I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Su Jiu died on the day of his eighteenth birthday, and he turned into a four-year-old cute baby in an ancient sadomasochistic novel. When Xiao Mengwa grew up, she became the vicious female partner in the book. This is not enough. How can she break her father’s uselessness? .... Read more

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Chapter 1074 Yan control's benefits Chapter 1073 So angry, but so envious Chapter 1072 We are childhood sweethearts

Chapter 1071 Is it finally going to be famous? Chapter 1070 Lost a big headline Chapter 1069 Let her belong to him Chapter 1068 As expected of the man she likes Chapter 1067 The audience's new husband Chapter 1066 Slap your face hard! Chapter 1065 You can only belong to me Chapter 1064 Really care about him Chapter 1063 Let you check it yourself

Chapter 1062 Is she a scum? Chapter 1061 A scum girl with two boats? Chapter 1060 Love is a real hammer?

Chapter 1059 Don't be so casual Chapter 1058 Fortunately, the little princess is okay Chapter 1057 Want to be alone with her Chapter 1056 Small wine is ratings protection Chapter 1055 Brother is an ancient human, right? Chapter 1054 High EQ and Low EQ Chapter 1053 Marry the little fairy home Chapter 1052 It really hit her! Chapter 1051 This is not my future son-in-law

Chapter 1050 Xiao Xianrou Xiaohua's love affair is exposed! Chapter 1049 Gossip with her Chapter 1048 Sweet and it's over Chapter 1047 80% are jealous! Chapter 1046 The most handsome and the most attractive Chapter 1045 The big guy who absconded in fear of crime Chapter 1044 What is something you shouldn't think about? Chapter 1043 Hug him to sleep Chapter 1042 Chapter 1041 Chapter 1040 How can i satisfy you Chapter 1039 Advanced Versailles

Chapter 1038 Tired hard Chapter 1037 As sweet as honey Chapter 1036 Treat Xiaojiu as your daughter Chapter 1035 Be the happiest bride Chapter 1034 Who cares about the plot! Chapter 1033 Beauty is justice Chapter 1032 I'm not afraid of how sweet it is! Chapter 1031 Was fed a handful of dog food Chapter 1030 The silly son of the landlord Chapter 1029 Really shy Chapter 1028 You all grown up Chapter 1027 remember to miss me

Chapter 1026 Honesty Chapter 1025 What are you doing badly? Chapter 1024 Is the style of the old man Chapter 1023 Accompany him more Chapter 1022 Chapter 1021 Chapter 1020 Are you reluctant to bear her? Chapter 1019 Chapter 1018 Just now, I was impulsive Chapter 1017 His bottom line Chapter 1016 Hug him Chapter 1015 No small cards

Chapter 1014 She looks so pretty Chapter 1013 Chapter 1012 Chapter 1011 This is my boyfriend Chapter 1010 Chapter 1009 Don't rely on her to like you Chapter 1008 I really like him Chapter 1007 This is my boyfriend Chapter 1006 Destined to be together Chapter 1005 Old father who spoils his daughter Chapter 1004 This face is so beautiful Chapter 1003 How arrogant it is!

Chapter 1002 Deeply in love with cubs Chapter 1001 Boy, you are excellent Chapter 1000 Lao Zhangren sees son-in-law Chapter 999 Excessive sweetness! Chapter 998 Brother, take me home, right? Chapter 997 Little wine after drunk 3 Chapter 996 Little wine after drunk 2 Chapter 995 Little wine after drunk 1 Chapter 994 You're fine Chapter 993 Shameless brat Chapter 992 Xiao Jiu has a good vision, right? Chapter 991 Touched his bottom line

Chapter 990 Well-known celebrity couple Chapter 989 What kind of medicine is this? Chapter 988 Self-directed and self-acted clown Chapter 987 Evil thoughts Chapter 986 Other people's son-in-law Chapter 985 Say it again, get out Chapter 984 So strong vinegar Chapter 983 Really like him Chapter 982 I'm here to feed Chapter 981 Two seductive men Chapter 980 Is it so tigery? Chapter 979 Accompany small bar

Chapter 978 Really an idiot Chapter 977 Secretly fall in love Chapter 976 Haven't said goodnight to me yet Chapter 975 Sweet date? Chapter 974 Ba total and cute sweetheart Chapter 973 You be good Chapter 972 Poor, weak and helpless Chapter 971 The boy's heart is back Chapter 970 The image of a good brother collapsed Chapter 969 The little villain’s ability to appreciate tea Chapter 968 After you marry me Chapter 967 At least, I'm in love

Chapter 966 The status will be given to you Chapter 965 Such a treasure brother Chapter 964 Just want a brother Chapter 963 Just don't green me Chapter 962 Be a tea master Chapter 961 Ten punches Chapter 960 What a white lotus Chapter 959 The face of disaster to the country and the people Chapter 958 Was it a vinegar jar in your last life? Chapter 957 The fun of keeping a cat Chapter 956 Who do you want to have a monkey with? Chapter 955 Brother, that's amazing

Chapter 954 The little things are pretty cute Chapter 953 Fair and honest Chapter 952 Well-behaved and cute Chapter 951 Together tonight? Chapter 950 Be good, don't make trouble Chapter 949 Her room Chapter 948 Want to marry a rich boss Chapter 947 Chapter 946 I am your gift Chapter 945 Let him out Chapter 944 Xiaojiu won't like you Chapter 943 Want you to belong to me

