"Brother, I was picked up by you, you are responsible to me!"

"Extremely happy."

Su Jiu felt that after talking to him, he probably wouldn't be able to make a good film in the future. He would be full of magnetic and nice voice, right?

After hanging up the phone, she was the first to log on to Weibo. Although she did not find the scandal between her and Xia Yi on the hot search, she found in the comment section of her Weibo that many fans had poured in and asked if she really followed Xia Yi is together and has everything to say, and many fans of Xia Yi have come to scold her.

Su Jiu immediately clarified, [Xia Yi and I are only partners, not as the marketing account said. In addition, I have a boyfriend and we are in a very good relationship. Thank you all. 】

Not long after it was sent out, #苏酒我和男朋友爱情美好# was on the hot search. Many fans wanted her to announce more news about her boyfriend. Su Jiu replied: [Temporarily confidential. You will know when I get married to him. 】

Netizens, "..."

Do you think of getting married?

Oh oh so sour!

What kind of man is he who can marry such a beautiful and cute little fairy like Xiaojiu home?

After seeing this Weibo, Su Shengjing sneered and called Su Jiu, "Hello, baby?"


Su Shengjing was a little bit irritable, "What do you think you posted on Weibo? A girl from family, who is still under adulthood, why is it embarrassing to say that she is going to marry someone?"

Su Jiu stuck his tongue out, "I was going to marry him, I'm telling the truth, and I'm not deceiving, why should I be ashamed?"

Su Shengjing, "..."

OK, he is getting more and more talking about this girl.

He had nothing to say, and in the end he could only suffocate one sentence, "Anyway, don't go too far!"

Su Jiu knew that he had nothing to do with her and Rong Si, so he chuckled, "I know, Dad, Rong Si and I have always been well-balanced!"

"Huh, it's best to do this, but don't do anything that makes me angry before getting married. Otherwise, I will blast you out of the house and stop calling my father."

"Dad, are you serious? Are you willing?"

"..." Su Shengjing gritted his teeth, he wanted to blurt out why he was reluctant, but he couldn't say anything. In fact, in this case, even he couldn't help himself, let alone a small wine.

If he really blasted the little wine out of the house, it would really kill him.

Ending the call, Su Jiu returned to the set. As soon as Xia Yi saw her, she walked over and smiled: "Xiao Jiu, you have a good rest? Or, let's check the lines again. Shall we fight for one later?"

Su Jiu fixedly looked at him for a few seconds, with a trace of elegance in his eyes. Does he know what happened on Weibo?

If you knew it, it wouldn't be so peaceful, right? However, even she knew it, he couldn't help but. Even if he doesn't pay attention, the assistant will tell him, right?

But he looked nonchalant, Su Jiu was really skeptical.

Su Jiu asked directly: "Xia Yi, do you know anything on Weibo?"

Xia Yi was startled, "What's the matter?"

"You and I have had a scandal, don't you know?"

Xia Yi suddenly felt guilty, and said with a dry smile: "I know. It's just that it was scribbled in the marketing account, and I didn't care. Anyway, it's the scandal, and it will definitely be clarified. If you don't, your father will come forward to clarify. Is it?"After wearing the book, I became a small drag oil bottle. The latest chapter address: https://www.mtlnovel.com /book/138197.htmlAfter wearing the book, I became a small drag oil bottle full text reading address: https://www. mtlnovel.com/read/138197/After wearing the book, I became a small drag oil bottle. txt download address: https:// www.mtlnovel.com/down/138197.htmlAfter wearing the book, I became a small drag oil bottle mobile phone reading: https: //m.mtlnovel.com/read/138197/For the convenience of reading next time, you can click on the \" below Favorites\"Record this time (Chapter 1053 Marry the Little Fairy Home) reading records, you can see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "I became a little drag oil bottle after wearing a book", please ask your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.) ) Recommend this book, thank you for your support! ! (www.mtlnovel.com)