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I Am In College And Start To Become A Daddy

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Novel Summary

A year ago, Lin Xuan met a woman and had a relationship with her.

A year later, when Lin Xuan met her again, she did not expect that she would have two children, and these two children are still her own.

The two babies who came suddenly and the perfect dad system activated.

Let Lin Xuan embark on the life path of taking care of the baby.

He has top culinary skills, has the talent of top musical instrument masters, and is worth tens of billions.

He wants to have good looks, talents, and a figure. From then on, he spends money like earth and allows his babies and his wife to live the best life.

Make countless women jealous, why such an excellent man belongs to someone else’s family!

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Short Title:IICSBD
Alternate Title:人在大学,开局成为奶爸
Author:Luan Yi
Weekly Rank:#105
Monthly Rank:#114
All Time Rank:#890
Tags:Accelerated Growth, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Caring Protagonist, Childcare, Childhood Love, Cute Children, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Parents, Early Romance, Easy Going Life, Famous Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Lovers Reunited, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Modern Day, Pregnancy, Romantic Subplot, Sudden Wealth, System,
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91 Comments on “I Am In College And Start To Become A Daddy
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  1. I kinda feel like this novel was written by a person with a brain of 12 year old kid who dreams of world peace without knowing the things, like only a kid wastes time for nothing , grown mature person either spends his time spending his efforts from where he can get a return, like putting effort in a job to earn money,or like putting effort in school to get a job, or doing charity to feel spiritual peace, anything is done with a purpose, that's called being intelligent, but here mc just teaches medicine to the girl for nothing, like i don't Beleive he gets anything from teaching the person something, because the girl will never be as good as mc in medicine because mc has got the skills from system and system is the best so what he did is totally pointless, or maybe he is just training skilled labourers so that one day when he opens a medical company, he can hire the girl to make medicine for him to sell.

  2. The novel starts really good. But I stopped reading it when MC agree to teach the girl medicine without any reimbursements. Not only he help her grandfather, he also agree to teach his secret. I mean what a bullshit idea. He could use the skill given to him to make money but he didn't do it. He thought that he want to spend time with his child. Building his business could help his child future. He could also teach all his skill to his child later when they grow up. But no, teaching it to strangers is what is good. Starting from that, I didn't read it anymore.

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