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Gu Shanhai saw the great world of the heavens, and took the life of the third life.

The gods of the world forged an eternal Utopia with blood and fire.

The Red Dragon King led his knights to inspect the dynasty on which the sun never sets.

Scholars talked and laughed and swung their swords to draw thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, and strange demons opened their eyes and clawed to give birth to ghosts and monsters.

“Everyone is a player, you can’t call me abnormal because I don’t have digitization?”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IANP
Alternate Title:我就是正常玩家!
Author:Taibai Suicune
Weekly Rank:#4341
Monthly Rank:#4983
All Time Rank:#7650
Tags:Cultivation, Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Time Travel,
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19 Comments on “I Am a Normal Player!
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  1. Akhirnya selesai juga, Aku sudah selesai membaca ketiga bukunya, kehendak abyss, perwujudan dunia sandbox, dan yang ini. Plot yang dibuatnya aku suka, setidaknya IQ MC online, dan beberapa komedi dan humor menurutku juga keren, tapi aku benci tiap kali penulis memasukan beberapa karakter atau mitiologi fiksi, seperti nordik, yunani, dan timur. Jujur, aku tidak suka buku fanfic. Ditambah ending dari penulis selalu buruk. Tapi aku tetap suka buku yang ditulisnya. 5⭐

  2. Dicoba aja dulu gih ini, genre gamenya gag begitu terlalu, beberapa plot transmigrasi atau reinkarnasi, pastinyanya ada system, tapi lumayan : Nightmare’s Call (Summoner of Nightmares), My Genes Evolve Infinitely (berbau harem), Trainer: I Build My Home on the Back of Xuanwu, My House of Horrors (ada banyak komedinya), Overpowered Broadcast System (MC kalem), The World of Gods Rises From the Zerg, I Have Quirky Notes (modern day), Is There Something Wrong with You, Lord?, This Sandbox Game is Unreliable (semua buku yang ditulis penulis ini, aku suka semua), Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World (awal-awal mirip genre game, tapi makin jauh jadi genre xianxia, btw yang ini favoritku). Oh ya, MTL sekarang kok jarang ngeluarin buku baru yaa .?

  3. In the discord they said why isn't new uploaded novels Discord message: ------------------------- Good day @everyone Sorry for the sudden mass ping > Just informationnto you After almost a month my partner who manages the site was without news, this also resulted in the site being without updated novels, The information I got was that my partner experienced an incident in the real world which I cannot mention here, because of privacy 🙏 **At the moment the MTlnovel hosting site is still running but without the latest novels, as for the latest chapters, they are still updated automatically if the raw we set has the latest updates, in conclusion the chapter updates are done by bots automatically** Please understand I hope this problem passes quickly 🙏 `NOTED: THE DISCORD SERVER IS ACTIVE AS USUAL, ONLY THE REQUEST FEATURE IS SUSPENDED AT THIS TIME' kind regards Co owner mtlnovel -------------------------

  4. This novel is already completed in the raws at chp 622. MTL novel is going in strike literally at the least opportune time

  5. Unlimited streaming, the boss is reborn. The plot is basically that the protagonist goes to a certain world and then assists the protagonist with foresight. Of course, there are also a few protagonists who hate the protagonist. The world view setting such as knowing the robbery is very interesting, but the overall article is as plain as before, and I can accept it. The protagonist gradually becomes indescribable, as inhuman as the protagonists of the previous series. the protagonist dao path is becoming world tree. Around 500 chapters the protagonist becomes prototype of a world. No heroine   Rated 7/10

  6. I do wish the author would try something new, if you've read one of his novels you've read them all. They're consistently above average in any case, but with Plagiarist's latest novel being a boring, overgeneric cultivation novel I've been looking for some good reading.

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