the small world of the virtual world every minute and every trace, silently changing the world.

Also suppressed by this small world.

It's a pity that the world affinity is still too low, and I can only feel a little bit of it, and I can't grasp it at all.

However, it is also deduced that unless the world is destroyed, the mighty remnant soul has already integrated into every piece of land and every space in this small world, waiting for the opportunity to recover.

However, Xiaodao monitored the direction of energy in the small world, and was not absorbed by it alone. It seems that the recovery should rely on the authority of the small world.

But now I have 100% authority, using it will not lead to loss of authority,

However, Xiaodao didn't get careless because of this.

At this time, the preparations were completed, which caused a large amount of black mist to be sprayed out from the Wangui Banner of the World Core Link, which was pure and active Yin Qi.

But after he came out, he was collected into the personal space by the knife.

The core of the small world is linked to Wangui Banner, which provides pure and active Yin Qi to Wangui Banner, and there are other points of cooperation with other earth veins.

A large number of spirit stones were shattered, swallowed by the poles of the earth veins and the core of the world, and slowly transformed depending on the characteristics of the world.

And the pure and active Yin Qi in the small world is inhaled by the pole of the earth veins and the core of the world, condensed through the Wangui Banner, sprayed out more intensely, and collected into the personal space by the knife.

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【I can actually bring out game items】【】

An area in the personal space has become completely black, and his arms cannot be seen.

This small piece of floating continent is the corpse breeding ground established by Xiaodao.

Under the complete control of his consciousness of the Dao of Heaven, there is no way for the active Yin Qi here to escape to other places.

Only by establishing a suitable environment and providing sufficient active yin qi, the effect and speed of raising corpses here will definitely be better than that in the virtual world.

At this time, the black yin energy here has been controlled by Xiaodao Tiandao's consciousness, using a trace of pure corpse energy from the zombie's body as an introduction, it has been transformed into corpse energy in large quantities.

Of course it is not ordinary corpse qi, but pure active corpse qi, which does not contain much negative energy.

The knife has purified the corpse qi from the zombie, nourished it with pure active yin qi, and then extracted the purest active corpse qi as a primer.

By choosing the best from the best one after another, you will naturally end up with pure corpse energy that contains almost no negative energy. The spirit corpses raised will not only be used as natal spirit corpses, but also directly suitable as bodies, and their value will naturally increase dramatically.

But this is just for my own reserve, and I won't sell it, otherwise it is unreasonable, and the five-day world will definitely cause trouble.

Because he feels that it is impossible to be born under normal circumstances.

Yin Qi can be pure and pure, which is a characteristic of a small world, but corpse Qi? It comes from corpses, is it impossible without a trace of resentment?

It's just that Xiaodao relies on experience, so naturally it shouldn't conceive.

However, the selection of the best from generation to generation, the small knife relies on personal space, and it is only infinitely purified, and it is impossible to truly be completely free of negative energy.

These have a long way to go.

Not urgent.

However, under Xiaodao's control, this floating continent, already enveloped in a rich active Yin Qi, quickly transformed into a pure Active Corpse Qi.

The pure corpse gas is suitable for raising corpses, but the activity can increase the speed.

Coupled with the favor of heaven in Xiaodao's personal space, the speed is not only fast, but there is almost no failure rate.

Now we need a lot of corpses.

This is also simple, in the four-day world, let the five-color chamber of commerce.

Forget it, so they will doubt that they can make zombies quickly.

There are a lot of Dao soldiers, and killing them is too cruel.

After thinking about it for a small knife, it is convenient and cost-effective to squeeze the wool of the system.

So Xiaodao issued a mission.

In Wangui Small World, players reincarnated here can choose to keep their original corpses, which is nothing more than wasting some experience.

Players are not lacking in experience now.

The quest on Xiaodao's side was released, and the player on the other side received a system prompt. This quest is interesting.

Start counting with a small part, how much will you gain?

Most of the newcomers who are masters of the world against the knife know that it must be profitable.

