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I Am That Little Fox [Quick Transmigration]

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Novel Summary

Bai Xiaoxi is a young fox spirit who has just reached adulthood. She binds to the system in order to go down to the mountain to look for her master.

The True Love System is happy to see that the host is a fox spirit, definitely good at seducing men!

He can already see the bright future of his promotion and pay rise to the top of his lifespan!

First Day of Binding

The system: ” Hurry, there’s a big shot sitting in that car in front of you, rush up and touch the porcelain!”

Bai Xiaoxi obediently charged forward, and then


The big shot was knocked away together with the car by her.

System: “……”

Second day of binding

System: “This is the time, go! Tease him!”

Bai Xiaoxi stood on her tiptoes and ruffled the hair of the man across the room.


The system wanted to cry: “Aren’t you a fox spirit? Hooking up with men is a racial talent, so why can’t you do it?”

Bai Xiaoxi was very innocent: “But I was raised by a phoenix.”

The system, dead.

Reading guide.

1. Quick Transmigration, there is a male lead, 1v1, HE;

2. So refreshing and sweet favorite tease.


big shot 大佬 (dàlǎo): big shot (leading some field or group)

touch the porcelain 碰瓷 (pèngcí): (coll.) to scam sb by setting up an “accident” in which one appears to have sustained damage or injury caused by the scam victim, then demanding compensation (variations include putting “expensive” porcelain in a place where it is likely to be knocked over by passers-by, and stepping into the path of a slow-moving car)

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:IATLF
Alternate Title:我就是这样的小狐狸[快穿]
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Monthly Rank:#8430
All Time Rank:#7619
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  1. I read this in Mandarin and far as I can see the story is complete. According to her master, the system was part of an agreement for them to get accustomed to living in the human world as normal human beings. That included falling in love and getting married. Hence, while she was sleeping, her master had done his and became a famous actor. So came her turn to get “humanised” and since her master loved her (the way a man loves a woman), she was arranged to fall in love and get married. So that when she reunited later with him, she could acknowledge her love (too) for him. Master told her that the two men in the two worlds she fell in love with were also him.

  2. For the second world, she was sent back to to the 1970s where back then China was experiencing the cultural revolution. Many educated youths were pluck out of their city homes and sent to work in the rural areas. These youths did not even know whether there was the possibility of returning back to their city and their interrupted educations. Some of the youths after some years of staying in the rural areas, got married or were forced to get married, and when the opportunity at last came for them to return to their education, they had to make choices. Little Fox made her choice to stay with her man and her man being the master, of course they had a HE.

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