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I Became Popular After Secret Marriage with the Actress

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After the car accident, Gu Qingtong awakened her memory and realized that she was a romantic and abusive female supporting actress.

The male protagonist of the commercial marriage treats the female protagonist as Bai Yueguang, and obviously hates her, but still marry her for the sake of profit.

Thinking that she would be forced to be involved in the mess of the hero and heroine that she escaped from his pursuit, Gu Qingtong ran away quickly.

At this moment, the former fiance’s sister, the actress Yan Chi, inexplicably proposed to marry her.

In the original work, Yan Chi is a beauty of Kao Ling’s flower disease, and she is extremely indifferent to everyone.

Obviously, both of them are for the family shares, and they do not interfere with each other. They are the perfect marriage partners.

After the two secretly got married, Gu Qingtong, an 18th-line scumbag, was quite self-aware, and it was rare to put away the essence of life.

She assured Yanchi repeatedly: I know my position, we each take what we need, and we will never disturb your life, let alone your career.

Yan Chi’s eyes wandered, and finally he settled on the tear mole at the end of Gu Qingtong’s eye. Then he responded, his voice was as cold and distant as usual.

What Gu Qingtong didn’t know was that these eyes appeared countless times in Yan Chi’s dreams, and the crystal tears were dripping on this mole, and they were all beautiful.


After Top Liu Ying and Xiao Transparent, the news of the love variety show where the star played the cp hit the top of the hot search. Netizens and fans angered Gu Qingtong and hyped it up for the sake of being popular.

After the show aired, everyone discovered that the two were almost forced to form CPs by the show team.

Furthermore, because Gu Qingtong deliberately kept a distance from Yanchi, the two people’s CP names were jokingly referred to by the audience as “mutual care for each other”.

Other CPs are trying their best to sprinkle candy, and the silent CP fans can only see the intimate interaction of two beautiful gods in the splicing video of the editing god.

Until the end of a certain episode of recording, the program team arranged a hidden camera live easter egg in the background.

All the audience saw,
In the unoccupied lounge, Gu Qingtong’s eyes turned red the moment she saw Yan Chi, and she pointed to her waist in grievance: They all said that they were going to record today! Back pain for a day…

Yan Chi is well-versed in helping her **, coaxing her squeamish bag: My fault, I won’t play fanfiction next time.

The audience on the whole network is boiling: Let’s talk about it, what is the same humanities? Can I watch it for free? ? !

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Short Title:IBPASMA
Alternate Title:和影后隐婚后我红了
Author:dawn soda
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Tags:Acting, Beautiful Female Lead, Broken Engagement, Charismatic Protagonist, Childish Protagonist, Clingy Lover, Cold Love Interests, Complex Family Relationships, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Doting Parents, Engagement, Entertainment Circle, Female Protagonist, First-time Intercourse, Hated Protagonist, Jealousy, Love Contract, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Marriage, Marriage of Convenience, Obsessive Love, Popular Love Interests, Quick Transmigration, Stubborn Protagonist, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. FL: My goal is to make MC happy! Also FL: I want to make her cry... 😂 Does the author have other works in this website? Maybe posted in another name, perhaps?

  2. Can anyone recommend other actressxactress cp story that is still not on this website please. I’m so obsessed with the entertainment circle plot😂

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  4. I just skimmed through some chapters and also the extras. This story is really sweet~ gonna read this after the I finished the novel I'm currently reading.

  5. I always want to know for femaleXfemale couple how that 'thing' work for them? Especially when there is top and bottom? Not to mention the waist hurting.. I mean like if its abo story i understand..but here- someone plis explain. #IgnoreMyEnglish

  6. Hahahahahahahahaha. This comment honestly funny. Since you're innocent I don't wanna taint it, it's better for you to not know.

  7. A lot of hands-on stuff. There are plenty of positions and toys that two women can do and use that brings pleasure without the need of a guy’s organ. More of a technique than a bang bang done. They can usually go at it for a longer time and that’s why the waist could hurt

  8. For the top and bottom, it’s the same thing as other couples. It depends on the personality. The dominant person is usually the top and they’re more of the giver than the receiver. The bottom is usually the receiver and submissive one

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