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I Am the Mother of a Prodigy

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An Xiang is the most useless pure-blood. She is slow in thinking and dumb. The vampires call her a fool.

One day, the idiot was poisoned, and when she woke up, she changed places. The system told her that she was the mother of the hero in the novel “The Son of God”. When the male lead is five years old, he will awaken the highest ability of the pure-blood after completing the task.

So An Xiang went into the wrong room overnight and managed to dribble the ball.
She was diligent and conscientious, and finally raised her child, but the system said: [Sorry host, you made a mistake. mission failed. Good luck, I am leaving. ]
Ann thought: “…?”


An Zimo was able to speak five languages ​​at the age of three, went straight to junior high school at the age of six, graduated from university at the age of 13, and passed away at the age of 14.
But one day, he got a mind-reading skill somehow.
When he deliberately overturned her cooking–
[My son must blame me for the bad food. ]
When he filled the wall with crayons–
[My son is a master of abstraction in the future! ]
“…Huh?” Don’t be a fool!
Until the night came, An Zimo heard a faint heartbeat coming from nearby——
[My son smells so good, I really want to eat. ]

An Zimo: “!!!” I just thought you were a fierce bad woman, and now you want to eat! !

Later, An Zimo discovered that he had cast the wrong child and admitted to the wrong mother…


One got the wrong person, the other got the wrong child.
My genius son, Qiao Mummy, my father has no sense of existence.
It’s cool to abuse my mother for a while, chase my mother in the crematorium

Demining: No demining.

Content label: A soft spot for wearing books
Search keywords: Protagonist: An Xiang, Pei Yizhou Supporting role: Pre-acceptance of “My whole family is villain” Others:
Brief introduction: My mother is a vampire
Purpose: Different species should also show truth, goodness and beauty

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IAMP
Alternate Title:我是神童他妈
Weekly Rank:#3035
Monthly Rank:#2897
All Time Rank:#4443
Tags:Abandoned Children, Abusive Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, Caring Protagonist, Childcare, Familial Love, Family, Family Conflict, Female Protagonist, Kind Love Interests, Modern Day, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Pregnancy, Rebirth, Reincarnated in Another World, Sickly Characters, Special Abilitie, Vampires, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. I absolutely loved this book,I confess that I cried at the first death of An,but in the end I was happy,I highly recommend it [In the end she's alive]

  2. Recommended! This is not typical reborn novel and it’s good. ML character for me its the best from all novel I read, I mean Chinese novel tend to make ML very tsundere or worst yandere but not this one. He was very mature in dealings any kind of situation. How he handles his problematic son who’s suffered severe emotional trauma was amazing.

  3. I’m at chapter 105 now and I just wanna say… this novel really good!!! I love ML character!! I think he’s far more greatest than any other character I’ve ever read.

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