Without even thinking about it, he directly accepted the task, and then chose to commit suicide and reincarnate, keeping the corpse.

Expenditure doesn't matter.

Anyway, it is a task, and the Lord of the World will not let them lose money.

Sure enough, the reborn player used the stored experience to quickly recover his strength, and then handed in his previous life body to the task. The contribution he got, after all, good guy, he earned a full 50% more.

It's so easy, earning 50%, as expected, the lord of the world is still so interesting, everyone who won't lose money.

And those who calculated, figured it out, but found that the task was gone.

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【I can actually bring out game items】【】

It turned out that only 500,000 corpses were needed, and I immediately regretted it.

Half a million corpses, a large contribution made by Xiao Dao.

But he is a bank, as long as the players don't cash out a lot at the same time, it is not a problem for him.

Even if needed, he could take out the unused spirit stones in the Void Small World.

Five hundred thousand spiritual stones were directly buried in the specially made floating continent in the personal space.

This continent shrouded in thick black mist is a natural, no, man-made place to raise corpses.

Only when Xiaodao has complete control over his personal space can he reach this step.

When the corpse is buried, the corpse gas is absorbed instinctively at a rapid speed, and the transformation begins directly. It will not be long before it will be a five hundred thousand five-level spirit corpse.

In other words,,,..version. 】

These are sold for a large income.

However, this is still a semi-finished product, and the five-level spirit corpse still needs to absorb a large amount of metal to become a golden-armored corpse with extremely strong defense.

But Xiaodao doesn't care about any benefits.

Acquiring large quantities of metal is a hassle.

Although there are many mineral veins in reality, especially in the sea.

But now this understanding shows that Shui Lanxing's mineral veins really can't stand such a waste.

The same won't be true of some Homeland plot knives.

However, the zombies that have been cultivated, I am afraid that because there are too many goods, it is impossible to sell them all easily. We can only follow the suggestion given by the president, and sell them at a fixed price of 100 million spirit stones for a long time. Thirty million spirit stones.

As time passed, half a million zombies wanted to upgrade to the fifth realm, and the Yin Qi consumed was almost 300 billion spirit stones.

For the small world of the Void Realm, it is countless times stronger and easier to swallow the spirit energy into Yin Qi than to swallow a trace of chaotic energy that is difficult to transform, but it is not something that can be done in a short time.

After all, it is just a small world with limited power.

But for a small knife, the income is also a lot.

At least it is much better than breaking up the small world and selling the old one-time deal.

The Void Realm Small World has obtained a large amount of spirit stones, which cannot be digested in a short period of time.

All shattered into aura, which will affect the balance of Yin Qi in the small world of Void Realm.

Xiaodao patronized the zombies to make money, and didn't pay attention, but when he found out, the virtual world had already solved it by itself.

This is world instinct.

Just like the human body, wounds will heal, this is the rule of evolution, which cannot be shifted by voluntary consciousness.

Even the authority of the master of the world is difficult to change.

Naturally, these auras were not wasted, and the world's instincts would not be so extravagant.

Instead, it was transferred to the Wangui Small World through the core of the world on both sides, which made the Wangui Small World reach the sixth realm.

Don't look at these trillions of spirit stones, it's easy to say, it's for sects, generally referring to first-class sects.

But if it is for individuals, it is not counted as the power behind it. Ordinary six-level powerhouses who have never fought their lives in foreign battlefields, or are unlucky, can't get it out.

It doesn't mean that you can't get this spirit stone, but it's private property with so much value.

Xiaodao, the Daoist, represents Xiaodaofeng, who is already a faction, belonging to the first-class sect Five Elements Yujianzong's sect outside Befu.

In itself, Little Knife Peak, a huge spiritual tool for inheriting the clan, is stationed at the pole of the earth's veins, and it can produce resources by replenishing Qi as an energy source.

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【I can actually bring out game items】【】

Pure sword energy, sword intent, warming and nourishing some sword magic weapons, can be upgraded to the level of magic weapons relatively quickly, and the effect is better than that of a single soul-transforming monk warming and nourishing natal magic weapons.

