Chapter 438 Hostility is too heavy, all requests are empty

  Qin Ruan was sitting in front of the booth, touching the clean table with his hands, and a look of expectation appeared in his eyes.

  Today is regarded as her first day to set up a stall, hoping to have evil spirits.

  Song Banxian sat back in front of the booth and said to Qin Ruan on the side: "Friend Daoist Qin, you saw that the little couple didn’t, they were destined to not get along with each other because of bad feelings."

  Qin Ruan didn't raise his head, his tone was casual: "I see, you can't lose this business."

   "What do you say?" Song Banxian was puzzled.

  Qin Ruan raised his head and pointed to the boy who trot through the crowd: "Look over there, this is not for business anymore."

  The boy came running out of breath, took his mobile phone and scanned the QR code on Song Banxian’s booth, quickly sweeping 300 yuan.

   There was a fine sweat on his forehead, and he said in a hurry: "Master, do you think my relationship with my girlfriend is going well? Will we get married?"

  Song Banxian was stunned by the boy's operation.

  This child is also a little more persistent.

  He twitched and looked at the boy with an unspeakable expression.

  It is obvious that he and the girl just now can't get together. Forcing them to be together will not result in good results.

  Looking at the look of the other party's expectation, Song Banxian didn't know how to speak.

After a long while, he sighed: "Fate is important, so marriage should not be forced."

  The boy who looked forward to it, his face immediately collapsed after hearing this: "Is it really possible that there is nothing?"

  Song Banxian could see that he had feelings for his girlfriend, and said: "Young man, tell me your eight characters."

  The boy immediately told him his horoscope.

  Song Banxian's face became unsightly after hearing this, and he bluntly told her: "You have no relationship with her."

  The boy sat decadently in the stall, muttering to himself: "But we are getting married."

  Qin Ruan was attracted by his sadness, his eyebrows were slightly raised, and his eyes looked up and down.

   "Fengzi married?"

   She speaks amazingly.

  Song Banxian and the boy looked towards Qin Ruan.

  One was surprised, the other was shocked.

  The peaked cap on Qin Ruan's head was taken off, revealing her so tender, but slightly charming face.

  The boy was surprised, and his words became stubborn: " do you know?"

  When he came with his girlfriend, he did not see Qin Ruan.

  Returned again, and the other party broke the inside story with a single word, and he couldn't help but stand in awe.

  Qin Ruan smiled: "You are still so young, early marriage may be unstable, which is not good for your future career development.

  If you really like that girl married, it’s just that if your marriage doesn’t understand, trust, and tolerate each other, it’s like a broken mirror. No matter how you repair it, you can’t go back to the beginning. "

  The boy bit his lip lightly, and lightly clenched the hand on his leg: "I want to marry her, and I don't want to be sorry for her."

  This is still a responsible little man.

Qin Ruan smiled, with a soft smile: "Then be more tolerant of her in the future. Your girlfriend may be more stubborn and be more loyal to marriage. The word fate is very subtle. Believe in it is not as good as believe in yourself. Something may change in the future. ."

  Suddenly, the girl's unrestrained anger sounded in the crowd.

  She was yelling the name of the boy sitting in front of the booth: "Why are you back again? You said that these are all lie, why don't you believe it!"

  The girl ran to the boy, pulled his arm up, and dragged the person away.

   "I just want to ask, don't you be angry, what do you want to eat later..."

  As the two of them walked away, what was heard was the gentle voice of the boy softly coaxing the girl.

  They may really have no destiny, but the beauty right now is a moment they will never forget.

  Song Banxian watched them disappear in the crowd, gently shook his head: "Friend Qin, these two people are clearly destined for nothing, so why should you give him hope."

  Qin Ruan said in a light tone: "That is not hope, it is the fate of their cultivation in this life, and it is the process they must go."

  Song Banxian: "If a boy does marry his girlfriend, sooner or later he will get divorced. The boy will have a second marriage in the future. The relationship between the two is too shallow."

  Qin Ruan had a calm tone and said indifferently: "The fate is shallow, it doesn't mean that they can't be together."

  She saw more from her young couples than Song Banxian.

  It is impossible for a girl to accompany a boy for life, and her life span is too short.

  Even if it is a short-term fate, as long as they truly love each other, why bother about their first marriage and second marriage in the future.

   Perceiving a vibrating sound from the phone in his pocket, Qin Ruan took out the phone.

  It is someone in the WeChat group of [北太帝君在上].

  At this moment, Song Banxian's booth came again, a young man dressed in hip-hop style.

  When the opponent just sat down and was about to speak to Song Banxian, he was pushed away with the collar from behind.

   "Go! Let's do the fortune as soon as the stinky boy is. Go back and find your mother to drink milk!"

  The man with yellow hair threw the hip-hop man aside, wiped the stool with his sleeve, and said diligently to the middle-aged man with a big belly, "Boss, sit down!"

   Wearing a dark suit with a bag on the inside of his arm, a middle-aged man with a sense of disharmony sits in front of Song Banxian.

  Behind him stood two big men wearing sunglasses. As for Huang Mao, standing aside, he nodded and bowed to the middle-aged man.

  The middle-aged man stretched out his hand and stroked his somewhat greasy hair, revealing the gold-inlaid jade ring on his hand, a conspicuous gold watch on his wrist, and a particularly thick gold chain hanging from his neck.

  No wonder the other party has a sense of disharmony. Wearing a suit, these things on his body are too weird.

  The middle-aged man glanced at Song Banxian proudly: "Old man, I heard that you are doing well in this area. Give me a calculation of my recent fortune."

  At first glance, these people did not look like serious people, especially the man in front of them, with a **** smell permeating their bodies.

  Song Banxian was not frightened by the ferocious aura on them, his wise eyes swept towards the middle-aged man.

  He picked up the bamboo tube at hand, shook it and handed it to the other party: "Mr., let's draw a lot first."

  The middle-aged man stretched out his hand wearing a gold watch and drew a sign on the bamboo tube casually.

  He sent it to look in front of him, and his face changed drastically.

   Huang Mao, who was standing next to him, leaned close, and when he saw that he had signed the sign, he raised his hand and waved to Song Banxian.

   "Wait!" The middle-aged man called to a halt.

   He slapped the lottery in his hand on the table, staring at Song Banxian fiercely: "Old man, is there a solution to this lottery?"

  Song Banxian calmly picked up the lottery on the table and put it back into the bamboo tube.

   "It depends on which aspect of your question?"

  The middle-aged man looked at Song Banxian suspiciously, and sneered: "You don't want my eight characters, can you figure out what I want?"

  Song Banxian calmly and calmly: "Why don't you try?"

  The man's face sank and he hummed, "Then count as my overall fortune this year."

  Song Banxian gently shook his head to him: "Mr. is too hostile, and he will suffer backlash in the long run, and everything you ask for will be empty."

   "Warm grass! Old man, are you looking for death?"

   Huang Mao stepped forward, stretched out his hand to carry Song Banxian's Dao robe collar, and was about to hit someone with his fist.

  Song Banxian cast his eyes on the middle-aged man, and his voice was calm and calm: "Mr. was placed in a row today. It is not a good thing. Since he has the thought of retreat, he still draws cleanly as soon as possible."

   Huang Mao’s fist was only a few centimeters away from Song Banxian’s face.

"and many more!!"

  The middle-aged man stopped again. He looked at Song Banxian's eyes this time, and he couldn't help showing a solemn look.

   His tone was anxious: "Master, what did you mean by just now?"

  From an old man to a respected master, this person changes quickly enough without any sense of disobedience.

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