Chapter 942 Girlfriend's intimate service Chapter 941 Boyfriend's Obligations 3 Chapter 940 Boyfriend's Obligations 2 Chapter 939 Boyfriend's Obligations 1 Chapter 938 Little brother plus friend Chapter 937 Tender Time 5 Chapter 936 Tender Time 4 Chapter 935 Tender Time 3 Chapter 934 Tender Time 2 Chapter 933 Tender Time 1 Chapter 932 Little girl is not for you Chapter 931 Never lie to him

Chapter 930 Looking forward to the evening Chapter 929 Allow me to serve you? Chapter 928 Will you be jealous for him? Chapter 927 She's a fool 2 Chapter 926 She's a fool 1 Chapter 925 Her fairy father! Chapter 924 Act softly to him Chapter 923 Death scene of a large community Chapter 922 Enjoy her care Chapter 921 A thousand-year-old evildoer Chapter 920 Something unhealthy? Chapter 919 Fishy cat

Chapter 918 How willing to teach bad wine Chapter 917 Bunny ears that are so cute Chapter 916 Underestimated the charm of the little villain Chapter 915 Planted on you Chapter 914 Be mine for the rest of my life Chapter 913 Don't abuse the dog, okay Chapter 912 If you want to fight Chapter 911 Would your boyfriend like it? Chapter 910 A match made in heaven Chapter 909 It seems to be more handsome today! Chapter 908 Hand in hand to the end Chapter 907 Rectify you on the spot

Chapter 906 Sweetness ferments in the night Chapter 905 Thank you for being my boyfriend Chapter 904 Obligations as a girlfriend Chapter 903 Can only like me Chapter 902 Really gentle Chapter 901 The most difficult creature in the world Chapter 900 It's easy to lose control Chapter 899 All pink bubbles Chapter 898 For you, I always want to make an inch Chapter 897 Wait, this script is wrong? Chapter 896 Good night, see you in a dream Chapter 895 A chance to be alone with her

Chapter 894 With his fingers Chapter 893 Sudden kiss Chapter 892 Want to do more Chapter 891 Give her the whole heart Chapter 890 From now on, I will pay the bill Chapter 889 Try to catch up with him Chapter 888 Haha, I believe you a ghost Chapter 887 I have a boyfriend Chapter 886 Let me hug again Chapter 885 Want to see you jealous Chapter 884 Do you like this reward? 2 Chapter 883 Do you like this reward? 1

Chapter 882 Boyfriend force max (2) Chapter 881 Boyfriend force max (1) Chapter 880 Means being ugly Chapter 879 Just because that person is her Chapter 878 The little villain's confession 2 Chapter 877 Confession of the Little Villain 3 Chapter 876 The little villain's confession 2 Chapter 875 The little villain's confession 1 Chapter 874 Closest relationship Chapter 873 Crying and begging for mercy Chapter 872 Take a good look! Chapter 871 How can it grow so beautiful

Chapter 870 Can I kiss you? Chapter 869 he's mine! 5 Chapter 868 he's mine! 4 Chapter 867 he's mine! 3 Chapter 866 he's mine! 2 Chapter 865 he's mine! Chapter 864 Just hook your fingers Chapter 863 Does that **** have a girlfriend? Chapter 862 Like a big carrot Chapter 861 Little villain's birthday 2 Chapter 860 Little villain's birthday 1 Chapter 859 I don't want her to cry most

Chapter 858 The little padded jacket was snatched away Chapter 857 Chapter 856 Sweet and crazy... Chapter 855 Just a light bulb Chapter 854 Smile brightly at him Chapter 853 Chapter 852 The desire to survive is too strong Chapter 851 I'm here to accompany you Chapter 850 Must become strong Chapter 849 Can I bring a small wine home? Chapter 848 The devil in his heart Chapter 847 Don't leave the little wine

Chapter 846 Sorry, I am late Chapter 845 Too scared to lose her Chapter 844 Is it her hallucinations? Chapter 843 Like a little pitiful Chapter 842 Chapter 841 To protect Xiaojiu for a lifetime Chapter 840 Have a responsibility to protect her Chapter 839 Don't hit my dad Chapter 838 Use yourself to change wine Chapter 837 Her favorite sister Chapter 836 Haven't got the cubs yet Chapter 835 Is she the jewel in your palm?

Chapter 834 It's exciting to think about it Chapter 833 Handsome little fresh meat Chapter 832 Su Shengjing's Enemy Chapter 831 It's so easy to get out of control Chapter 830 Just want to test her Chapter 829 So scheming Chapter 828 If you want to see it, just look at it openly Chapter 827 Men can't be more men Chapter 826 Shouldn't be so greedy anymore Chapter 825 Think it's pretty Chapter 824 Do you want to be a scumbag? Chapter 823

Chapter 822 A face that attracts bees and butterflies Chapter 821 The little villain is drunk 6 Chapter 820 The little villain is drunk 5 Chapter 819 The little villain is drunk 3 Chapter 818 The little villain is drunk 3 Chapter 817 The little villain is drunk 2 Chapter 816 The little villain is drunk 1 Chapter 815 Sweet and sweet Chapter 814 Both mind and body plan to give small wine Chapter 813 Only the little villain can Chapter 812 Be her pride Chapter 811 Gentle and loving old father

