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I am a Chef in the Modern Era

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Lin ShuYi was sentenced to death by the traitorous Emperor for a treasonous crime he didn’t commit. Before drinking the poisonous wine on the execution ground, he stared up at the snow falling from the sky and said to himself, “This is for the best, I will be a cook in my next life! I miss roast chicken…”

Then he woke up inside a body of a teenager in an era completely different from his past life. After that, he meets a nice old man who owns a small restaurant. Completely lost in this new modern world, he found that the only thing that would never change, no matter where one lived, was cooking.

Thus he picked up the promise he made to himself, to be a chef in this life.

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Short Title:
Alternate Title:我在现代做厨子[美食]
Author:Táozi Sū
Weekly Rank:#5046
Monthly Rank:#6933
All Time Rank:#7197
Tags:Adopted Children, Brother Complex, Chefs, Childcare, Clingy Lover, Cooking, Family, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Modern Day, Restaurant, Second Chance, Transmigration,
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  1. Sencillamente me fascinó desde que lo empecé a leer, aunque muchas veces me ha llegado a dar hambre jajaja.Una bonita historia que sabe combinar el amor con la comida de una manera que no afecta mucho el trama, no hay mucho de esto no mucho de aquello, ya me lo he leído como cinco veces y no me canso de hacerlo, es una de mis favoritas.

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