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I Became the Ancestor of the Villain

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Monster! Internet writer Mo Fan is traveling through time!

Not dressed as a protagonist, not dressed as a villain, not dressed as an unrivaled powerhouse.

He actually became the ancestor of a miscellaneous fish villain in his book who only lived less than ten chapters, and became the grandfather in his ring.

Looking at his illusory soul body, he thought about the only resurrection material he had set.

Sorry, Lin Yang, I want to be resurrected.

Let my little great-great-grandson take your chance.

Grandpa in your ring, don’t live, let me live!

(Book friend group 839934306, welcome.)

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IBAV
Alternate Title:我成了反派祖宗
Author:I really can't code
Weekly Rank:#635
Monthly Rank:#485
All Time Rank:#1968
Tags:Antihero Protagonist, Beast Companions, Cultivation, God Protagonist, Late Romance, Magic Beasts, Magic Formations, Mythical Beasts, System, Transformation Ability, Transmigration, Villain, Writers,
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  2. Can you help me to find novel? I didn't read it to much but mc reincarnated by someone else body. Owner is body was a real daughter but got missing when she was baby. Her aunt was jealous over her cause before her birth aunt was the only girl in family. After someone's manipulation aunt took her and left somewhere. After years later aunt fiance found her and bring her to family but family has a adopted daughter and her aunt was hemophilia that was she became her aunt's blood bank. While body owners giving blood she is dead and mc was reincarnated in her body. After reincarnate mc run away from hospital and while randomly walking by street she meet a guy who is known as a bad guy and he help her a lot. If i remember correctly aunt fiance fall for her later

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