Chapter 810 Good you brat Chapter 809 The legendary feeding Chapter 808 She is sour! Chapter 807 What's the use of being handsome? Chapter 806 I can take care of you Chapter 805 Let him succeed again! Chapter 804 Deceived by this kid? Chapter 803 Who is crying because of pain? Chapter 802 Wait for Zai Zai to gather up the courage! Chapter 801 Hate being touched by me? Chapter 800 What are you thinking about? Chapter 799 The little villain is a straight man

Chapter 798 Become a boss soon! Chapter 797 Like old men? Chapter 796 This **** possessiveness! Chapter 795 How could it be with him... Chapter 794 What did you do last night? Chapter 793 Such a good cub Chapter 792 Alone in a room Chapter 791 Can you treat you like this? Chapter 790 What lsp is she? Chapter 789 Casual tenderness Chapter 788 It must have been a vinegar jar in my last life Chapter 787 Girl stuff

Chapter 786 Dad is a favorite girl Chapter 785 Live with boys? Chapter 784 His beloved baby Chapter 783 The little villain has learned badly! Chapter 782 Don't tease boys casually Chapter 781 Bully the little villain 2 Chapter 780 Bullying the little villain 1 Chapter 779 Declare his ownership Chapter 778 Do you want to live with me? Chapter 777 IQ of the little villain Chapter 776 Brother is also good like this Chapter 775 Domineering CEO fell in love with me

Chapter 774 Punish severely Chapter 773 Domineering president and protagonist Chapter 772 Restless paw Chapter 771 I like it at first sight Chapter 770 Admit that he likes her? Chapter 769 Chapter 768 Why do you like her? Chapter 767 A dozen of such little brothers! Chapter 766 Take the cubs as your own Chapter 765 Have the potential to be a scumbag Chapter 764 Dreamed of sweetness many times Chapter 763 Ivory Tower Little Princess

Chapter 762 Be responsible to her Chapter 761 Like little villains? ! Chapter 760 Need Ye Wang brother Chapter 759 Like her forever Chapter 758 Greedy want more Chapter 757 Promise by body? Chapter 756 Little wine, happy birthday Chapter 755 It's Old Versailles when you speak Chapter 754 Little Overlord's Gift Chapter 753 The heroes are all scheming boys! Chapter 752 What gift do you want? Chapter 751 Little Villain's Sugar Coated Cannonball 2

Chapter 750 The sugar-coated cannonball of the little villain Chapter 749 That girl is yours? Chapter 748 Group CP with me! Chapter 747 Bring sister to the point Chapter 746 Give yourself to me Chapter 745 Dad, you are better than me! Chapter 744 Boss atmosphere! Chapter 743 No. 1 on the fan list Chapter 742 Xiaojiu is a scum girl? Chapter 741 Officially announced that this is my wife Chapter 740 Wife, miss us? Chapter 739 Popular actor = Su Shengjing

Chapter 738 She is a small money fan Chapter 737 Is his pistachio Chapter 736 Give him money buff Chapter 735 Found beautiful sister Chapter 734 Take the cubs as your own Chapter 733 The big guy who calls the wind and the rain Chapter 732 She has eaten him Chapter 731 Brother's waist is not waist Chapter 730 It depends on my brother's abdominal muscles! Chapter 729 I really don't want to be a scumbag! Chapter 728 The boy was heartbroken Chapter 727 Unscrupulous girl

Chapter 726 Want to be polite to her Chapter 725 Adolescent boys Chapter 724 How can you beat the cubs? Chapter 723 Hold her in my arms Chapter 722 Will you be reluctant to part with me? Chapter 721 What fairy cub? Chapter 720 Don't be afraid, i'm here Chapter 719 Opportunity to throw and hug Chapter 718 Suitable for small couples to watch Chapter 717 Little villain's date 4 Chapter 716 Little villain's date 3 Chapter 715 Little villain's date 2

Chapter 714 Little villain's date 1 Chapter 713 Countless dark thoughts Chapter 712 Fell in love with the villain Chapter 711 Brother, is it delicious? Chapter 710 Don't let go of his hand Chapter 709 Like a clown Chapter 708 If it can be strong Chapter 707 Sorry it's not me Chapter 706 Young Master's Heart Treasure Chapter 705 Why do you have unrequited love for a flower Chapter 704 Her powerful backstage Chapter 703 She is the daughter of the Su family!

Chapter 702 The little brother is handsome Chapter 701 The illusion of falling in love Chapter 700 Come on, laugh! Chapter 699 Violated the school rules? Chapter 698 It's over if you are handsome Chapter 697 Face Chapter 696 Abducted by bad sister Chapter 695 Like to touch your head? Chapter 694 Like soft dumplings Chapter 693 Boys' self-esteem Chapter 692 This is the proposition Chapter 691 Cub cub looks good at everything

Chapter 690 Heartbeat, all messed up Chapter 689 He is willing to follow Chapter 688 Hold it in the palm of your hand Chapter 687 Cub cub is the best Chapter 686 The Pearl of the Su Family Chapter 685 Kill the decisive little villain Chapter 684 Looks very handsome~ Chapter 683 She is waiting for him again Chapter 682 top-level beauty Chapter 681 Going to be an adult Chapter 680 Idol's little girl Chapter 679 Such a charm?

