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I am The Villain’s Dad

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After the system set out the conditions for obtaining eternal life, whether it be money or beauty, magic or martial arts, whatever he wanted; Su Yuyang accepted the status of task executor.

However, he found out that if he wanted to be the father of villain bosses; he didn’t only need to earn money to support his family, but also to be handsome and charming, otherwise the villain would reject him!

Wuwuwu, system, you tricked me! Can I retract my decision to bind with the system?

System: you jumped into the pit yourself. Retraction rejected. At most, you can borrow some points to save yourself at the event of an emergency.

Three worlds later…

Debt-laden system: Host, can I take back the fact that you can borrow points?

Su Yuyang: Can’t. You said it yourself. You don’t accept retractions. At best, I’ll borrow less next time.

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Short Title:ITVD
Alternate Title:我是反派他爸[快穿]
Author:Spirit Fire
Weekly Rank:#2569
Monthly Rank:#2080
All Time Rank:#3007
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Caring Protagonist, Childcare, Episodic, Gambling, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Modern Knowledge, Office Romance, System Administrator, World Hopping, Zombies,
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  1. Has anyone know the novel where the mc had a child with a woman because of an accident and then that woman's friend also had a child with the mc because mc's b*tchy ex girlfriend took mc's seed when they were doing "that" and sell it and then the woman's friend bought it but she didn't know it was mc's seed and then she conceived twins?

  2. has anyone seen an novel where Quick Transmigration.Mc is male the novel is(Like a Novel i am a big villan)? And there is a part of an Arc where Mc Posses the (original owner) two fix the regret... So basically I only remember some plot Where mc Wife (the original owner wife) Cuckold Or Give Mc a green hat. Mc also Has Two sons, But The two sons Suddenly knows that they are not The Biological son Of mc soo.. They like Mc Than Tha Mom so they Pleased mc To not abandon them And Mc is successful.. the End

  3. It's netorare cause mc just like agent to make people happy for his life and mc just like yeah like that like for example you soul is change to mc soul and mc just make you life is good and if he good mc give you body back to you soul and mc out make people who have bad life good, or like that, if that so mc not pure love to the girl if mc love why mc give back people who have original body back again and mc not just continue to die but give it back, you understand????

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