Titer ~ Titer ~ Titer ~

The sound of ambulances echoed across the street, and other drivers on the road took a curious look at these hurried ambulances. It is not uncommon to have two ambulances, but there are not many people in a row like this. Have seen.

   Could it be that a terrorist attack or a human bomb happened again?

   While these melon-eating people were thinking wildly, the emergency doctors in the hospital were ready to rescue them.

   "Sudden mental disorder, a total of 19 people, all of them were injected with a tranquilizer, but no effect was obtained. The situation is the same as the previous few times."

   The first responder said quickly as he lifted the patient from the car.

  Beside the busy emergency doctors, the attending neurosurgery doctor frowned and looked at each of them holding their heads, their mouths opened, their pupils dilated, and their bodies curled up. On the surface, they seemed to be extremely frightened patients.

This is the third batch of sudden mental illness patients in this month. The clinical manifestations of these people are very strange. The strange point is that apart from the inexplicable fear, these people have no physical problems, and blood tests are good. Even inspections can't find any anomalous elements that may cause this situation.

   The hospital was also completely helpless about this. The commonly used tranquilizers had no effect on these people. They had to use equipment to maintain their lives, and then watched these guys go crazy from time to time.

Thinking of this, the attending neurosurgery doctor pressed his temples. These patients were accepted by him. If the pathological cause or hidden risk factors of this weird disease could be found, he would definitely be able to make a splash in the medical field, saying Uncertainly, he can move his **** out of the position of the attending physician and sprint upwards.

   But if there is no further progress, those competitors who are staring at him might be arrogant. After all, there are a lot of people staring at his position in this hospital.

   "Dr. Adam, Phil Coleson, agent fbi, I'm here to receive these patients."

   Suddenly, a man in a suit walked up to Adam with a document in his hand.

   Adam raised his head and took the document. After seeing a few signatures on it, his brain moved quickly. He realized that this was a good time to throw the pot.

   "These patients have played an extremely important role in my current medical research. The completion of this research is expected to help tens of millions of mental patients..."

   Ya said some official polite words at the moment, and at the same time looked up and down the fbi personnel in front of him.

   Phil Coleson felt a little regretful. He knew that in the face of fame and fortune, these doctors would never cooperate so easily.

   "Mr. Adam, I am performing my duties. Please cooperate. If you have any objections, please communicate with your dean, and he will respond to our bureau..."

   "Oh~" Adam suddenly became exaggerated after a second pause. "As a law-abiding citizen, how could I prevent you from enforcing the law? Gray! Take this gentleman and his colleagues to receive those patients!"

   Adam yelled to the back, and soon his trainee ran over, Coulson frowned slightly. Why didn't this person react right?

   "Thank you for your cooperation."

   Feeling something is wrong and returning to the feeling, Coleson hastened to take these patients onto the special vehicle on his side. There are still many researchers on the SHIELD side waiting for the best living samples.

   "Teacher Adam, they took all these patients away, what about our research?" Gray leaned against Adam and asked in a low voice.

   "It can only be suspended, but I will complain about these people's abuse of power and curb the normal and healthy development of medicine."

   Adam said that he turned and walked towards the hospital. He walked up and was called a chic. After all, he just threw a hot potato out.

   Only Gray is left confused. It's obviously bad news. How do you feel that Adam is so happy?

   There is also a black kitten hiding beside Gray who has the same doubts as Gray. It licked its own claws and had to add a sentence in his heart, which is really difficult for humans to understand.


  Fbi? Phil Colson?

   Heh, SHIELD is wearing someone else’s skin to do something inhumane.

Yang Qiu opened his eyes and shared through the vision of the black cat. He passed the man who claimed to be an FBI agent in his memory, and directly confronted the last director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Phil Coelson in his memory. No.

   "Ann, come back." Yang Qiu said after thinking for a while.

   After his words were uttered, a cat emerged from the shadow of the room, ran to Yang Qiu's hand, arched his head, and got under Yang Qiu's palm.

   Stroking the smooth cat hair, Yang Qiu thought about his next plan. He was a bit strange, are the people from SHIELD so free now? He still missed his feet, why did he always meet S.H.I.E.L.D. agents when he did something.

Yang Qiu didn't have any special thoughts, he just wanted revenge. The two words of direct grievance were carved into his thoughts in the life of more than 20 years in the previous life. The gangster whose parents died unexpectedly, he has no mercy at all.

   Speaking of, before the crossing, Yang Qiu was just an ordinary 996 hit worker. After a sudden death after working overtime for more than half a month, when he opened his eyes again, Yang Qiu found himself in a new body.

Yang Qiu, who had relived his life, didn’t have so many thoughts. After knowing that there was Stark Industries in the world he was living in, Yang Qiu’s first reaction was to find a way to take his parents to settle in China with his parents in this life. They eat all the food.

It's a pity that the day was not fulfilled. My adoptive parents died unexpectedly in a gang fire. These frantic guys actually used machine guns to shoot directly on the street. A stray bullet hit the tires of the adoptive parents who quickly evaded, and the vehicle went out of control. , Hit a wall on the side, and the crew on the car died.

   Yang Qiu, who received a large amount of insurance compensation, was not at all happy. After shutting himself up for a day, Yang Qiu gave up the travel plan. Those gangsters who participated in this matter will inevitably pay for their actions!

   The intense mood swings allowed Yang Qiu to successfully awaken his ability, an ability born out of his previous career as a screenwriter, and this ability will also become his greatest support for revenge!

   The current progress of revenge is pretty good. The leaders of the two gangsters who clashed that night died at home. The death was caused by a severed tongue, excessive blood loss caused by twisted limbs, and other injuries.

And one of the main members of the gang has now been transferred to the car by S.H.I.E.L.D., and they may be more miserable than the two bosses who become experimental products. As for the option of surviving after becoming experimental products, sorry, there is Yang Qiu There is no such option at all.