Chapter 678 The **** his heart Chapter 677 Angry little villain Chapter 676 Brother help you find Chapter 675 What kind of fairy face? Chapter 674 Xiaojiu has someone who likes it Chapter 673 Chapter 672 Can't save him Chapter 671 A little white face Chapter 670 He is still a kid Chapter 669 The best face and figure Chapter 668 Show affection vigorously Chapter 667 I want to date sister Xiaojiu

Chapter 666 Must taste good Chapter 665 Naturally rich Chapter 664 Hello little handsome guy Chapter 663 Zai Zai is too hard Chapter 662 Gentleman speaks but doesn't move Chapter 661 What kind of fairy face Chapter 660 Is a mature boy Chapter 659 Dad taught him to be a man! Chapter 658 What he cherishes most Chapter 657 There is a little girl in my heart Chapter 656 Diamond Bachelor Chapter 655 Two years later (long story)

Chapter 654 Little wine, thank you Chapter 653 The gentleness of the little villain Chapter 652 My legs are broken Chapter 651 It's really cheap for him! Chapter 650 This is good! Chapter 649 Because of treating you as a friend Chapter 648 It's cute without a small pull Chapter 647 Very insulting Chapter 646 The standard boss! Chapter 645 Her weight in his heart Chapter 644 Cruel in his eyes Chapter 643 Five times the price, ten million

Chapter 642 Only one requirement Chapter 641 Mine, must be mine Chapter 640 Is one million enough? Chapter 639 The little villain has changed Chapter 638 Regain his honor Chapter 637 Unlimited black card Chapter 636 Won't let go Chapter 635 Really natural beauty Chapter 634 Waiting for his good news Chapter 633 Become the pride of small wine Chapter 632 Blue face Chapter 631 Full score, another full score

Chapter 630 Can I give you a hug? 2 Chapter 629 Can I give you a hug? 1 Chapter 628 Brother, you laughed! Chapter 627 What is this operation? Chapter 626 Dad will support you forever Chapter 625 The proper hero of the idol drama! Chapter 624 It's the cub I like Chapter 623 He won't lie to her Chapter 622 Give you a gift Chapter 621 Dream of me! Chapter 620 Waiting for you is so hard Chapter 619 Can't you find a boyfriend?

Chapter 618 Complaints Small 媳妇儿 Chapter 617 The golden boy and the jade girl, a natural pair Chapter 616 Can't lift high Chapter 615 A bunch of rascals! Chapter 614 It will be suffocated sooner or later Chapter 613 Brother take you to play Chapter 612 It's a bit bad, and handsome! Chapter 611 Differential treatment of small wine Chapter 610 What a clever ghost Chapter 609 Don't leave me! Chapter 608 Life-saving grace, promised by the body Chapter 607 Hold her in my arms

Chapter 606 Don't wait for me, no result Chapter 605 Must be super cute Chapter 604 You have to lift up to get better Chapter 603 Sister Jiu, long time no see Chapter 602 Brother, smile Chapter 601 The ingenious good cub Chapter 600 Marry her when she grows up Chapter 599 Zai Zai is more handsome Chapter 598 Do you want to fall in love early? Chapter 597 The sweet words of the little bunny Chapter 596 Three views follow the five senses Chapter 595 We love you

Chapter 594 The standard for mate selection has become higher Chapter 593 Man victimized Chapter 592 Dwarf, hurry up Chapter 591 Show affection every day Chapter 590 Guan Xuan is in love 2 Chapter 589 Guan Xuan is in love 1 Chapter 588 A family of three 2 Chapter 587 A family of three 1 Chapter 586 Children's world Chapter 585 Everything for small wine Chapter 584 Master's Road to Chasing His Wife Chapter 583 Take the little sister home to play

Chapter 582 Good dad Chapter 581 A family of three is so amazing Chapter 580 Sweet love! Chapter 579 Be a bachelor for a lifetime? Chapter 578 I am your mother 3 Chapter 577 I am your mother 2 Chapter 576 You are my mom 1 Chapter 575 Still dad's baby Chapter 574 Give her all the love Chapter 573 Named Su Jiu Chapter 572 She did it on purpose Chapter 571 She is his fate

Chapter 570 It's a pity not to move her Chapter 569 Staring straight at her Chapter 568 Single dad and mom Chapter 567 The woman who robbed you? Chapter 566 Yes i'm crazy Chapter 565 She actually has a dog Chapter 564 Miss Sister is Beautiful and Kind Chapter 563 Fatter and cuter Chapter 562 Just listen to me obediently Chapter 561 As a face dog Chapter 560 Girlfriend was abducted 3 Chapter 559 Girlfriend was abducted 2

Chapter 558 Girlfriend was abducted 1 Chapter 557 The little wine is so good Chapter 556 As cute as a little wine Chapter 555 She really has children Chapter 554 Xiao Tuanzi's mother Chapter 553 Dad is in good condition Chapter 552 Lower down and beg her Chapter 551 Where is the child? Chapter 550 Let her be beautiful alone Chapter 549 Kids don't gossip Chapter 548 Sell ​​dad Chapter 547 Handsome and profitable

Chapter 546 Be responsible to dad! Chapter 545 Some kids like him Chapter 544 The Nth day when the little villain is gone Chapter 543 Gossip little dumpling Chapter 542 She has him in her heart? Chapter 541 Should be drunk Chapter 540 Take pretty sister Chapter 539 Really drank too much Chapter 538 Drunk Truth 2 Chapter 537 Speaking Truth After Drinking 1 Chapter 536 Pomeranian smiled Chapter 535 Not drunk tonight

