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Xia Nuan watched the scenery passing by the window and lowered his voice. "I beg you to let go brother and sister Gu Jinhan."

Ye Si sank for a moment, then took her hand and tried to take her into her arms, but Xia Nuan didn't cooperate, Ye Si Shen stopped and looked out the window with her.

"I don't understand the meaning of your words, do you mean, do I deliberately count them in prison?"

"Yes, I can't think of anyone except you?" Xia Nuan said frankly.

Ye Si smiled deeply: "Have you ever thought about how much trouble he caused us?"

"If it weren't for him, I would have died, he has always been kind to me." Xia Nuan retorted Ye Sishen.

Ye Sishen didn't have a taste in his heart. He was silent for a moment, and said, "I admit that Gu Mei's prohibited items are indeed hidden by me. But, A Nuan, unless you are with me, otherwise, I I won't call them brother and sister out. Because I know that once they come out, they will try to disrupt our feelings. I don't want this to happen. "

"Yesi Shen, when did you become so despicable? I can bless you and Lin Meng, why can't you fulfill me and Gu Jinhan? You don't want to be so selfish." The resentment in Xia Nuan's heart became more intense, and her emotions also changed. Some excited.

"Of course you treat Gu Jinhan with despicable means. If I'm not despicable, how could you come back to me?" Ye Sishen said for granted, holding her chin up and forcing her to look at her: You said you let me fulfill you and Gu Jinhan, I want to ask you, do you really love him? In the presence of three children, how can you say the words of fulfilling you? Do you think this is worthy of a child? "He looked At a glance at her bulging belly, she took her in her arms with arrogance.

"I only hope you let Gu Jinhan go. I know you have the means now, but I don't want you to use the means for evil." Xia Nuan took away Ye Sishen's hand.

"To deal with evil, only more evil." Ye Sishen said relentlessly: "Xia Nuan, let me tell you straight away, if you are willing to follow me, I will let Gu Jinhan and Gu Mei."

"Follow you? Haven't you already married? Now you have to betray your newlywed wife and let me be a third party involved in your marriage? Ye Sishen, I have seen you through, I am in your eyes A string puppet, you have always regarded me as a string puppet at your mercy! But now I don't want to be a puppet, I have my own ideas! "

Xia Nuanyi was right, and there was a flash of firmness and determination in those eyes.

"Xia Nuan, did you not believe me before? Why do you misunderstand me now? I don't love Lin Meng at all, I love you, do you know why I want to marry her? She said she knows your whereabouts She threatened me with your safety and forced me to marry her. I had no choice but to agree, but nothing happened to me and her. Because I love you, if you question me, I really Very sad. "Ye Sishen said a word, with a deep affection.

Xia Nuan stared at Ye Sishen, the heart moved quietly, Ye Sishen bowed his head, held Xia Nun's lips, embraced her again, and kissed her with affection.

Xia Nuan was dizzy and turned with kisses. Both hands tried to resist him, but he couldn't make half of the effort.

Ye Si kissed Xia Nuan vaguely and said, "Yes, I want to take you away. We are going to a place where no one is disturbing, and have a bland life with our children. As for Lin Meng, she doesn't want to Be Mrs. Cong, then ask her to be her Mrs. Cong forever, she won't affect us at all. "

When Xia Nuan heard this, she opened her eyes and violently collided with Ye Sishen's pair of affectionate eyes, her heart jumped.

Ye Sishen's breathing became more and more uncontrollable, and he held Xia Nuan on his thigh, deepening the kiss. If Xia Nuo had a hairspring, his hand would encircle his waist from the initial resistance.

The three children were playing games. When they saw Ye Sishen and Xia Nuan kissing, they couldn't help laughing. Xia Nuan flushed, and constantly reminded Ye Sishen to stop.

Ye Si smiled deeply, held her from behind, and asked her voice softly:

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"Unless you promise me, leave with me."

"Don't do this first," Xia Nuan said.

"No, you must give me an answer now." Ye Sishen's attitude was as determined as ever. It seemed that Xia Nuan did not give him an answer, and he did not let go of Xia Nuan.

"Okay, I promise you, but you let Gu Jinhan and Gu Mei."

"I'll let them go, you don't have to worry about this." Ye Si Shen wished her a kiss on her cheek and let go of her.

Dilock drove and walked in the direction of the dock. Xia Nuan looked outside and asked Ye Sishen a little puzzled: "Where are we going?"

"I said, go to a place they can't find, there is only us and children." Ye Si Shen pinched Xia Nuan's hand.

"What about Mrs. Ni?" Xia Nuan said uneasily.

Ye Si said with a grin on her lips: "She will stay in the house and become her beautiful lady. You should not worry about these."

Near the customs, Ye Sichen began to disguise his three children successfully, and prepared an Arabian costume for Xia Nuan, and told Xia Nuan to put on, and then he changed into those clothes himself.

They got out of the car with their three children and walked towards a private yacht over the harbor. When they were about to board the yacht, Xia Nuan looked at the side of the dock. Asked Ye Sishen: "Will you really release Gu Jinhan and Gu Mei?"

"I will." Ye Sichen held Xia Nuan's hand with a certain affirmation.

The three children walked over and nestled beside Xia Nuan, staring at Xia Nuan eagerly, for fear that Xia Nuan would leave.

Xia Nuan's heart softened, holding the hands of the three children, standing on the deck, and then entering the cabin with Ye Sishen.

However, what Xia Nun did not expect was that there was a couple in the cabin, Mickey and Lacey!

Lacey hugged the child in her arms and kept coaxing the child, while Mike changed urine for the child.

"You guys are here, hurry up, this little guy is a little seasick, and we must try to reach our destination." Lacey looked at Ye Sishen with some complaints.

