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In this life, the predestined relationship is long gone, and I am an Immortal in this world. Starting from Wei Mo, proud of Hongchen, he was able to repair “Mayfly” and forget the rivers and lakes.


PS: Probably, the combination of Xianxia and farming. A young man accidentally opened the Lingtai, and Shihai found Fangcun Lingshan. From this kind of fairy rice, nourish spiritual medicine, open caves, open up a paradise fairyland, and embark on the road of cultivating immortals.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IAX
Alternate Title:我是仙凡
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Monthly Rank:#6949
All Time Rank:#6340
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8 Comments on “I Am Xianfan
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  1. Read it till chapter 165, and finally decided to drop it. This novel started well, with a decent MC, good world-building, and a good pace. But as the story progressed further, the novel started becoming like your typical chinese bullshit story. MC succeeded in becoming a cultivator after so damn long. He entered the qi refining and became the strongest, but after that, he decided to take the sister of his dead friend with him, who was just a mortal for absolutely no reason at all. Keep in mind, that people in the continet tried everything they could to step into the cultivation, but none of them could. After the girl goes with the MC, she became a cultivator by eating spiritual rice and turns out she has a higher talent than the MC. MC reached the 9th stage of qi after so many hardships and effort, and she always catched up to him. It wouldn't have been bad, if she had any personality, but other than leeching resources, she doesn't do shit. I see no reason for her to become a cultivator or MC sharing resources. But the author wanted it so here you go. Also, the MC always poke his nose into other's business. It started out good, but became a shit show later with all these things and college and competetion. Don't bother to read this crap

  2. MC is stupid. He tries to stay with a master who he knows just using him. He tries to help people with the cost of his life for people who despised him, bcoz it's a lady. And almost got killed. And so many other stupid things.

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