Chapter 534 The first beauty in the entertainment industry Chapter 533 Will only pollute her Chapter 532 Can't wait so much? Chapter 531 Obey the little girl's words Chapter 530 Dad is teasing sister Chapter 529 So soft and cute Chapter 528 Destroy if you don't get it 4 Chapter 527 Destroy if you don't get it 3 Chapter 526 Destroy if you don't get it 2 Chapter 525 Destroy if you don't get it 1 Chapter 524 Is cp together today? Chapter 523 Little wine male mother

Chapter 522 Dad is going to marry a wife Chapter 521 Become a star Chapter 520 Chapter 519 Silly and cute Chapter 518 A group of handsome boys Chapter 517 Disgusting boss Chapter 516 I cried, I pretended Chapter 515 Cherish life and be a good person Chapter 514 Put him on the tip of my heart Chapter 513 Clip a doll to the little villain Chapter 512 He deserves better Chapter 511 24 hours protection

Chapter 510 I can only let the little wine touch Chapter 509 Obsessed with her Chapter 508 Childhood sweetheart Chapter 507 The little villain is gone Chapter 506 Shall I feed you? Chapter 505 Small cocktail party with you Chapter 504 Chapter 503 Is the smelly boy a dog? Chapter 502 Dangerous beast Chapter 501 Fairy weeping Chapter 500 Saw him cry for the first time Chapter 499 Are you obediently good?

Chapter 498 The oppressive feeling of the little villain Chapter 497 Little Dumpling and Little Boy Chapter 496 Have been pestering her Chapter 495 Toast and not eat fine wine Chapter 494 If you behave Chapter 493 The image of the goddess shattered Chapter 492 Brother, you are done! Chapter 491 Little villain's birthday 2 Chapter 490 Little villain's birthday 1 Chapter 489 List of nasty bastards Chapter 488 Zai Zai is so good, she loves so much! Chapter 487 Brother, be good!

Chapter 486 Don't let her learn Chapter 485 Don't worry about little brother Chapter 484 Let the little sister be beautiful alone Chapter 483 Lend me your daughter Chapter 482 As a springboard for the father and daughter? Chapter 481 Her cash cow Chapter 480 Get rid of the heat Chapter 479 Beautiful and sassy lady Chapter 478 Who doesn't love big beauties? Chapter 477 Protect the small dumplings Chapter 476 This familiar operation Chapter 475 Small wine with you

Chapter 474 Don't grab the little wine sister Chapter 473 I still need to work hard with my wife! Chapter 472 The little villain is a bit su Chapter 471 She is a bad woman Chapter 470 Actually rejected him Chapter 469 Hug and hug Chapter 468 Call for the little villain Chapter 467 Just be soft to me Chapter 466 Ex-wife, long time no see Chapter 465 Be a tool man again Chapter 464 The appearance of Zai Zai grown up! Chapter 463 Gave birth to a little bullshit

Chapter 462 Apologize to Xiaojiu Chapter 461 Xiaojiu is a genius! Chapter 460 New Year's Benefits! Chapter 459 Like a little milk cat Chapter 458 Super favorite Chapter 457 Little villain's gift 4 Chapter 456 Little villain's gift 3 Chapter 455 Little villain's gift 2 Chapter 454 Little villain's gift 1 Chapter 453 Zai Zai is a heart-warming little brother! Chapter 452 Gratification of old mother Chapter 451 Heartbeat

Chapter 450 Set flag Chapter 449 Only the little sister can touch it! Chapter 448 Brother laughed Chapter 447 Villain's bed Chapter 446 Be a salted fish with peace of mind Chapter 445 Daddy's lucky god Chapter 444 Boyfriend force max! Chapter 443 Fans of other people's homes Chapter 442 The hottest person today Chapter 441 Beg a pair of eyes Chapter 440 Super boss Chapter 439 Fan’s girly dream is shattered

Chapter 438 Little angel little baby Chapter 437 Will count to count 5 Chapter 436 Will count 4 Chapter 435 Will count and count 3 Chapter 434 Count and Count 2 Chapter 433 Will count to count 1 Chapter 432 Don't even think about turning over in this life Chapter 431 Unscrupulous girl! Chapter 430 Xiao Tuanzi's mother Chapter 429 Is this the love of the boss? Chapter 428 The battle between the actor and the queen Chapter 427 Auction small dumplings, right?

Chapter 426 She is his salvation Chapter 425 Soft Chapter 424 Only he can bully my sister Chapter 423 Miss sister is a fairy Chapter 422 Rich little master Chapter 421 Can you give me a hug? Chapter 420 The universe is invincible and beautiful! Chapter 419 Little princess, get out of the car Chapter 418 The best man in the world Chapter 417 The little girl is really bad! Chapter 416 She really loves it! Chapter 415 Really spicy eyes

Chapter 414 The cub's face gets more and more eye-catching Chapter 413 The little villain is shy Chapter 412 Bring you good luck! Chapter 411 Chapter 410 The help of the little villain Chapter 409 You don't touch me Chapter 408 Is it still a man? Chapter 407 Don't you love me anymore Chapter 406 Be entangled by a bunch of brats Chapter 405 Is it really going to take off? Chapter 404 Dreaming of Little Bunny Chapter 403 The little villain is so good

Chapter 402 Brother, let's go home! Chapter 401 Whoever concedes first and who is the dog Chapter 400 Become his little wife Chapter 399 Don't go near the wine Chapter 398 Lost the right to choose a spouse Chapter 397 Fairies Chapter 396 At odds with him Chapter 395 Work hard to make money and raise small dumplings Chapter 394 Painful cub Chapter 393 Let him go and spoil him Chapter 392 The little bunny next door Chapter 391 Hold high the banner of men and women

