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Huo Ye’s Little Wild Cat is Fierce and Cute

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The true daughter of the Jiang family who had been abducted came back, but was tricked by the foster sister, lost her eyes and turned into a laughing stock, until she hooked up with the overlord of the capital…

Huo Ye: “My wife is weak and squeamish, you are not allowed to bully her!”

Everyone: “Who is the one who drove the two streets and made the leader cry and shout for the ancestor?!”

Huo Ye: “My wife comes from the country and doesn’t understand anything, you all have to let her!”

Everyone: “Medical professors, scientific research leaders, and international leaders are all kneeling at your door, begging to see her!”

On a rainy night, she crashed into Huo Ye’s arms and encircled his neck.
“Marry me, I have Vanguard’s life.”
After that, it was rumored in Beijing that the paranoid and ruthless Master Huo raised a milky and fierce little wife, and he wanted to give her his heart.
Little did Huo Ye know that he raised the little wild cat he picked up to become a full-level boss.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:HYLWCFC
Alternate Title:霍爷的小野猫奶凶奶萌
Weekly Rank:#96
Monthly Rank:#85
All Time Rank:#470
Tags:Blind, Doting Older Siblings, Female Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Married, Medical Knowledge, Multiple Identities, Romance, Wealthy Characters,
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19 Comments on “Huo Ye’s Little Wild Cat is Fierce and Cute
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  1. Does anyone know a novel where the mc is female? A singer? I think she transmigrates/rebirths. She is roasted by everyone online but she changed her music style from pop. She auditions with a scout at a restaurant during the piano and singing and makes a lady cry with emotions. Somewhere in the novel, she uses her high heels to hit these 3 b*tches who attack her at the comeback party. Or something like that?

  2. I am not sure I get the point of this story. The female lead has the smarts, the money, the skill, the ability, the boyfriend and the power to easily deal with her sister and her parents in less than an hour. Sooooooo why is she not doing so and letting them run free to hassle her? There is absolutely no reason she doesn't other than the author does not want her to. Which makes the FL character fell less like a character and more an artifact for face slapping.

  3. sigh. girls irrationally hate her, boys love her. She has no females she is friendly with, just horny bees (men) buzzing around her. I wish the female lead had more dimensions to her than two. Corpses have more depth to them.

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