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Ye Sichen asked Di Luoke to bring Gu Mei over, and also put Gu Jinhan in front of Xia Nuan. He hoped Gu Jinhan would leave with Gu Mei. Gu Jinhan asked Xia Nuan's opinion.

"A Nuan, are you planning to stay here? Or do you want to leave with me?" Gu Jinhan asked Xia Nuan expectantly.

Xia Nuan firmly held Gu Jinhan's hand and was ready to leave with his brother and sister Gu Jinhan.

Ye Sishen didn't stop it, but looked at the scene coldly, leaving Xia Nuan and Gu Jinhan to leave under his eyelids.

Lin Meng watched Xia Nuan's fading figure, could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, took a step forward again and held Ye Sishen's hand again.

Mrs. Ni carefully looked at Ye Sishen, but found that Ye Sishen still looked in the direction of Xia Nuan, but the expression was extremely indifferent.

There is a hunch in Mrs. Ni's heart. Things will not be so simple. Only the woman who is dazzled by love for Lin Meng will feel that Ye Sishen will give up Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan and Gu Jinhan took Gu Mei to the car, and the speed gradually went away. Xia Nuan had mixed feelings in her heart, tears swirled in her eyes, and her painful heart was covered.

Gu Jinhan took her into her arms and comforted her constantly: "Xia Nuan, this kind of person is not worth your crying for her. In fact, thanks to our seclusion in the fishing village for some time, otherwise, how can you see him clearly? Really? In some ways, that's a good thing. "

Xia Nuan kept his eyes silent.

Gu Mei snorted a little: "Xia Nuan, I blame you. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been imprisoned for so long? These are all caused by you! You'd better not affect me and my brother in the future. Or else, we can't afford to toss like this! "

Gu Jinhan listened to Gu Mei's words, and her eyes became serious, glaring at Gu Mei: "These are caused by him. What's the relationship with Xia Nuan? Xiaomei, don't blame too much here, everything is over now Nothing like you will happen. "

Gu Mei was somewhat dismissive: "Maybe this is just his desire to escape, how could he allow Xia Nuan to leave? You probably don't know yet. During your disappearance, he turned country A over and over again. I don't think he It will be so easy for us to leave, it is best to be careful. "

"Enough, don't say it. If he really has such an infatuation as you say, how could he marry her again during the time when A Nuan disappears? Don't say it, no matter what he does, it will change Can not betray the fact that A Nuan. "Gu Jinhan worried that Xia Nuan would move and hurriedly interrupted Gu Mei's words.

Gu Mei immediately reacted, and shut up quietly.

Xia Nuan knew that Gu Mei and Gu Jinhan spoke of Ye Sishen. Because he had to avoid the doubts of the driver, he did not name Ye Sishen.

Gu Jinhan's premonition was right. Xia Nuan learned from Gu Mei's mouth that Ye Sishen had been looking for her like crazy. Her heart unconsciously stirred, and the movement in those eyes quickly flashed like a meteor. Hidden deep in her heart.

The taxi driver stopped suddenly, Xia Nuan's body leaned forward uncontrollably, and Gu Jinhan took her in his arms subconsciously.

"What happened earlier?" Gu Mei asked in confusion.

The driver seemed a little tricky and scratched his head: "The police checked the car at the crossing of the terminal. I don't know what happened."

Gu Jinhan wrinkled

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Frowning: "Is this place always the same?"

"No, it just started today. This was not the case when I was pulling people." The driver answered truthfully.

Gu Mei seemed worried: "I don't know what to check. Shouldn't this be Ye Sishen's idea?" She lowered her voice.

Xia Nuan listened, and his heart was a little stunned.

Gu Jinhan shook his head slowly, comforting Gu Mei, and also comforting himself: "Should not, he doesn't have that ability, and he can't force A Nuan." Speaking of this, Gu Jinhan held Xia Nuan tightly. hand.

Xia Nuan didn't say anything, but those eyes seemed to be dead.

At this time, the outside police came over here. They said that it was a routine inspection. All the people in the car had to get off. The driver and Xia Nuan Gu Jinhan and Gu Mei all got out of the car and were investigated by the police.

Several police officers watched Xia Nuan, Gu Jinhan and others with caution, and began to electronically scan them. They checked in detail, one by one, scanning all over their bodies. Xia Nuan appeared calm and accepted police inspection. It was learned from Gu Jinhan's conversation with the police that they were looking for a smuggled drug dealer. That's why we have to get stuck at the gate and check them one by one.

Gu Jinhan and Gu Mei knew that they had no prohibited items with them, so they also seemed calm.