Chapter 390 Baby i was wrong Chapter 389 I got a joke Chapter 388 Give the little villain a favor Chapter 387 Bullying the little villain Chapter 386 Father and daughter sing a harmony Chapter 385 Don't come here! Chapter 384 It's just a recreational toy Chapter 383 Global Limited Edition Chapter 382 Can't wait to grow up right away Chapter 381 A punch can cry for a long time Chapter 380 The little hero and the little villain 5 Chapter 379 The little hero and the little villain 4

Chapter 378 The little hero and the little villain 3 Chapter 377 The little hero and the little villain 2 Chapter 376 Little hero and little villain 1 Chapter 375 Has a troubled face Chapter 374 Don't take it seriously Chapter 373 Actually, I am a good man! Chapter 372 Who makes her so cute! Chapter 371 Want a daughter Chapter 370 I'm sorry Chapter 369 What if I want to climb the wall? Chapter 368 It's not just being cute Chapter 367 Brother is great!

Chapter 366 She is more attractive than sugar Chapter 365 The little girl is a face control Chapter 364 I can't leave my daughter Chapter 363 Brother, let's play together Chapter 362 The wish of the little villain Chapter 361 Ruthless Gold Swallowing Beast Chapter 360 Don't forget the small wine Chapter 359 Don't even let go of the girl's paper! Chapter 358 Domineering president and little wife Chapter 357 Have a sweet love Chapter 356 Step out of the way that six relatives do not recognize Chapter 355 Xiaojiu poked me too much

Chapter 354 Just like to see her smile Chapter 353 Sister Xiaojiu is right Chapter 352 Distressed female goose Chapter 351 Netizens have no love this year Chapter 350 Ten circles on the spot Chapter 349 I'm going to marry Xiaojiu sister in the future Chapter 348 Too pampered Too pampered! Chapter 347 The power of small wine Chapter 346 Hair style can't be messy! Chapter 345 The most tender dad Chapter 344 Call for the little girl Chapter 343 The best and best man in the world

Chapter 342 Cub, I am your mother! Chapter 341 Peerless beauty Chapter 340 Little wine is true love, dad is accident Chapter 339 Ah... not working anymore! Chapter 338 Emit cute light waves Chapter 337 Hard work Chapter 336 Shouldn't expect a dad to control Chapter 335 So sweet and sweet! Chapter 334 Sell ​​me Xiaojiu sister Chapter 333 Be considerate of the baby, right? Chapter 332 Let's make a laugh today Chapter 331 Zai Zai is so good!

Chapter 330 Don't teach me bad goose! Chapter 329 Can't bear Su's father and Xiaojiu Chapter 328 Make a groundhog scream Chapter 327 Fairy kids Chapter 326 Will be handsomer than dad Chapter 325 Who is Zizai protecting? Chapter 324 I was slapped by the little milk Chapter 323 The little villain of the evil bird Chapter 322 Who beat her little villain Chapter 321 Ridiculed by children Chapter 320 It's definitely true love! Chapter 319 Seems to be moving

Chapter 318 Be responsible to her Chapter 317 Can't you coax me? Chapter 316 Capture her heart! Chapter 315 The cutest kid in the world Chapter 314 I can do it again! Chapter 313 Have no life to give birth to a girl Chapter 312 Xiaoqingmei’s bamboo horses are a bit too much Chapter 311 If she is taught bad Chapter 310 Cuteness burst table! Chapter 309 The villain in the dream Chapter 308 You are mine, you can't run away Chapter 307 Dangerous man

Chapter 306 The feeling of being a father Chapter 305 I believe you a ghost! Chapter 304 Must be fiercely punched! Chapter 303 It will bite you! Chapter 302 Finally looks like a normal person Chapter 301 Contaminate me! Chapter 300 Inherit hundreds of millions of fortunes Chapter 299 Straight male aesthetic Chapter 298 Be yourself! Chapter 297 A real big family! Chapter 296 Some people hurt little wine Chapter 295 Let me vent your anger!

Chapter 294 Stray Death Thousand Girls Chapter 293 Baby IQ one hundred and five Chapter 292 The wine is great! Chapter 291 The birth of an actor 3 Chapter 290 The birth of an actor 2 Chapter 289 The birth of an actor 1 Chapter 288 The world's first beauty Chapter 287 what! ! I'm so cute! Chapter 286 Daughter slave is hammered! Chapter 285 Can't hug girls casually Chapter 284 Brother Scream, don't do it Chapter 283 It can be said to be loved by everyone

Chapter 282 Gold Broker Chapter 281 Chong brother enthusiasm Chapter 280 My whole body is mine Chapter 279 Is a mature mother fan! Chapter 278 Fancy another brother first? Chapter 277 Rich and self-willed! Chapter 276 How can it be a tragic word? Chapter 275 Sister Xiaojiu is leading me again! Chapter 274 Brother, shall we go home together? Chapter 273 Little villain, thank you Chapter 272 Accompany 1 Chapter 271 Can't coax little girl

Chapter 270 The dark thoughts of the little villain Chapter 269 Punishment 1 Chapter 268 Even if I fight this life Chapter 267 Be good, don't be afraid Chapter 266 The fate of the little villain Chapter 265 Gave the villain boss Chapter 264 Really crazy Chapter 263 Xiaojiu takes you home Chapter 262 I was hugged by him Chapter 261 Too hard, really too hard Chapter 260 Sister Jiu, don't be afraid Chapter 259 Flopped by idols!

