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I Became a Heartthrob After A Job in Quick Transmigration

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Novel Summary

Yehe died and a “golden system” bound him to help him live again.

The gold system as the name implies wants non-stop gold, every breath you take is the money the system makes.

System: Don’t worry I am still your biological system; I also distribute work here which is very well-paid and will help you live longer

Yehe: ???

In order to survive, Yehe could only tearfully climb on the system thief boat.

Full of secret estates, crisis-ridden entertainment circles, exotic laboratories…

These work spaces… Why are you so weird?

It was not until later that Yehe learned that he was working in a horror copy!!

Sick blackened Gong X Afraid of ghost sand-sculpture beauty.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:IBHAJQT
Alternate Title:在副本里打工后我成了万人迷
Author:Yunsu Heno
Weekly Rank:#4772
Monthly Rank:#7323
All Time Rank:#7163
Tags:Black Belly, Charming Protagonist, Dense Protagonist, Male Yandere, Obsessive Love, Possessive Characters, R*pe, Survival Game, System Administrator, Transmigration, Weak Protagonist, World Hopping, Yandere,
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11 Comments on “I Became a Heartthrob After A Job in Quick Transmigration
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  1. Really really frustrating. I love reverse harems but this one was just .. way too senseless. MC doesn't have a brain... The ML's brain got nothing but yandere thoughts . Like dude. Wtf is going on. And damn I hate the freaking system! Half the times it felt like the author was changing his mind on how to write thr characters mid way... Gahhhh!

  2. the real yandere vibes hsjsnsj the male lead is so toxic 🗿 i mean he's so maniac stalker like to the point it's toxic in my opinion, he locks up MC (using collar 🗿) and controls mc too much and he also does h stuff without mc knowing or while the mc sleeping and i kinda hate the system although i do find him cute and funny but pls the way he fooled? the mc really makes me feel so annoyed and the mc is really dumb that I WANT TO SMACK HIM, he's kind of a airhead for me 🙄. well i didn't find any romantic vibes in this novel only the s"xual tension and the chills~, i'm still reading the arc 2 but it's kind of boring so i think i'll skip 1/2 arc haha the first arc is interesting tho ,rate for the yandere vibes : 10/10 but overall is 8/10 cus of the toxic ml and 'dumb' characters.

  3. i think this novel contain reverse harem cus there's so many handsome guy (as they describe them lol) obssessed with the MC hzsbsjsn to the point i started to ship them with the MC, i kinda didn't like this cus its makes me started to think that the MC didn't match with the original ML 😭 i got swayed doe my ship is abt to drown

  4. Ahhhh!!! I hate this MC!!! The idea of the story is so good but i just want to bash that guys head against a wall. Is not cute is not pure, us dull and anoying ahhhhhh!!!!

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