"A high-energy response was detected, and the information base was compared. The caster was the king of dark elves, Malekith of the legendary level." Doubu personnel reported the observation report to Doumu Yuanjun in real time.

"There's only one person?" Doumu Yuanjun stared deeply in that direction, she was suspicious, whether there was a problem with the observation on her side, or whether the other party was hiding too well.

"Only one high-energy reaction has been found for the time being." Doubu staff said after repeated confirmation.

"What is the speed of the other party, and the specific coordinates?" Yang Jian interjected.

"The speed has decreased, and it has gradually separated from the speed of light. In terms of cosmic coordinates, we have located the opponent's vanguard fleet through the residual influence of the fire department." Doubu staff replied.

"Are you planning to go up?" Doumu Yuanjun looked at Yang Jian and asked.

Yang Jian straightened the armor on his body, and the polished armor was full of compressed energy lines, "Some people can't sit still anymore, just in time, I'm here to explore the way for you."

Doumu Yuanjun saw that Yang Jian had already made up his mind, so he didn't say much. In terms of fighting, Yang Jian is an expert. Since he thinks it's time to attack, then just listen to him. Anyway, the battlefield is not far from home, and if there is a problem, he can always support him. .

"Pass my order, the Ministry of Works will finally debug the projective portal, and the projection will take place in ten minutes. The forward is..." Yang Jian paused. The original forward Dou Victory Buddha is still in another universe, dragging part of the darkness. At the same time as the elf's troops, he was also held back, plus the injuries accumulated before, he has not been able to return to the main universe for the time being.

"The striker is the great **** of the Santan Haihui - Nezha. The goal of this battle is to kill the enemy's living forces. Once there is a retreat signal, return to heaven immediately!"

Ten minutes later, the vanguard fleet of the dark elves had just repaired some of the engines and increased the speed a little. Malekith did not dare to relax throughout the whole process. After losing the mobility of the super-light speed, the deterrent force of the cosmos fleet suddenly fell. Reduced a lot.

Compared with the super-light speed level that only legends can reach, many high-level positions at sub-light speed can reach it, and the technologies involved in this level are also vast, so at this speed, it is the most vulnerable time.

The development of things did not exceed Malekith's expectations, and orange-yellow portals were projected diagonally above the fleet.

Malekith raised his right hand, the power of the black hole condensed in the center of the portal, and the huge suction destroyed the formation of a circle of portals, and as the suction increased, the portals in other directions also began to be unstable.


An aperture flew out of the portal and was wrapped over the black hole like a golden hoop. When the golden hoop was stretched and retracted, the entire black hole was cut off from it.

Immediately afterwards, Nezha with three heads and six arms flew out of the portal, and the hot wheel just appeared under his feet, and the temperature of the surrounding tens of thousands of kilometers rose a lot, and this area also changed directly from black in the detection system. for red.

"Who is Malekith!" Nezha shouted, and the aura carried his words throughout the fleet.

"What a **** name, it's a mess." After Nezha finished his opening remarks, he muttered in a low voice.

Hearing this, Malekith's face was gloomy. On the one hand, it was because of Nezha's rude words, and on the other hand, it was because Heavenly Court sent this child-like person to fight? Who do you look down on!

The realm of no light!

The thick black exploded from the fleet, directly swallowing the spinning circle of heaven and earth.

Malekith waved his cloak and appeared in front of Nezha, and the black shadow that swallowed the universe floated behind him, like a pet.

Nezha shook the fiery-pointed spear in his hand and pointed the spear at Malekith's head, "You are that Bromalekis? I am the great **** of the Santan Haihui, and I'm here to kill you today!"

Nezha's words were transmitted back to Heaven through the portal, Yang Jian silently looked at Li Jing beside him, Li Jing lowered his head, and his face was filled with tears and laughter.

Nezha of the main universe has not experienced so many broken things in the legend, and with the care of Li Jing's father and two older brothers, he still has the mind of a child, and his actions are relatively immature. To put it bluntly, it is a second-class version .

"Let's go first, no matter what, he finally got the time to project his troops. Come back and teach him well." Yang Jian said in a low voice.

Like Li Jing now, there is also Malekis. He originally thought that Nezha might be the kind of old monster who only grows old, but now listening to this and looking at his expression, he directly thinks about that possibility. lost.

How can there be so many people in this world who are like old women.

Seeing Malekith not answering, Nezha was a little upset, clasped his hands under his ribs, and chanted a spell in his mouth.

The Qiankun circle suddenly expanded, and the shadow behind Malekith became a swimming circle.

"I'm going to tell you today that you can't eat everything!" Nezha said, tore off the Huntian Ling with one hand and waved at Malekith.

Malekith took two steps back. This satin-like thing swept all the energy in the path, and the cosmic rays hit it and were directly bounced off.

When the field of vision blocked by Huntianling opened, Nezha had already killed him, and the fire-point gun in UU Reading www.uukanshu.com pointed directly to Malekith's chest, and the spear flowers bloomed around the fire-point gun. , the fiery red light illuminated the whole space.

Under the light of the fire, Malekith's dark shadow became stronger. The stronger the light, the deeper the shadow. This may be the special ability Malekith has cultivated in order to fight against the civilization that lives in the light.

But getting stronger and stronger, there is always something making noise in the stomach, which is also very uncomfortable. In addition, after getting closer, Nezha's control power is also increasing.

The black shadow suddenly charged up and spit the Qiankun circle towards Nezha.

Nezha ended up in the Qiankun circle with one hand, and with a flick of the fire-pointed gun, he approached Malekith again, and at the same time, the Qiankun circle also went down towards Malekith's head.

Malekith has lived for so many years, and his combat experience is even higher than that of Nezha. In addition, he has accumulated experience in facing long weapons when he fought against Odin. Still have a hand.

One turned sideways to avoid the front, Malekith waved his right hand, and three layers of parallel black holes shot out from his fingertips.

Nezha bowed his head in contempt, dodging a blow.

At this moment, Malekith flashed forward and appeared directly outside the attack range of the Flaming Spear. He raised his right leg and kicked Nezha with a heart attack, and the cloak in his hand was raised at the same time. Swing open the smashed universe circle.

At this critical moment, the protector of Huntian Ling's fetish, directly rolled up Malekith's thigh.

Nezha was unwilling and prepared to continue the attack. Seeing this, Malekis took advantage of the fulcrum brought by Huntianling and punched him with a backhand. flew out. Click to download this site APP, massive novels, free to read!