Tony's commit hadn't even been written on the terminal, and the whole terminal suddenly turned red, the color of blood.


Tony and Natasha suddenly looked up at each other, "The war has begun!"

"I will continue to check the situation of the disaster recovery facility, you go back first." Tony said, pressing the idea of ​​returning to the solar system to join the war immediately.

There are many warriors in the solar system who can participate in the war, and there is no shortage of him, but there are very few technicians in the disaster recovery system, especially in this place, which is in great need now.

"I see." Natasha quickly sorted out her equipment and prepared to leave here through the portal.

Before stepping into the portal, Natasha turned her head and glanced at Tony, and tapped her heart with her right hand, "I wish all the best, for the sake of mankind!"

"For mankind!" Tony responded in the same way and continued to work hard.

After crossing the teleportation array and returning to Earth from another galaxy far away, the first thing that appeared in Natasha's ears was the deafening siren.

The whole earth is in a state of war, and all regions are under military control.

The eyes of the urban management intelligent robots that have developed in all cities over the years have shown a red warning light, "The war has begun, all residents will return home immediately, and high-level residents please enter the shelter immediately."

"Repeat, all residents please return home immediately..."

Another robot stopped in front of Natasha and kept broadcasting voice to her.

"I'm the intelligence commissioner under the Clock Tower." Natasha said, revealing her sign for the intelligent robot to read.

The intelligent robot changed its statement after flashing for a while, "You have been given a temporary sign to maintain the wartime order, please come with me."

"Hey, Iron Piece, I have a situation to report to the superior. There is a problem with the placement of the portal. I am going to the Clock Tower to participate in the battle!" Natasha patted the iron shell and emphasized.

"Your comments have been submitted, and the Hexian Research Institute has responded." The speed of the robot's leading the way has not slowed down, but has become a little faster, "All hyperspace channels around the Earth's parent star have been disconnected, and all two-way temporary space jumping points. It's closed, you can't leave this planet for now."

"You didn't understand, I mean, why was I teleported here?!"

Natasha arrived at her destination as she spoke. It was a commercial street. The sound of gunshots rang incessantly. The doors of luxury stores were smashed by gunfire, and then there was a crazy free shopping moment.

Natasha glanced over there and patted the iron shell again, "I'll deal with the matter first, remember to submit my question to the top."

While speaking, Natasha went directly into the shadow state, walking through the shadows as easily as the aborigines.

In a recent professional evaluation, Natasha's own rating was very close to the senior professional in some aspects.

With a swipe, Natasha jumped out of the shadows, kicked up, and lifted the barrel into an L shape.

Then his hands were swung around, and the invisible shadow darts destroyed the weapons in the hands of all the rioters.

"I announce! You are under arrest!" Natasha said to everyone after laying down the man in front of her.

The man who fell to the ground was unwilling, and his right hand touched his waist, where there was a pistol.

He just had a change, and Natasha directly smashed his arm like she had eyes in the back of her head.

A click, loud and clear.

"Ahhh! You hurt civilians! I'm going to sue you!" the man cried out in wailing.

"According to the wartime regulations, you have been temporarily deprived of any rights other than the right to life until the post-war trial is completed." The cold voice of the robot was colder than its body temperature.

If it weren't for the regulations, in the case of unnecessary and dangerous situations, the robot could not attack the citizens of the People's Union, otherwise it would have already started, and there would be no need to ask Natasha to come over.

"All squat down! Hold your head in your hands!" Natasha yelled, looking at the mob who didn't move much, waved her right hand, and a circle of ripples spread out.

The ripples were high and low, directly shaving all the standing mobs out of the Mediterranean, with their heads bare.

"Don't let me repeat it!" Natasha said with a gloomy face.

Under the dual principles of physics and reason, the mob present was disarmed and taken away, and Natasha didn't understand. What's the use of robbing these jewelry and technology product stores at this time?

The global network is now under military control, and the distribution of materials is even more important. Even if you grab some medicines that were not taken from the small clinic when you were evacuated, it is more useful than these things.

"Has anyone answered my question?" Natasha turned to look at the robot leading the way.

"At present, there is a lack of order maintenance personnel in some areas of the home planet. According to the judgment of the intelligent system, your placement has been temporarily modified." The robot replied.

This is also a special case in wartime, usually at least one sentence will be said in advance.

"Fuck!" Natasha scolded and squatted in front of the robots, which were all connected to each other, "Listen clearly, I'm about to be a high-ranking professional, an apprentice can handle these things, and I can play a role in the front line. A bigger effect! You know?!"

"Natasha!" The robot's tone suddenly changed, as if it had entered an artificial state, "Obey orders!"

"Yes!" Natasha said straight, unwilling to return, but since it was said that it was an order and the request was rejected, it could only be honest.

"Iron shell, send all the chaotic areas to my personal terminal! I'll fix it!" Natasha said anxiously.

As long as all the problems can be solved and everything is fine on earth, then I can go to the front line myself.

This was Natasha's idea, and she knew it was naive, but there was nothing else on her mind.

The highest peak on earth, here stands seven fully armed legendary professionals.

"Archmage Kieran." The last person to arrive bowed and greeted. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

Kieran nodded, the big clock ticking behind him, "I know some of you want to go to the front, but don't forget, the planet under your feet is our home planet, our home."

"Only by defending here and defending the lives of all the people can we possibly win."

As Kieran spoke, he swept across the faces of legendary professionals, some of whom were not members of the Clock Tower or Heaven, such as the two legends of Shurima.

"I have sent you the relevant areas, please."

"For the sake of mankind! For the People's Alliance!" Everyone salutes back.

Then, the seven turned into streamers and scattered all over the world.

Asia has the Skynet of Heaven, the Americas have the mechanical steel defense of Hex, the great barrier of the African Black Panther's home has also been activated, Europe has the Hogwarts Magic Defense Network and the flag of the Knights of the Round Table, and the Middle East also has Shurima sun disk.

Although it cannot be said that the earth is infallible, it is at least fully armed.