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I Became The Supreme Being Of The Buddhist Sect

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Li Xuanxin traveled through a different world where demons were rampant and became a young monk in Lingtai Temple. He awakened the chaotic golden lotus. As long as he consumed merit, he could directly improve the level of his practice.

[Consuming one million merit points, Fudo Mingwang Sutra is elevated to the 108th floor of Great Perfection. 】

[Consuming 1,200,000 merit points, the Fudo Mingwang mantra is raised to the 108th floor of Great Perfection. 】

The Buddha said: The merit is boundless, and the practice is endless!

A thousand years later, Li Xuanxin sighed slightly when he saw the three worlds with his Buddha eyes.

“Tathagata, you have committed anger!”

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Short Title:IBSBBS
Alternate Title:入寺千年,我成了佛门世尊
Author:wood fires easily
Weekly Rank:#274
Monthly Rank:#43
All Time Rank:#3742
Tags:Accelerated Growth, Adopted Protagonist, Buddhism, Cheats, Demons, Fantasy, Fast Cultivation, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Mysterious Past, System, Transmigration,
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  1. Chapter 65. One thing I hate the most is MC being late, be it late for attending something, late at arriving to help someone, and late arrival at the battle. Every time MC is late, people suffer. It is one thing MC is not aware of the situation and rushes in to help at all speed, even being late can't help as he was not aware of it. But in this novel chapter 65, MC is fully aware of incoming dangers. His cultivation level at this time, it may not be called invincible, but he is more powerful than most people on the battle roster. With careful maneuver, he can easily help his side win this battle with minimum casualties. He had many superpowers trained to perfection, this alone should be more than enough to make up for it. He does not need to go into seclusion and try to break through to a higher realm at that moment. This breakthrough can wait until after the battle. Yet he chooses to do the breakthrough which results in his delay in the battle. This delay causes people on his side to suffer considerably, all this suffering can be avoided if MC was not in seclusion trying to break through and was in the battle early on. For me, MC late does not increase drama in the novel, it is the opposite, it is annoying as hell.

  2. It's nice and all until there come's the part where he becomes all hypocritical... At first he said he wouldn't rob others of their chances(in the demon buddha part) but after seeing three forutune level powerhouses fight, he stopped them and took the treasure... ig he was helping the common people but like...too much? Also what karma of killing and stuff, is that really was there, then shouldn't he be repenting for all the deaths he caused in his previous life as the sword god/whatever he was?

  3. Desde el cap 140 se volvió el clásico "te ofendo y me matas a bofetadas" y después el "mato al joven y viene el viejo" así en un bucle infinito. Una lástima ya que venía con otro módulo de trama hasta ahora (hacer el bien y mantener un perfil bajo). Todo cambio y en el momento que sube al "reino superior" ofende a todas las sectas que encuentra para generar trama. Basura...

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