These incomes are not low.

It's a pity that with Xiaodao's character, he doesn't have enough of these things for himself, and even if there is a surplus, they are all collected in his personal space.

Unable to mass produce.

sell? Forget it.

on the player's network.

Ever since a certain mysterious hidden master showed the powerful strength of the Yin God in the arena, and the invincible defense of the matched golden armor and corpse vest.

Yinshen, the golden armor spirit corpse immediately caught fire.

The number of sales increased significantly.

However, because the price is too high, it is impossible to borrow on credit. This must only be a small number of forces, and elite players can afford to play at a high level.

So Xiao Dao only knew about the sales volume, and didn't think much about it at all.

And selling spirit corpses to the natives is not even a small profit, it just enlivens the atmosphere and gives players an extra way.

Even if not many players can buy it, it doesn't affect the reputation and madness of the Yin God and the Golden Armored Corpse.

There are all kinds of discussions on the Internet, and all kinds of whimsical ideas emerge in an endless stream.

Just like there are many people talking about sports cars, but there are only a few who can really afford them.

Some are even possible.

There are already many teams working on it, and the purpose of this knife has been achieved.

Other players may not be able to make any achievements, but many of those ideas and the like have provided direction and ideas for Xiaodao's deduction of the way of heaven in his personal space.

The wealth of these alone is much higher than the profit brought by the sale.

However, Xiaodao is not just analyzing and deducing these.

Often the avatars fell into silence everywhere, because in reality, his offline.

Today's real body is naturally complete with five spiritual roots.

There is still some hesitation about the road ahead.

Currently contacted, Immortal Dao is the most mature and must go.

But this does not affect his body training, martial arts.

Now that he has obtained the five-level invincible skills, body training martial arts.

After comprehending the Heavenly Dao mode in the personal space, he often finds time to appear and practice in reality.

With Xiaodao's financial resources now, it is naturally not a problem to buy some body-refining spiritual objects below the five realms.

The reality is sweating every day, and there is a model of personal space and heaven, and every movement is extremely standard. This has surpassed ninety-nine percent of martial arts practitioners.

Moreover, all kinds of precious materials are used without hesitation, and the effect is even more impressive.

According to various data, deduction, and analysis, the strongest martial arts king in that small world should have reached the ultimate physical state.

This is the only way to compete with Huashen. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

This realm, comprehensive in all aspects, has many sayings, that is, it can reach the control of the physical body cell level.

Internal injuries and hidden injuries caused by various practice battles are not a problem. If you can control the cells, you can naturally bring your physical body to an extreme perfection.

Limbs are regenerated, which can be called an immortal body.

For this level of evaluation, Xiaodao finally felt that it is most appropriate to see God in good faith.

Even after death, the body will not rot for thousands of years, so it can be said that the vajra is not bad, and the body is immortal.

The ultimate physical body is still at the level of a small world.

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【I can actually bring out game items】【】

Because according to the five-day world, the way of the body, the six realms, and rebirth from a drop of blood, every cell contains extremely terrifying power.

Can physically stay in chaos for a short time without being assimilated.

Ordinary attacking spirit weapons are just easy to hit, and they can be called killing machines, invincible in any situation.

But with such a body, even if it is only in the sixth realm, even an immortal will be tempted. When an extraterritorial battlefield appears, it will immediately become the target of many immortal-level powerhouses. No matter how strong they are, they will seek death.

However, Xiaodao's most important thing is not its combat power, but this kind of physical cultivation, which is beneficial to any practice and will not be rejected.

With a strong physical body, there are only benefits to practicing Qi and Immortal.

According to the five-day world information, it also has various benefits for other practices, and it is the only known method that can greatly increase the speed to survive the catastrophe and become an immortal.

It's a pity that the physical body has reached this level, too many strong people are tempted, and no matter how hard the background is, it is difficult to keep it.

After all, there is no reason to be a thief every day, but to be a thief every day.