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I Became the Favorite of Big Bosses

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Novel Summary

Wei Lan accidentally transformed into a cannon fodder girl of the era. She was dissatisfied when she went to the countryside for her brother and broke up with her family.

Because he was greedy for the male protagonist’s “beauty”, he was framed by another cannon fodder’s female partner, and successfully married a second-rate man in the brigade. In the end, he died in a foreign country. It can be said that he was a master of death!

Wei Lan, who is familiar with the plot, said who the male protagonist loves! Please let me be beautiful alone!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The female protagonist who wears books and is a squeamish woman VS the male protagonist who was ruthless in the early stage and didn’t talk much in the later stage.

(The heroine has a delicate setting, she doesn’t like to stray in, her daily purpose is: sweet, sweet, sweet!)

Note: There is another male protagonist, not the male protagonist in the original book.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IBFBB
Alternate Title:穿书年代成了大佬心头娇
Author:Tang A Yao
Weekly Rank:#1118
Monthly Rank:#960
All Time Rank:#5367
Tags:Female Protagonist, Transmigration,
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6 Comments on “I Became the Favorite of Big Bosses
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  1. Only made it to Ch.473 FL losing her memory and second ml lying to her about them being engaged totally turned me off. The way the fl delt with the second ml made me want to vomit most of the novel. FL extremely stupid White Lotus. Could not finish.

  2. Stupid FL. Most of the time she herself creates problems. The kind of person that I despise, pretend to be nice in her inside but outside is like a weak lotus.

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