"Ashamed, hurt by mistake!"

   Li Daoji apologized, and bowed to the rest of the immortals, "Let’s wait for me to take Su Chen, and then I will pay you no more!"

   Then, he continued to attack Su Chen fiercely.

  Only by solving Su Chen, can we win this difficult battle.

When    wins this battle, he can break through the Eight Tribulations state of mind in one fell swoop.

   To get the secret of the Nine Tribulations of Fire and Phoenix, there is a glimmer of hope for Feisheng.

   "Dao begets one, one life two, two begets three, three begets everything."

   Li Daoji quickly whispered in his mouth, casting a fairy curse.

   The figure flickered and turned into two Li Daoji.

   shook again and turned into three Li Daoji... Soon, the sky was densely packed with one million Li Daoji, it was difficult to distinguish between true and false.

   Their faces were solemn, with heavy figures, and they surrounded Su Chen from all directions. Each one is Li Daoji, there is no difference.

   "Everything bears yin and embraces yang, rushing into harmony."

   These Li Daojies looked serious one by one, pinched a fist-do fairy tactic, and rushed towards Su Chen.

   did not use other methods, only used their fists to blast towards Su Chen.

   The fist of Sanxian, as strong as black gold.

   A punch can split mountains and rivers!

   a full ten thousand fists, densely formed into a round ball world, there is no gap, almost completely enclosed Su Chen.

   These ten thousand fists from all directions are blasting, if they can hit, it is estimated that the Seven Tribulations Sanxian Su Chen can be squeezed into a dust in the sky.

   Su Chen was delighted at seeing it, with a smile on his face.

   He hadn't thought before that Xianshu could still be used like this. Fighting with Wendao Zhong Li Daoji, let him start.

   There are so many immortal methods in "Xiaoyaoyou", which can be used without obstacles.

   "Flies in anger, its wings are like clouds in the sky!"

   Su Chen gave a soft drink and opened his fists.

   Behind him, a huge Dao Kunpeng phantom appeared in an instant.

   Dao Kunpeng's wings were violently spread, three thousand miles long, and the wings moved down the sky, instantly breaking through the ten thousand fist barrier that Li Daoji had punched.

   Tens of thousands of Li Daoji’s phantoms were all annihilated under the impact of Kunpeng’s phantom. The Kunpeng Phantom also annihilated along with it.

   Su Chen blasted towards Li Daoji with a fist, and drank softly: "Peng Zhi moved to Nan Ming, and the water hit three thousand miles!"

   Let you come with ten thousand punches, but he will only go with one punch.


   Su Chen's punch, sandwiching the endless waves of thousands of miles, blasted towards Li Daoji's deity like a ruin.

   Li Daoji is also not afraid, softly chanting, "The good is like water, and water is good for all things without fighting!"

   But I saw him walking on the waves with his clothes fluttering in the sea for thousands of miles. The devastating waves blasted, as if the breeze had blown by, without any damage to him.

Seeing this scene, Su Chen couldn't help but stop his hands, shook his head and said: "It seems that it is very difficult to tell the victory or defeat between us! In this battle with Brother Li, he has realized many immortal methods! How about giving up? !"

   "It is very true, after all, you and my immortal family have the same source of Taoism. The methods are too similar to hurt each other. The mental state cultivation is almost the same, so you and I will stop!"

   Li Daoji is also a little helpless.

   Su Chen comprehended too quickly. While fighting, he understood the true meaning of Zhuang's "Xiaoyaoyou".

   The two of them only fought for a while, but Xianli was at a loss.

   In the end, it was nothing more than the exhaustion of the power, I am afraid that it is still difficult to distinguish between.

   But Li Daoji knew clearly that Su Chen would surpass him too much.

   Although he obtained the true biography of Li's "Tao De Jing", he could not obtain all the inheritance, and he did not find the door of mysticism and the door of Xuanmin.

   Su Chen obtained the true biography of Zhuang's "Xiaoyaoyou", but he got the clone of Kunpeng of Seven Tribulations and the clone of Xuanwu of Seven Tribulations. Kunpeng and Xuanwu were fighting with a group of other Sanxians, if they both came over, he couldn't stand it at all.

   Su Chen almost did it on his own, and at the same time he contended with more than 20 of them, forcing them to have only the power to parry.


   Su Chen played against Li Daoji, and indeed he kept a few hands.

   Li Daoji inherited the right line of the immortal Dao of the human race, and his strength was much higher than that of the demon Yuezong Pai Yao and the gods and demon sect Ye Xiulao. I am afraid that together they are not Li Daoji's opponents.

   Su Chen and Li Daoji are both pinnacle-level masters of the human race. Whoever dies is a great loss to the human race.

   If he kills Li Daoji, the human race of this immortal domain does not have a powerful Sanxian-level leader, which will greatly damage the luck of the human race, and the human race will inevitably be bullied by the monster.

   Of course Li Daoji also understood this. Su Chen took the initiative to say not to fight, and he immediately stopped.

   Two scattered immortals truce to watch the fierce battle of other scattered immortals.

