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What’s worse than finding out you’re that Louis XIV when you’re a baby?

Of course there is, for example, it’s still a magic version.

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Short Title:IALX
Alternate Title:我乃路易十四
Author:nine fish
Weekly Rank:#1977
Monthly Rank:#2359
All Time Rank:#6197
Tags:Alternate World, Charismatic Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Economics, European Ambience, Fantasy, Harem, Historical, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Loyal Subordinates, Magic, Male Protagonist, Nobles, Politics, Pregnancy, Rebirth, Religions, Royalty, Schemes And Conspiracies, Sibling's Care, Vampires, Werebeasts, Witches,
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22 Comments on “I Am Louis XIV
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  1. Chinese government use they people brain and train they happy to government slave fuck I scared Chinese government they can go back in time and open slave market

  2. I welcome medieval fantasy and this was ok. But the Author tried to keep the trajectory to real with real history limiting the story. It should had been given more rich world building

  3. Im seeing harem in comments and wondering why. The European royalty arnt known for harems. So for this french king to have a harem must be the Chinese authors wish fulfilment add on. So close, thought i could find a good kingdom building story without a harem since its french royalty yet its polluted! Such a bummer

  4. Louis XIV are known for having a lot of lovers and mistresses.....You must be proud posting about Louis XIV when you don't actually know anything....

  5. He had two wifes and not at same time. Harem means multi spouse and or concubines not side lovers that dont even qualify as mistresses. Harem and being a slut by sleeping around are two different thing. So i stand by what I said, European royalty are not known for harems even this french king. Was he a slut by sleeping around? Yes dis he have a harem? No.

  6. Strictly speaking this is still a harem we're not talking about the dictionary harem we're talking about having multiple lovers or rather in novel genres harem is basically have more than 1 or 2 lovers not necessarily wives as far as I can tell not many main characters marry there lovers but it's still considered harem because In the minds of most harem is multiple lovers not wives it doesn't matter if it's a wife a slut or whatever shit that is as long they have a intimate relationship with the mc it's a harem so no you're being a fool by saying it's not harem.

  7. european royalty aren't know for harem like seriously. they may have one wife but they on the side will have lots of lovers and mistresses.

  8. European royalty is known for not bathing in incestuous marriage, harem is more dignified than having just one wife and cheating on her with several lovers just like most did

  9. It is like japanese authors tend to visualize all westerners have blond hair and America has a Utopia like place. And omelette rice and onigiri will always be mentioned Also Koreon authors tend to do anything with s*x. Western authors also have some tendencies to , I don't know I haven't heard or seen any of their works before. No matter what story you read their are some quirks or cliche plots. If you are always get mad I suggest you read Japanese novels. you're a phedophile I believe...

  10. The plotline is quite good. Louis is a good ruler to his subjects. But maybe because of the genre, the author wrote this book in kinda boring ways imo. There's a tinge of fantasy here with werewolves and vampires.. and one thing I know this is harem but with good storyline (it's pleasant to read this tho cause it's make sense). And I like how he treats his family, lover and subordinates.. overall it's a good story for those who love to read politics and heavyweight reading.. and he's really into kingdom building free from corruption. I won't rate this as politics is not my fave but really this is a good storylines. And lastly for those who are curious, it's fully European medieval settings with no China bla bla bla... My favourite character here is maybe Philip. Our MC younger brother ^^ .. I've read this untill ch 40++ and then I skipped to the last chap. So don't ask me anything. I don't know about the detailed of his marriage okay.

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