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I Accidentally Picked Up the Villain By Mistake After Wearing the Book

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After reading an ancient fairy tale, Ning Yueyue found out that the world was controlled by the villain, the great devil. The ending of him and the heroine.
As the villain’s subordinate, in order to save her life, Ning Yueyue decided to lead the villain and the heroine, and demolished the CP of the original hero and heroine!
So, she took the initiative to find a man with a handsome appearance and extraordinary temperament, who was the male protagonist at first glance.
“You are born so good-looking, you are a perfect match for me, why don’t we get married?”
“I didn’t lie to you, I really fell in love with you at first sight. It’s hard to extricate yourself if you don’t marry or die!”
“When I saw you wearing this shirt, I had already thought about the name of your and my child’s name…”

The villain in a vest: “Really?”
After a long time, Ning Yueyue found out that she had made a big oolong, mistakenly identifying the big devil as the male lead of the original book, and failed to facilitate his marriage with the female lead, so she wrapped the package at the speed of light and ran away.
Who knew that the cold and murderous Great Demon King pushed her against the tree full of peach blossoms, his cool lips brushed over her earlobe, and said faintly, “What? You know I’m not him, so you can’t even laugh?”
Ning Yueyue: My life is in danger!
#On how to survive after being a disservice to the boss#
Wait online! in a hurry!
1. This is a sand sculpture novel that wants to tease the boss’s rival in love but ends up picking on his own boss / wants to demolish the male and female protagonists’ CP but locks the CP [no
2. Do not black the male and female protagonists of the original book.
Note: It is not a small three plot! Do not dismantle the official and match the cp, each is affectionate!
The current male protagonist has always liked the current female protagonist, and the reason will be revealed later in the story.
Demining: a. The heroine is a hidden boss, weak in the previous text, strong in the later stage~
b. The previous text has changed the settings, and the text will be revised from time to time later.
c. The world of immortality is privately set like a mountain

Content tags: Special liking Xianxia Cultivation Sweet Wen Shuang Wen
Search keywords: Protagonist: Ning Yueyue, Rong Xiao ┃ Supporting roles: Lu Xueling, Wei Wuzhou ┃ Others:

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Alternate Title:穿书后我不小心错撩了反派
Author:star river rides the moon
Weekly Rank:#8054
Monthly Rank:#7031
All Time Rank:#7436
Tags:Comedic Undertone, Cruel Characters, Cultivation, Demons, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Misunderstandings, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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12 Comments on “I Accidentally Picked Up the Villain By Mistake After Wearing the Book
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  1. The MC is stupid kind. There's 10 times out of 10 where someone going to kill her and ML but failed, she could kill em and settled all problem but no she going to pity them and let them go. The villain was recycled from first chapter till the end. MC & ML was hurt and almost died time and times but she never learnt. One part, some bad people come to kill em but somehow some demon joined and hurt the enemies. Somehow she saved those people who come to kill her... And they obviously going to kill her after she saved em. Too many time this situation happens that i wonder must protagonist act stupidly kind to be protagonist? It's not funny anymore. Plot also recycled almost every 10 chapters. Not recommended to read unless you're ready to feel annoyed.

  2. Thats the ending????????I feel sooo empty...but it was different and the plot was great..but the end I really felt blank.Still thanks for the story. Specially the character of the female lead.Specially for the part she saved the world for her lover was given by it and though the boy sacrificed she finally could cling to him. Specially no fake heroes and god demon fight with clear good bad distinction..neither unrealistic friendship.

  3. Hehe..but the plots were a bit too long by the end though..4 the same thing is repeated everywhere in different views and versions.

  4. It is...but when repeating the same words again and again..I really did scroll down to the part where I could get the changed point of view...which made me feel a bit bored and messy..so I wished those whole povs weren't there just in a more swift and direct way when repeating...no hard feelings😇

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