The solar system, the Oort Cloud, and the Celestial War Star have been warmed up, and the surrounding defense net has been fully activated.

"Dum, where is the enemy?" Yang Jian asked anxiously, the three-pointed two-edged sword in his hand was already hungry and thirsty, ready to drink the blood of the enemy at any time.

However, the universe is too big, and the distance between galaxies is not small. An interstellar fleet is completely inconspicuous in this space.

At this time, it is necessary to rely on Doumu's ability. She is the eye of heaven, and in terms of strength and precision, she is not comparable to any level of clairvoyant.

Moreover, in addition to eyesight, Doum's stronger fortune-telling, which relies on causality to peep into the future, is only a little worse than Kieran's direct peek into the timeline.

"They are here, ready to fight!" Doum opened his eyes, and the two star coins in front of him were scattered into ashes.

On the edge of the defense line, there are self-sensing shadow mines buried by the Thunder Department. It belongs to the first defense net of the solar system. Compared with the battle on the planet, it is like triggering a minefield. It doesn't matter, after all, it is quite intelligent. After the war, it can be recycled and reused.

At this moment, a battleship with a completely black appearance was sailing in the natural superspeedway in the universe. It was the scout of the fleet, responsible for recording the various stars and energy channels around the area.

As the hull advances, the ubiquitous cosmic energy is slowly separated, and all the nearby thunderbolts are activated, and one after another is attached to the outside of the hull. When the number reaches the setting line, all the thunderbolts are detonated, and instantly The blooming light directly paralyzed the ship.

The condensed thunder light passed through the hull and was continuously ejected from the inside. The dark elves moved towards the dark area under the expulsion of the thunder light. After the crowd gathered to a certain number, a beam of thunder light instantly detonated, and all the darkness was destroyed by the light. The elves turned to ashes.

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"The No. 1 exploration ship has been paralyzed, and the combatants have lost more than nine floors." The adjutant reported to the Malekith in the center of the fleet.

"Detonate the ship, clear the mines." Malekith did not care about the surviving personnel on the ship.

After the order was given, the paralyzed ship blasted out a circle of black ripples. Under the action of the shock wave, the entire ship began to dissociate, and the lightless fluctuations emitted triggered a cloud of thunder, which illuminated the starry sky. .

After the light spread to the fleet, it was absorbed by several ships in the vanguard, returning everything to darkness.

In this darkness, the dark elf's ship quickly changed its orientation, and many frigates with multi-layered reinforced hulls on the side plunged into the remaining minefields.

The operation mode of these ships is remote operation, and there are only some mechanical soldiers on them. In the entire fleet, they are the standard cannon fodder roles.

But no matter how cannon fodder, the special shell is enough for them to complete their mission and open a relatively safe passage for the entire fleet.

Although there are still some overcast mines that are inevitably missed, the number of these overcast mines is too small to cause too much damage to the entire fleet.

"It's time for us to appear." After Huo Dexing Jun Luoxuan received the frontier observation report, he brought his subordinates to the magnifying area of ​​the formation on the battle star.


Luo Xuan stretched out his hands, and bundles of fiery red particles rose from every corner of the formation, then crossed the sky and disappeared into the starry sky.

After the high-energy particles were far away, Luo Xuan closed his eyes, and his mental power was dispersed into countless beams under the blessing of the array, and each particle was connected. The mass of these particles is small enough, and the difficulty of acceleration is easier than that of ships More, in just a moment, he reached the super-light speed state, and then relying on quantum resonance, he fell in front of the dark elves' fleet from the gap in the universe.

A layer of lightless black barriers moved along with the dark elves' fleet. In addition to absorbing the light energy from all directions and converting them into the energy commonly used by dark elves, these barriers can also be used as detection tools to sense the coming soon. attack.

In this universe, except for dark elves, almost all civilizations' attack methods inevitably involve changing particles from a low-speed, low-energy state to a high-speed, high-energy state, thereby destroying other stable substances and causing damage.

On this point, the Fire Department of Heavenly Court has long received news from Asgard, so they also made some targeted preparations.

After the high-energy particles fall, the energy in them is quickly dispersed to the surrounding particles, relying on the advantage of quantity to reduce the high energy to low energy, directly avoiding the detection of the dark elves.

Then, like the other particles, the bumped barrier was swept together and stuck to the outside of the barrier, but unlike those particles, this part of the particles and the linked ones were controlled by Luo Xuan.

The particles entered the forward team's cycle silently, and then went straight to the ship's acceleration facility. Compared with the commonly used engines that rely on burning fuel to advance, the dark elf's engine is more peculiar. It is constructed by constructing an extremely low-energy environment. , so that the external environment spontaneously pushes the ship forward. UU Reading

This theory is like two cups of water with different temperatures, mixed together will advance towards the same temperature, the basic theory of the engine is related to this simple phenomenon.

After Luo Xuan controlled the entry of the particles, the low temperature environment construction area began to extract energy, and then Luo Xuan suddenly canceled all the dispersion, and the power in the particles gathered together again. In an instant, a flame burned inside the engine.

With a bang, there was a problem with the internal circulation of the engine. Even if there was a closed system, the appearance of high-energy particles still seriously weakened the efficiency of most engines. The overall speed of the vanguard fleet dropped a bit and retreated from the superluminal mode.

Their withdrawal broke the harmony of the entire fleet, Malekith stood up, his hands clasped together, a black hole appeared above the vanguard fleet, and the huge suction sucked all the ships into it.

After a round of screening, he vomited from the other end and returned to the team.

The high-energy particles disappeared completely after passing through the black hole, and the connection with Luo Xuan was completely disconnected. After the engine lost the troublesome particles, the efficiency began to gradually recover.

The entire fleet has also slowed down to a certain extent. To be honest, Luo Xuan's hand has affected a large number of ships, and the number is too large to be abandoned by Malekith. Otherwise, their fate will be the same as the original minesweeper. The boat is the same.

After these two contacts, Malekis couldn't sit still anymore, and came to the bridge, where the legendary field covered the central fleet. He originally wanted to save some energy to deal with the emperor and other legends, but Now it seems that if you don't get up, let alone one-on-one with people, you won't even be able to get there. Click to download this site APP, massive novels, free to read!