However, Mike gave Lacey an angry look: "Xiao Bao won't be seasick at all. The last time he took him out to play, he showed no signs of seasickness. This time, you kept shaking him! Would n’t hold a child! ”

Miko blamed Lacey.

Lacey kept adhering: "Okay, well, I won't hug the child. Don't look for me in the future."

"He is your son, who do you hold? I tell you, Lacey, you don't want to be lazy!" Mickey said, walking over and holding Xia Nuan's hand, his smile grew deeper: "Mrs. Ye, later You have to help me to urge him at any time, if you see him lazy, please tell me! "

Before Xia Nuan had time to answer, the worry-free and Nian Ansheng laughed around him, scrambling to say, "Mom is pregnant with a baby and has no time to urge. In the future, we will urge my uncle on behalf of the aunt."

"We can play with Xiaobao!"

"Yes, I have a lot of toys!"

Lin Yi'ai and Lacey looked at each other and smiled. Ye Si sinks over, rubs the child's head, and looks at Lacey: "Lacey, have you and Micke's affairs been resolved?"

Lacey was satisfied and said with confidence: "It's all settled, and my parents have already said that, and I told them that I want to take a child with Miko for a world tour and tell them not to Worried, and I've sent someone to take care of them, but you, did you really leave like that? What should happen to country A? "

Ye Sishen said, "Someone will handle it for me, so you don't have to worry."

Xia Nuan looked at them a little puzzled, Mi visible, walked over, holding Xia Nuan's hand: "Dear Mrs. Ye, I know that you always have a doubt, it is better for me to help you answer, I and Lacey and you and Ye Sishen, let's go together for a collective elopement, find the life you want, and come to a romantic retreat. "

A flash of longing flashed in Xia Nuan's eyes, and Ye Sichen looked over at her, and she looked away in a panic.

"What? You don't like it

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Huan? "

Mi Ke asked Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan looked at the three children and shook his head: "No, I like it."

Ye Sishen heard her say, and her head was filled with a touch of warmth. She walked over and held Xia Nuan's hand, and kissed her in front of Miko and Lacey.

Envious of Mike's face, Lacey looked like this, holding the child in one hand, holding Mike's waist in one hand, and kissing Mike's lips fiercely.

Micky's face turned red, and he hammered on Lacey's shoulder.

Xia Nuan and Ye Si smiled helplessly, and the two hugs tighter.

A month later, Lin Meng was entangled with Nan Xiu in her marriage because she could not bear the loneliness. After learning about it, Mrs. Ni was driven out of the house directly. Lin Meng was unwilling to revenge Ye Sishen who disappeared. She exposed the news that Ye Sishen was still alive to Global Media. Then, when the media asked Lin Meng Ye Sishen's whereabouts now, Lin Meng could not answer because she did not know Ye Sishen and Xia Nuan. trace. The media thought she was talking nonsense, so no one was willing to believe her.

Lin Meng collapsed under the attack of the media. Eventually, under the leadership of Nan Xiu, she was again admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Mrs. Ni has been looking for Ye Sishen's whereabouts. However, Di Luoke has been reluctant to tell Mrs. Nissi that she knows Ye Ranni knows the whereabouts of Ye Sishen, so she decides to start from Ye Ranni because Dylock While sending Ye Sishen and Xia Nuan and the children to the yacht, Ye Ranni kept secretly following them.

So Ye Ranni knew all of this.

When Di Luo Ke learned that Ye Ran Ni was going to expose Ye Sishen's whereabouts to Mrs. Inverse, Di Luo Ke deceived Ye Ran Ni and stunned her when she was not paying attention. Some indecent photos, Di Luoke threatened Ye Ranni with those indecent photos. If Ye Ranni dare to expose Ye Sishen's whereabouts, then her indecent photos will be seen by people all over the world. Ye Ranni's helplessness had to give up cooperation with Mrs. Ni. Ye Ranni complained to Di Luo Ke every day, complaining that Di Luo Ke did not respect her, complaining that her body was being seen by Di Luo Ke, and Di Luo Ke blocked her mouth with a word.

"Isn't it okay to marry you?" Dilock showed impatience.

Ye Ranni heard these words, but could not help moving.

Gu Jinhan and Gu Mei did not release it, because the brothers and sisters did illegal things. They were holding gimmicks in real estate development and doing some drug trafficking activities. They have now been detained, but Ye Sishen has been hiding Xia Warm, didn't tell her.

A few months later, Aken wrote a letter to Ye Sishen telling the situation over Modu, and he also told Ye Sishen about his marriage. Originally, he married Roland only to deal with the media and because of Ye Sishen, but now he gradually has feelings for Roland, and Roland is also pregnant now. He decided to do a real drama with her and be a real couple.

Roland also recognized him as Aken, and did not mistake him for Ye Si sinking. Aken was also pleased.

Ye Sishen and Xia Nuan looked at Aken's heart and smiled with relief.

Ye Si Shen touched Xia Nu's swollen abdomen, and put her on the bed, carefully.

Xia Nuan flushed: "What are you going to do?"

"I want you." Ye Si sank her lips.

Xia Nuan looked more and more confused, but worried about the children in her stomach, she could not help pushing Ye Sishen away.

"No, watch out for the children."

"It's okay. I watched the knowledge about childcare and I can be affectionate at this time." He kissed her again and embraced her tightly.

She hooked his neck and responded warmly to his kiss.

The three children hid outside the door, watching the scene through the gap, and couldn't help but grin.

Xia Nuan and Ye Sishen heard the children's laughter and had to end the kiss and looked helplessly at the three children outside.

"You all come in."

After that, the three children rushed forward, and the room was filled with cheerful laughter.

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