Chapter 258 Clues to small wine Chapter 257 Brother, sorry Chapter 256 Won't let him be a star again Chapter 255 Sell ​​her Chapter 254 Brother, how much i love you Chapter 253 Little wine is missing 6 Chapter 252 Little Wine Missing 5 Chapter 251 Little Wine Missing 4 Chapter 250 Little Wine Missing 3 Chapter 249 Little Wine Missing 2 Chapter 248 Little wine missing 1 Chapter 247 Lock me up with these little cps!

Chapter 246 Am I handsome? Chapter 245 All the kids! Chapter 244 I'm Xiaojiu's male mother Chapter 243 Can monopolize her Chapter 242 Stop showing off your daughter! Chapter 241 Send you a bright star Chapter 240 The biggest backstage is me~ Chapter 239 Was picked up by the kid Chapter 238 I want to give birth to a monkey for my brother Chapter 237 My brother is so pitiful! Chapter 236 Really fresh and refined Chapter 235 Has a cerebral thrombosis committed?

Chapter 234 What bad thing to do? Chapter 233 He is a happy person Chapter 232 Much cuter than the little bunny! Chapter 231 I don't want you to be a husband anymore Chapter 230 Fresh and refined male lotus Chapter 229 Give him a fatal blow Chapter 228 A certain fan slapped her face, right? Chapter 227 It's really black physique Chapter 226 Be polite, good Chapter 225 What a clever ghost Chapter 224 The cuteness of human cubs Chapter 223 Beat him secretly

Chapter 222 Simple innocent little white flower Chapter 221 Either stupid or bad Chapter 220 The happiest moment for fans Chapter 219 Work to make money and raise wine! Chapter 218 Make a little devil laugh Chapter 217 Very talented in acting Chapter 216 Dad will vent your anger! Chapter 215 Gentle and good brother set Chapter 214 Stupid little girl Chapter 213 Sister smells so good Chapter 212 Xiaotuanzi is the Appearance Association Chapter 211 Daughter is his only pride

Chapter 210 Are you protecting him? Chapter 209 The service of the villain Chapter 208 Little villain's mother fan Chapter 207 Unobtainable taste Chapter 206 I can do it again! Chapter 205 Tears are not obedient! Chapter 204 I want the stars to be picked for her Chapter 203 I want little handsome guy too Chapter 202 Little princess sitting in the middle Chapter 201 Want to knock your candy! Chapter 200 Little girl has a sweet mouth Chapter 199 She is the child of the Su family

Chapter 198 Little wine is a spawning machine Chapter 197 Poisoned by small wine Chapter 196 The hostility of the little villain Chapter 195 Conversation between son-in-law and father-in-law Chapter 194 This pair of little cp locks me up! Chapter 193 I want a husband like this! Chapter 192 The kids are so tugging Chapter 191 Hug and hug Chapter 190 The female goose is the cutest in the world! Chapter 189 Spoil her out of the universe! Chapter 188 Find a girlfriend Chapter 187 I won't lie to her

Chapter 186 Ingenious little villain Chapter 185 Arsonist Chapter 184 Dad is two meters tall! Chapter 183 Her most proud work Chapter 182 Embrace of the Great Beauty Chapter 181 Just ask if you are angry! Chapter 180 A sister in the entertainment industry Chapter 179 Daughter is my baby Chapter 178 The hottest little fresh meat Chapter 177 Dad's little lucky star Chapter 176 Come here, I promise not to hit you Chapter 175 The so-called male lead halo!

Chapter 174 Is such a domineering president? Chapter 173 Silly Dumpling Chapter 172 Keep your body like a jade for the heroine Chapter 171 It's nice to have money Chapter 170 I'm sour! Chapter 169 Xiaojiu sister's child husband Chapter 168 Large-scale selling son scene Chapter 167 I want her to be my wife! Chapter 166 Dad blowing a little wine online Chapter 165 Cub, you deserve it! Chapter 164 Bring other men home Chapter 163 She doesn't want you to hug

Chapter 162 Planning to die alone? Chapter 161 So cute Chapter 160 Won't pick up your business anymore Chapter 159 What a great existence Chapter 158 Celebrities play this Chapter 157 Do you know you laughed out loud? Chapter 156 Floating on fire? Chapter 155 Mother fan heartbroken Chapter 154 How cute is the little girl Chapter 153 I'm really a slave to my daughter Chapter 152 You're not stupid, i'm stupid Chapter 151 How many little brothers are there?

Chapter 150 A machine of no emotion Chapter 149 I have a daughter, you don't Chapter 148 Protect the little wine sister Chapter 147 I just can't resist her Chapter 146 What flavor do you like? Chapter 145 It's a beast in clothing Chapter 144 Okay, listen to the baby Chapter 143 Go to the small restaurant Chapter 142 Small wine should be good, you know? Chapter 141 Sweet little sisters Chapter 140 Your daughter is also very cute Chapter 139 Let's go back to the countryside to farm!