  貔貅 and the many scattered immortals on the side of Ye Xiuluo are fighting the Seven Tribulations Kunpeng and the Seven Tribulations Xuanwu, but they can't hold it anymore.

  貔貅 and a group of Demon Yuezong scattered immortals, was broken up by Kunpeng, and completely collapsed.

   Kunpeng clone was too domineering and tyrannical, and the whole body was covered with a layer of golden feathers several miles deep, which could not be penetrated at all.

  The gods and demons sect and the scattered immortals on the side of Ye Xiuluo, fighting with the Seven Tribulations Xuanwu, have also died for nearly a half. Xuanwu exchanged injuries with them, but Xuanwu was fine, but they couldn't stand it.

   "I can't hold it anymore!"

  Pixiu was slapped by Kun Peng and flew out, and he couldn't help but yelled, "Withdraw--!"

   "After all, Brother Su is more skilled, don't pass it!"

   Li Daoji saw this tragic situation and knew that the defeat was set, and couldn't help sighing sadly.

   It seems that in this life, the Seven Tribulations Sanxian is coming to an end.

   He turned around and left without stopping.

   The group of more than 30 scattered immortals has been beaten by nearly half.

   If you continue to fight, the three cases will be destroyed.


   Su Chen watched three sects of more than a dozen scattered immortals fled, but did not hunt down.

   After the first battle, his mood has broken through again, and he has been directly promoted to the realm of Eight Tribulations Sanxian.

   As the Eight Tribulations Sanxian, he is already the overlord-level existence of the Immortal Territory, enough to despise the firmament of the Immortal Territory of Three Thousand Realms.

   The three sects are no longer enough to be afraid. Keep them and leave some incense for this fairyland to avoid extinction and break the inheritance of the immortal veins.

   The Mahayana deity wants to set foot on the realm of Sanxian, he must have the fairy crystal of Sanxian, otherwise he can only find a fairy to break through. And the seventh-order fairy things are far innumerable times rarer than fairy crystals, and they are difficult to obtain.

   The three sects want to rejuvenate and make a comeback, at least several thousand years.

   Huofeng will not take so long. It is estimated that in a few decades, he will be able to return to the peak of Sanxian and fly away from this realm.

   Su Chen glanced at Huofeng, "Huofeng, this battle is over, I want to leave here! Are you going with me or staying?!"

   Huofeng smiled, "In a few decades, I will ascend! I'll stay on this island and practice with peace of mind. There are Sansanxian shelters, enough to keep me safe to Sanxianxian!"

"it is good!"

   Su Chen nodded, his figure disappeared from the same place.

   In this life, Huofeng's fate with him is only a few decades. He helped Huofeng survive the catastrophe, and this fate is over.

   can only be goodbye in the future.

   "Flick your clothes away when things happen, and hide your merit and fame--!"

   The sky, leaving only a faint echo, resounding through the sky and the earth.


   The three saints of Sanxian quickly evacuated from the Ten Continents Wonderland, leaving more than a dozen Sanxian remains in the territory, but they were not taken away.

   This time, dozens of scattered immortals, nearly half of them were killed and left in panic.

   Kunlun Fairy Island gradually fell silent.

   Under the big sunset.

   The setting sun was shining on the roaring sea breeze, waves of immortal blood slapped on the shore of the island, and there was a dazzling blood red between the sky and the earth.

   The entire Kunlun Immortal Island, under the fierce battle of the scattered immortals, was beaten into several pieces and devastated.

  Bigfoot Beggars, Zhanlong Sanxian, and Du'er Falun Gong repelled the attack of six Sanxian, and they meditated on the island in embarrassment, panting.

   They were a little unbelievable, they actually survived.

   They looked at the surrounding sea, and their faces were very puzzled.

   These scattered immortals weren't killed by them.

  Who killed it? !

  The battle just ended, they seem to have forgotten something important. The previous memory disappeared out of thin air.

  Half loudly.

   Wang Ziyang, Kui Niu, Wu Qiao, Jiao Ao, Bi Fang and other Mahayana deities came out of the cave mansion on Kunlun Fairy Island.

   There are also some Yuan Ying monks, such as Crab Ba, Xia Ren, Old Master Lu, Zhang Xiaodi, etc., after seeing the battle, they hurriedly flew from afar to Kunlun Fairy Island.

   They are also at a loss, seeming to have forgotten something.

   Huofeng looked at the sky, before sighing in a low voice: "If something happens, I will leave my clothes and hide my merits and fame!...I'm afraid you won't come to the immortal world!"

   The memory of Su Chen in this life is only a few decades.

   However, her memory of Su Chen is tens of thousands of years. Life after life, until she soared.



   Hundreds of years have passed.


   A flat boat, floating on a vast sea of ​​immortals.

   This boat is not big. There is an awning on the boat, which can only accommodate three or five people, and it is floating on the boundless, misty sea.

   Zhoutou, a handsome young man sitting cross-legged, fishing in one hand and holding a roll of "Easy Travel" in the other, watching with gusto.

   A beautiful woman is cooking an eighth-order silver ridge angelfish. This fish is transparent and colorless, soft as boneless, with only a silver thread in its abdomen, which is incredibly fragrant.

