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I Build an Aircraft Carrier in the Ming Dynasty

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What to do before the Jiading Three Massacre in Ming Dynasty, don’t panic, I have a super technology system.

Start with a flintlock rifle to defend yourself, and then create a few thousand shots to fight for hegemony.

The more land and population he ruled, the more high-tech could be built. Until the aircraft carrier was built, the whole world would kneel to Daming.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IBACIMD
Alternate Title:我在大明造航母
Author:Dream back to ancient times
Weekly Rank:#278
Monthly Rank:#287
All Time Rank:#865
Tags:Alternate World, Army Building, Economics, Empires, Firearms, Generals, Harem, Historical, Industrialization, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Medieval, Military, Modern Knowledge, Politics, Poor to Rich, Pregnancy, Racism, Reincarnation, Schemes And Conspiracies, System, Technological Gap, Time Travel, Wars, Wars Weak to Strong,
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57 Comments on “I Build an Aircraft Carrier in the Ming Dynasty
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  1. I think raceism is sin but but culture practice makes good and bad decisions some alright but some and making changes in nature gift or natural way of living what is natural way of living is another topic

  2. Sebenarnya ini novel yang bagus dengan berbagai macam plot, tapi eh ... Penulis menggunakan rasis untuk menjelekan buku ini. Saya hanya mengatakan ini cocok dengan selera saya dan jika anda bertanya harem maka saya menjawab YA!

  3. Tidak cuman rasis, tapi juga author membuat mc bertolak belakang dengan keinginannya sendiri. Contoh : mc menghapus korupsi di kalangan pejabat sipil , militer dan pedagang. eh, tapi dia mau disogok jendralnya dengan wanita cantik 2x lagi 🤣

  4. Well.. at first i thought this not bad.. the racist is not as bad as everyone say.. because i think its normal for military people to be racist when they are at war.. but then.. it happen.. all of sudden author keep saying that blond hair and blue eyes is ugly.. ugly here ugly there...... well.. i can only say.. that chinese people back then have a pretty bad sense of beauty.. why? Here the proof.. you know back then chinese girl have their feet binded in order to increase their beauty........ i feel like wtf.. wth mate.. idc what kind of beautifull face you have.. but if your feet is binded........ well.. congratz mate.. you ruin your beauty.. hust search google.. how binded feet look like.. and see if you like it.. but its not for me..

  5. Just dont, I searched it up by what you meant by binding feet and I felt disgusted. How could that be beautiful? It looks like a dried up crossiant. But I was thinking of reading this novel, does the mc discriminate against westerners that much?

  6. aren't you making double standards though? like nooo, them not liking blond and blue eyes is a nono then you, not liking their old culture is a yesyes. but yes racisms is a nono but you seems to have double standards by your comment.

  7. binding feet creat after ming dynasty (this novel happen in the late ming) and I think that time we (all human) see other race ugly (think about what European see African as sub human...) But it still racist 😡

  8. Beauty has its own level in the eyes of everyone, maybe in the eyes of the author, a western person / western woman who has blonde hair and colored eyes is considered ugly and is against his/her "god". therefore ridicule or racist to them

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