Chapter 437 Ruan Ruan Sets Up a Stall: Asking for Divination, Don’t Want Money

  Qin Ruan stared at Huo Yunjian sitting upright, she had already sighed countless times in the bottom of her heart, this man is really the darling of heaven.

  His every move is noble and elegant, and every part of his body is perfect.

  Qin Ruan's eyes were too straightforward this time, she saw Huo Yunjiao's mouth seem to be slightly raised.

  Obviously the other party did not look at her, Qin Ruan still had the feeling of being caught.

  She quickly retracted her gaze and stared at the phone with a black screen in her hand.

  The slender fingertips moved slightly, and the screen of the phone in the dark lighted up again.

  The mobile phone screen displays the WeChat group chat page of [北太帝君在上].

  No one in the group spoke, and it was quite deserted.

  Ding Dong!

  The SMS ringtone rang, and Qin Ruan quit WeChat to open the SMS.

   is a text message sent to her by Song Banxian from Tongsha Tianqiao.

  [Qin Daoyou, everything is ready, you can come anytime. ]

  Before dinner, Qin Ruan contacted Song Banxian and asked the other party to prepare a booth at Tongsha Tianqiao, and she was going to be out tonight.

  It's now seven o'clock in the evening, and you will miss the peak period of traffic if you don't go again.

  Qin Ruan was a little anxious in his heart, and his face couldn't help showing a little eagerness.

  Huo Yunjian raised his eyes, looked at Qin Ruan with a smile, and asked warmly: "What's wrong with Ruan Ruan?"

  Qin Ruan did not go around the circle, and directly said: "I want to go out."

  She is in desperate need of suffocation now, and it is impossible for suffocation to come to the door actively while sitting at home.

  Huo Yunjiao frowned slightly: "This time?"

  Qin Ruan quickly promised: "I will go home before ten o'clock!"

  She also knows that it is not safe to go out at night, especially her current physical condition.

  Looking at Qin Ruan's childlike look, Huo Yunjiao's voice was a little bit petting, and smiled: "Go, let Huo Chuan and Lin Hao follow, and come back as soon as possible."


  Qin Ruan quickly got up with his mobile phone.

  She shouted to Huo Chuan, who explained the Huo’s rules to Lin Hao not far away: “Hurry up and get ready for the car, let’s go out!”

  Huo Chuan glanced at the third master sitting on the sofa with an indifferent expression, and slightly nodded to Qin Ruan.


  Tongsha flyover.

  Tonight’s Song Banxian had no intention of soliciting business. He looked around and looked around the wide road.

  Qin Ruan contacted him and said he was coming to set up a stall, and he was looking forward to it.

  With Qin Ruan’s strength, he set up a stall on the Tongsha Tianqiao, and he will become famous in a short time.

  He is also looking forward to seeing Qin Ruan's strength again, this kind of thing is unavoidable.

  In Song Banxian’s expectation, at the intersection not far from the Tongsha Overpass, a luxurious car that was worth looking at it slowly came to a halt.

  Wearing a baseball cap on his head, Qin Ruan said to the two people sitting in the driver’s seat and the co-pilot: “I’ll go there first, you’ll be waiting here, and I’ll come to you when I’m done.”

  Huo Chuan immediately refused: "Madam Young, I'm afraid this won't work. You think there are too many people coming and going. If something happens to you, I won't be able to explain it to the master."

  It's not that he is bold and disrespectful to Qin Ruan.

  Tongsha Tianqiao is located in the East City of the rich and powerful, but the personnel in this area are still too complicated.

  Anything may happen, the wife is really going to have an accident while pregnant, and his life is lost.

  Qin Ruan raised his eyes to look at the source of people coming and going outside the car, pursing his lips and said: "Then you just look at it from a distance, in short, don't get close to me."

  Huo Chuan and Lin Hao's evil spirits are too outstanding. They wander in the aura on the edge of life and death all year round, and are incompatible with the personalities here.

  She was sitting at the booth, with these two people standing by her side, which would definitely scare away many customers.

  Huo Chuan promised: "We will definitely not disturb Madam."

  Qin Ruan replied, pressed the baseball cap on his head and pushed the door to get out of the car.

  Song Banxian’s booth came for business, and it was a couple.

  The young couple's brows and eyes are full of happiness during their relationship.

  They went to Shang Song Banxian, and they asked about feelings and marriage.

  Song Banxian was obviously not focused on business tonight, but looking at the faces of the young men and women, his brows were frowned.

  The boy's mountain roots collapsed, with obvious dim marks. This is the face of emotional ups and downs. The marriage is not smooth, and even the second marriage and multiple marriages may be characteristic.

  Looking at the girl’s face again, the two eyebrows are joined together. This is even the heart eyebrow, which has already covered Jiang Yintang.

  Most women with heart-brows are narrow-minded, jealous of the virtuous, incapable of things, selfish, and vengeful.

  Such women often have bad luck, and their lives are miserable.

  A dark knot on the bridge of the girl’s nose means that her personality is stubborn and stubborn, which makes her spouse difficult to cope with, and her feelings are intermittent.

  The relationship of this young couple is quite difficult, it is difficult to reach perfection, and the relationship is quite different.

  Song Banxian's expression was too solemn, and with an expert posture, the smiles on the faces of the young couple couldn't help restraining.

  The boy asked nervously: "Master, do you think we get married?"

  Song Banxian pointed to the QR code on the booth and lifted his chin.

  The young couple looked at the QR code, and there were three hundred hexagrams written in black and white.

  The girl immediately pulled her face down and said, "This is too expensive."

  The boy didn't expect that he would get so much money for a trigram. Recalling that when Song Banxian had just stared at him, his face had an unpredictable expression, and his heart was a little panic.

  He gritted his teeth and took out his phone and pointed it at the QR code.

  The girl snatched the boy’s cell phone: "Hey! Why are you really sweeping? It’s too expensive!"

  The boy begged his girlfriend in a low voice: "Give me the phone for three hundred yuan, and we should buy it for peace of mind."

  The girl refused to give her her mobile phone and refused to let him pay.

  After the boy begged several times in a low voice, the girl showed angrily: "No! These are all sidelines. They just read some books and come out to help people see their faces. This kind of person is a liar!

  By observing their words, they will draw out some useful information from us, and then say some imaginary things. The money is really spent, and we are taken advantage of! "

  Song Banxian put his hands into his sleeves, and watched the little couple make a quarrel when they didn't agree.

  After the girl tried her best to stop, the boy finally left.

   "Master Song."

  Qin Ruan, who was standing not far away, walked over and smiled while standing in front of Song Banxian's booth.

   Seeing her appear, Song Banxian stood up immediately with a bright smile on his tight face.

   "Friend Daoist Qin, you can come!"

  He stretched his hand to Qin Ruan and placed a neat and tidy booth: "This is the booth I prepared for you. What do you think?"

  It is no exaggeration to say that the stall is clean and tidy, except for a table and a stool.

   is also wrong, there is a white cloth under the table, on which it is written inquiring, divining, and fortune telling. No money is allowed.

  This really suits her, simple and clear.

  Qin Ruan showed a satisfied smile on his face and nodded to Song Banxian: "Thank you very much."

  Song Banxian smiled and waved his hand, and said boldly, "You're welcome, isn't it?"

  (End of this chapter)