After the legends left, Mage Kieran sat on the top of the mountain, with a mysterious and complicated timeline wrapped around him.


The big bell behind him suddenly rang, Kieran opened his eyes, and he knew that some guy could not help but take advantage of it and try to pick it up!

In the troubled New York City, a gloomy door opened on the street, and dark-colored energy particles rushed out of it, washing the entire street.

The road surface that was swept away by the particles was pulled into the gate under the action of suction.

Suddenly, a giant black mimetic hand grabbed the door frame and pulled it all around, and a figure emerged from it with this force.

When he appeared, the sky and the earth changed color, the stars dimmed, and all the light was swept into a little bit, swallowed by the figure, and no light was left.

"I said, I'll be back sooner or later!" Dormammu murmured gloomily. This time he invaded, he specially simulated the form of a human, and he was ready to come up and make a big wave and leave, preferably without causing a guardian. Notice.

This is possible under normal circumstances. Thanos and the dark elves attacked the whole army, which brought immense pressure to the entire Human Alliance, and also made most people's energies focus on the outside of the solar system and the upcoming war. Above, the protection level of the earth is now the lowest point since the emergence of the Human Alliance.

"I think you have to go back this time!"

Kieran stepped out of the portal. The space blockade around the earth could not stop a powerhouse of Kieran's level, not to mention that he, as Yang Qiu's clone, had certain authority.

With the appearance of Kieran, everything in the surroundings was stagnant, and the time in the entire street was completely banned. Only Kieran and Dormammu could still move.

Dormammu moved his body, and with the ups and downs of his body, the time lines were stretched open, and this restraint made him feel uncomfortable.

"Then try it." Dormammu's thick voice hummed in the frozen time.

"Try it." Kieran waved casually, and the big clock behind him revolved around him.


As the bell rang again, the past and future Kieran were summoned to this time at the same time, and Dormammu was surrounded by Kieran who appeared in all directions.

"It seems that I said something wrong. This time, you may not go back."

Countless Kiran spoke at the same time, and the overlapping sound waves rushed directly to Dormammu.

Roar! The black wind blew up, and Dormammu's body expanded more than a hundred times. With his heavy punch, the energy extracted from the dark dimension turned into ice crystals and fell, freezing everything in the ice crystals.

Kieran watched the attack a few seconds later and moved easily in the air without being affected in the slightest.

Time bomb!

Bombs fell on Dormammu’s body at the same time. The power of time contained in them made Dormammu unable to move an inch. Before he could disperse the alien energy from his body, all the bombs exploded immediately, and the turbulent timeline broke through Dormammu. The body of Dormammu expelled the power in Dormammu's body to other time points.

Dormammu immediately burst into flames and slammed a heavy punch at Kieran in front of him.

When the fist was in front of Kieran's eyes, the clock in Kieran's eyes quickly reversed, Dormammu's attacking stance was directly reversed to the beginning, and then a bunch of time bombs fell on Dormammu's body.

After going back and forth a few times like this, Dormammu was completely bad. This battle was unbearable. Knowing that Kieran's attack method was like this, he would rather provoke the Emperor, at least it would be more enjoyable to fight.

As a high-dimensional creature, Dormammu can clearly feel the changes in his own time line, so the current situation seems to him like a turn-based game, but the other party has hung up.

Every time Dormammu launches an attack, the attack round will be reset because of the time backwards. Just after the reset, the opponent's turn arrives, bombs are thrown over, and after a round of attacks, Doma Mu intends to fight back, but the original situation reappears.

"Bug! Get out of the gap in time!" Dormammu roared into the empty air. Countless Kiran was replaced at various points in time. Like a quantum cloud, he existed everywhere. all the time.

The dark dimension came, and the corrosive rules directly interfered with the entire space, pushing the power of the big clock and Zilean away from Dormammu, and just created an area exclusive to Dormammu in front of him. Two to eight, but anyway, Dormammu has the strength to fight back.

Just as Dormammu's face was grinning, Kieran stepped out from the side, dragging a spinning gem in his hand.

In an instant, Dormammu's smile froze, Thanos attacked, and the Infinity Stones were not brought to the front line, but stayed in their hometown? !

Dormammu's mind was running fast at this time. Without the Time Gem, Kieran was able to substantively suppress and beat him by relying on his identity as an aborigines. Now, add a treasure of this universe - Time. Jewel, do you still need to fight?

To put it badly, as long as the battlefield is in the Marvel Universe, any legendary professional or a suitable semi-legendary professional will hold the time gem, UU reading www. can have a good discussion with Dormammu, not to mention that in front of him is one of the highest combat powers in the Human League.

"Zieran, I'm here to negotiate terms." Dormammu put away his attacking stance, stood in battle, and looked at Kiran with the same attitude.

"As long as you are willing to give me 10 million souls, I can guarantee that I will not step into your territory for a hundred years."

Kieran wanted to laugh when he heard it. In a situation where he had an advantage, only a few idiots could do it. Such idiots are rare in the entire universe.

Pointing his right hand on the Time Gem, Kieran flicked forward, and time energy surged out of the Time Gem, turning into several restraint belts and floating beside Dormammu.

Dormammu saw that Kieran was soft and hard, and his neck was stunned, and he was ready to return to the dark dimension. When the war became fierce, he would come over to take advantage of the fisherman.

Kieran grabbed a grip in the air, and the restraint straps were directly wrapped, pulling back Dormammu, who had left halfway.

"You want to keep me here?!" Dormammu looked at Kieran and said, his eyes were full of incredible, as if he didn't expect this guy to have such a big appetite.

Kieran walked up to Dormammu with his hands behind his back, and looked down at him lying on the ground, bound to death, "I said, you may not be able to walk this time, remember, avoid this universe in the future, otherwise See you hit you once!"

While speaking, Kieran grabbed the base of the big clock and slammed it down at Dormammu.

With a bang, the completely disintegrating timeline tore the Dormammu in front of him to pieces, and then, like rubbish, was all thrown back by Kieran along the original passage. Click to download this site APP, massive novels, free to read!

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