   At the stern of the boat, two golden crows are catching more angelfish than anyone else, and a little peach blossom demon clapping and laughing.

   "My husband, it's time to eat!"

   "Hmm, well, right now!"

   The young man nodded, closed the book in his hand reluctantly, and could not help but get up happily, smelling the scent of angelfish wafting out of the Uppong.


   "The silver ridge angelfish raised by the owner is delicious! This is fresh and tender, and the angelfish in the sea can't compare with it."

   "A Chou, the bone was robbed by you. Give me some fish soup, don't drink it all!"

   The two golden crows and the peach blossom little demon immediately rushed into the Wu Peng, not paying attention to the heat, and gobbled up the fairy fish.

   On this day, the Bianzhou arrived at a spiritual mountain.

   They have been wandering at sea for more than ten years, then they stopped, intending to rest in the mountains.

  This mountain is covered with haze.

  The hills are undulating, like a dragon vein. Old vines and old trees, unexpected peaks, valleys and Zhilan.

   The celestial cranes sounded, the fairy ape crowed, and the fairy deer loomed.

   "It's a good place for retreat in the fairy family, and there must be an expert here to retreat!"

   Su Chen couldn't help but admired, holding Anu's jade hand, and the two climbed up the steps.

   The two golden crows turned into young men and women, and the peach blossom demon followed curiously.

They came to Lingshan halfway up the mountain, but they saw an inconspicuous cave. A stone stele was erected at the top of the cliff. It was about three feet high and eight feet wide. There was a line of ten characters on it: "Lingtai Fangcun Mountain, the oblique moon three stars hole."

"You came!"

   A vast voice floated out of the cave.

   Although it was first heard, it was very kind and familiar.


   Su Chen's heart is enlightened, and he salutes the cave mansion, "I have seen the ancestor!"

   "In what lifetime did you come from?"

   "I don't know."

   "Whether you don't know it, you don't know whether it is a blessing! One life after another, one tribulation after another, sufferings and tribulations, lost in an illusion. You can survive countless tribulations, and come to this Lingshan, because you are destined to be a teacher.

   I am a disciple of the Zhuang family, without self, merit, and namelessness. Cultivating my Taoism, do not enter the Nine Nether World Reincarnation, jump out of the sea of ​​reincarnation, free from the world. After the matter is gone, you will hide your merits and fame deeply! "

  Su Chen blessed his soul and bowed his head: "Disciple Su Chen, pay homage to the ancestor of the Zhuang family, Xie Shizun inherits the immortal way!"

   "This is your brother, Hanshan! Let him be in the mountains and arrange a courtyard residence for you."

   said the vast voice.

   Soon, a shabby old Taoist priest walked out of the cave and held his hand to Su Chen and the others.

   Su Chen looked very familiar with his face, he was really Han Shan.

   "Mr. Hanshan, you... why are you here?!"

   Su Chen was surprised.

"Brother, what you saw in Gusu City in the past is one of the phantoms of countless lives I left behind in the lower realm. Unfortunately, he went astray and failed to gain the master’s path and return to his body. If he is Being able to comprehend the Dao and returning to the deity can greatly increase my cultivation of many immortals.

   After all, your name came from my phantom body. You are so much better than him, you have attained the great path and come here! "

   Hanshan Taoist laughed heartily.

"Come in the dust, go out of the world. Today you are our Fang Cunshan disciple, and you are called'Dust' inside! Outside, you are all unknown people. Remember, don't let out your real name to outsiders, and then fall forever. Reincarnation.

   After a while, a monkey head will come here to learn from a teacher. It is predestined to be a teacher, but it has a lot of troubles. It is eager to compete, loves to show off, and provokes trouble.

   There is a big catastrophe in the immortal world, and it should be on it. This calamity has killed countless immortals. You wait for the brother, don't care about it, and cause the fire to the upper body. "

   The ancestors of the Zhuang family~www.mtlnovel.com~Yes! "

   "The disciple, please follow the orders of the teacher!"

   Su Chen, Han Shan, a courtesy.


   This book ends here!

   "I am Xian Fan" has been written here, and the length of San Xian has come to an end. Further up is the fairy world, the structure is too large, I won't write this book.

   If it counts from my first book, it has been 13 or 4 years. It has been a full ten years from "The Immortal Destiny of Purple Mansion" to "I Am Xian Fan". This Xianfan has been written for more than two years, and there is happiness and fatigue.

   One or two years, like a dream.

   I want to end today, but my heart is hard to give up!

   wrote the word “end”, feeling lost.

   Baili would like to thank you all for being with you all the way.

  It is your company that allows me to sit under the lamp in front of the case with peace of mind, typing on the keyboard day and night, tens of thousands of times a day, for 14 years.

   I am going to take a break for half a month to a month before opening a new book.

   The overall style of this "Xian Fan" is quite heavy, occasionally with a refreshing plot, but it is also difficult to last. So in the next book, I plan to write something brand new, light-hearted content.

   Try to write as much as you can, and everyone is happy to see it.

   The end of January 2020.

   Hope to see you again in the next new book!

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