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I Became the Cannon Fodder In the Novels of Female Cultivators

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Novel Summary

When he found out that he was in the world of a female cultivator’s novel and was still a cannon fodder, Fang Jinyu began the process of self-rescue like walking on thin ice.

until he sees…

[Today is a day to shovel shit]

[Refining to get a face value +1]

【Today is a day of practice but nothing gained】

[Refining to gain insight +1]

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IBCFINFC
Alternate Title:我成了女频修仙小说中的炮灰
Author:A few cold autumns in a dream
Weekly Rank:#900
Monthly Rank:#739
All Time Rank:#5868
Tags:Alchemy, Cautious Protagonist, Cheats, Dao Companion, Hard-Working Protagonist, Honest Protagonist, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Righteous Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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21 Comments on “I Became the Cannon Fodder In the Novels of Female Cultivators
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  1. What I like is the protagonist daoist nothingness sense of Karma. Like with the ghost diasater in the two hundreds. Makes ghost repair happen in sixth months. Sixth months later instant karma of a mass murderer and only a mass murderer.

  2. This novel is one of my favorite. Unfortunately, later chapters are getting harder and harder to read with google translate and makes less sense. I don't know here though.

  3. This novel is top rated in this site. Author really great, except some miss translation and word repating. This novel really point of view from cannon fodder, how hard he work to stay alive and mc slowly become stronger but not so op. In this kind of novel most author will make mc become more awesome that the so called protagonist but this novel is not like that. 5/5. After all miss translation is not author or web fault

  4. Xin Qianqian is the MC's junior sister. She loses her body (virginity) because of a political deal that we get to know of later on. I believe she dies later on in "the story book" because she was a hindrance to Su Yier or something similar. None of this has happened yet in the current timeline, so she is still a virgin and MC is still alive, so things will definitely change from "the story book's" plot

  5. ???? At no time did she say that, she said that she had been a nuisance to Su yi'er and was eliminated in the storybook. never was fish

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