Chapter 138 Send the cubs out of the circle! Chapter 137 I am also a mother fan from today Chapter 136 Su Shengjingxiu looks at me! Chapter 135 Hit the sunspots in the face! Chapter 134 Buy a freezer for the little wine sister Chapter 133 Please be a man! Chapter 132 Gee, daughter slave Chapter 131 The corners of the mouth go up crazy~ Chapter 130 You have contracted the rapeseed flowers Chapter 129 Dad, wait for me to come back Chapter 128 Just a little clingy Chapter 127 Oh, the treasure goose!

Chapter 126 It's not as good as raw barbecued pork Chapter 125 It's definitely a little angel going down to the world~ Chapter 124 Is my favorite cub! Chapter 123 Make money to support Dad! Chapter 122 My daughter, biological Chapter 121 What a father-daughter love Chapter 120 Little villain, let her guard! Chapter 119 Brother, don't lie to me Chapter 118 I make money to support you! Chapter 117 A bunch of little brothers around Chapter 116 Dad's little koi Chapter 115 The determination to protect my daughter

Chapter 114 The male and female masters count as a ball? Chapter 113 This father and daughter are warm and abusive Chapter 112 Is there a group to steal children? Chapter 111 So-called idiot Chapter 110 Poor little, I really want to hug Chapter 109 Take good care of the female goose! Chapter 108 How hot is brother? Chapter 107 Supper for your girl Chapter 106 Friendship starts from parenting Chapter 105 The baby is awesome! Chapter 104 Handsome guy in the future Chapter 103 Children make choices

Chapter 102 Don't be fooled by bad brother Chapter 101 Loved love! ! Chapter 100 Invincible cute little Gongju Chapter 99 I'm so lucky! Chapter 98 Domineering President Fan Er Chapter 97 Large-scale petting scene Chapter 96 Uncle, hug~ Chapter 95 Little girl has something Chapter 94 Brother didn't bully me Chapter 93 Dare to bully my daughter? Chapter 92 How can you bear to bully cute Chapter 91 This kid owes it!

Chapter 90 It's nice to have money Chapter 89 The prosperous beauty of the little villain Chapter 88 This little cutie kills me! Chapter 87 Come on, brother and goose! Chapter 86 Don't scold my daughter Chapter 85 Spit it out first! Chapter 84 No guarantee for late festival Chapter 83 The urge to give birth to a goose! Chapter 82 Brother, smile Chapter 81 This is a big deal for father and daughter Chapter 80 Ah ah ah, good Sue! Chapter 79 It's my darling

Chapter 78 I like dad the most Chapter 77 The little girl is amazing! Chapter 76 No. 1 for attractive men Chapter 75 Children's nirvana Chapter 74 Won't bully dad anymore Chapter 73 Have a bold idea Chapter 72 You are a little genius Chapter 71 Record the show Chapter 70 What fairy is this! Chapter 69 Earn money to raise a daughter Chapter 68 I will raise her for life Chapter 67 Protect the little wine sister!

Chapter 66 Brother is awesome! Chapter 65 Pretty little face Chapter 64 Just an illegitimate daughter Chapter 63 Find a good family for her Chapter 62 Little Wine Missing 4 Chapter 61 Little Wine Missing 3 Chapter 60 Little Wine Missing 2 Chapter 59 Little wine missing 1 Chapter 58 Capture dad's heart Chapter 57 Nice job! Chapter 56 You deserve no wife! Chapter 55 Brother, you are so kind

Chapter 54 Xiao Zai Zai is a domineering president Chapter 53 Is a little clever ghost Chapter 52 Next to the man again Chapter 51 My sister was snatched away Chapter 50 What cute says is right Chapter 49 Brother, you are not good Chapter 48 Cultivation of the villain Chapter 47 Enraged little beast Chapter 46 Moving bricks 2 Chapter 45 Moving bricks 1 Chapter 44 Warmed up by the little cub Chapter 43 Become a group pet 3

Chapter 42 Become a group pet 2 Chapter 41 Become a group pet 1 Chapter 40 Tea Words 3 Chapter 39 Tea Words 2 Chapter 38 Tea words tea words 1 Chapter 37 The Little Demon King 2 Chapter 36 Little Demon King 1 Chapter 35 Send warmth to the little villain 2 Chapter 34 Give warmth to the little villain 1 Chapter 33 Dare to beat her! Chapter 32 Be a beggar in the future Chapter 31 Incarnate as lemon essence

Chapter 30 I just want dad Chapter 29 Raise my daughter Chapter 28 Little Villain 2 Chapter 27 Little villain 1 Chapter 26 Don't scold my dad! Chapter 25 Transforming Dad 3 Chapter 24 Transforming Dad 2 Chapter 23 Transforming Dad 1 Chapter 22 Chaptery, sorry Chapter 21 She is a little angel Chapter 20 It was the wrong payment after all Chapter 19 Fairy brother

Chapter 18 Brother, long time no see Chapter 17 Small tow oil bottle 3 Chapter 16 Small tow oil bottle 2 Chapter 15 Small tow oil bottle 1 Chapter 14 Villain 3 Chapter 13 Villain 2 Chapter 12 Villain 1 Chapter 11 Dad force MAX Chapter 10 I heard it's a dumb Chapter 9 So good, so cute Chapter 8 Disliked by the little girl Chapter 7 Cheap dad feels soft

Chapter 6 Dad doesn't want me anymore Chapter 5 Paternity Test 2 Chapter 4 Paternity Test 1 Chapter 3 Mentally handicapped children's wine Chapter 2 Acting like a baby Chapter 1 That scumbag, is your father?

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