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I Became Popular in the Underworld After Live Broadcasting Taoism

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“Spiritual Affairs” is a highly popular psychic network, but it is a pity that the whole network is full of ridicule.

The contestants are frequently scolded for their behavior and practices.

But no one knows that this program is a huge hit in the underworld.

Every time the show starts, billions of ghosts are standing in front of the screen watching the program and commenting on it——-

“This guy is bloody, his soul is hooked by a ghost. What’s wrong with my horse’s face?”

“It’s good to touch bones. Can’t you touch the soul without touching the bones?”

“… I don’t see what this method can do, dogs won’t go that way.”

The new season of the program officially announced the new guest.

Gu Zhisang is ridiculed by netizens and become trending in hot searches.

Gu Zhisang the Headmaster of Taoism, opened her eyes and became the vase cannon fodder in the exciting novel about the entertainment circle.

When she transmigrated, she was being hacked by the whole network and facing the dilemma of being robbed of resources and receiving bad traffic.

To revitalize Taoism, Gu Zhisang gladly accepted the invitation.

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Short Title:IBPIU
Alternate Title:我靠玄学直播成为地府顶流
Author:Tian zhu
Weekly Rank:#2139
Monthly Rank:#1885
All Time Rank:#5346
Tags:Acting, Beautiful Female Lead, Divination, Exorcism, Female Protagonist, Feng Shui, Ghosts, Modern Day, Previous Life Talent, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Psychic Powers, Seeing Things Other Humans Can't, Spirits, System, Transmigration,
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27 Comments on “I Became Popular in the Underworld After Live Broadcasting Taoism
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  1. It's very good! 100% recommend to read! The only sad part is that there isn't any romance with the mc. But all in all very good!

  2. Me gustó bastante esta historia, estaba dudando un poco en leerla porque ya había leído otra que era de metafísica y cuando aparece el ML la FL cambia su carácter y se deja manipular todo el tiempo. En esta historia no pasa a pesar que no hay casi romance no siento que sea algo realmente taan importante ya que se centra más en resolver los casos.

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