When Gu Mei was examined, the sound of a siren came from Gu Mei's body. Suddenly, the policemen started to alert them. They searched Gu Mei's body for something like white powder. Before Nuan had responded, Gu Mei had been handcuffed by the police. Their reason was simple. Gu Mei was carrying illegal and prohibited items, including Gu Jinhan, and was also handcuffed.

But Xia Nuan and the driver were not handcuffed. Xia Nuan already suspected that this was done by Ye Sishen.

"This thing isn't mine. This is someone who deliberately planted me!" Gu Mei shouted, "No wonder he let me leave so kindly. It turned out to be a stay here! Xia Nuan, you can't bear seeing me Is my brother stolen? If you really have a conscience, find a way to cleanse us! "

Gu Mei shouted and was taken directly by the police to the police car, including Gu Jinhan.

The driver kept sweating and was shocked.

Xia Nuan looked anxiously at the distant police car, her brows frowned. For a long time, she returned to God: "Master, please take me to the home, just follow your own path."

The driver didn't dare to go to the border anymore, and took Xia Nuan back again.

In the empty living room, a news of the arrest of drug dealers appeared on the LCD TV screen. On the news screen, Ye Sishen saw Gu Jinhan and Gu Mei being handcuffed and taken to a police car.

Mrs. Ni and Lin Meng sat aside, and they could see clearly. They didn't dare to come out, their hearts were faintly clear. Perhaps this was done by Ye Sishen.

You know, Ye Sishen can now be said to be in power in Country A ...

Lin Meng knew that Ye Sishen still couldn't let Xia Nuan go, so he tried every means to get Gu Jinhan into prison. When Lin Meng watched the news on the TV, a jealousy flashed in his eyes.

At this time, Di Luo Ke came over, and lowered his voice to tell Ye Sichen one thing: "She is here."

Ye Si smiled deeply, and was very happy: "Let them worry-free."

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Di Luo Ke took three children downstairs as Ye Sishen ordered. Ye Sishen ignored Lin Lim directly and walked over to hold the child's hand.

"Dad, are you taking us to see Mom?" Nianci and Ansheng asked Ye Sishen.

Ye Sichen took their hands out of the living room: "Yes, we are going to meet your mother. Are you happy?"

"Yeah! Happy! Of course I'm happy!" An Sheng kept clapping hands, almost did not jump up, can't wait to run out.

Ye Si watched him indulgently: "Slow down, mother is outside, don't worry."

When Lin Meng saw this, she was unwilling to keep up with Ye Sishen's steps: "You're going to see her, what about me? I'm your new wife!"

Ye Si calmed down and turned to look at Lin Meng: "Of course, you will always be Mrs. Cong, and no one will rob you of this position."

Lin Meng looked at Ye Sichen's firm eyes, and the heart couldn't help relieved.

Ye Sishen walked out with his three children. Mrs. Ni looked at Ye Sishen's back, and her heart sank. She stepped forward and called him: "A Shen!"

"Mom, I will be back soon. I just want the children to see Xia Nuan, after all, they also want to be mothers." Ye Sishen promised Mrs. Ni.

Mrs. Ni no longer said anything, but quietly relieved: "Then you come back quickly."

Ye Si nodded heavily.

Xia Nuan wandered back and forth, worried, at this time, she saw the three children running towards her lively and cheerful.

Suddenly, she wiped out the temporary worries and extended her arms to meet them.

"Mom! I miss you so much!"

"Mom! I miss you too!"

The three children spoke in unison, Chao Xuan Nuan fluttered over, Xia Nuan held them in his arms. Hold tightly.

"Mom, where have you been for so long?"

"Dad was looking for you, but Dad didn't want to make you sad, so he hid us, but we always knew."

"Yes, mom, look, Dad ’s hair is all white. These are because of you. Dad is thinking about you every day." The three children said one by one, and they saw Xia Nuan constantly crying, so The warmer wiped tears for Xia Nuan.

Xia Nuan kissed on the three cheeks, and his eyes fell on the man behind the three children. His face was indeed bleak, and the two blemishes were also white ...

Xia Nuan retracted his thoughts, and slightly released the three children: "Yeshen, let's talk."

Ye Sishen nodded, and said a good word. He passed Xia Nuan and got into the car from Dilock.

The three children took Xia Nuan and followed them into the car.

This car is lengthened, with luxurious cushions, special seats and toys for children, and video games. The three children could n’t be happier when they saw these, but they also wanted to stick to their mother, so Not planning to play games and toys.

Ye Sishen saw them hindering him from approaching Xia Nuan, and he frowned. "You go there first to play, Dad and Mom have something to say."

Wuyou took his sister and brother to play games with great interest. Ye Sishen sat next to Xia Nuan, and Xia Nuan opened his eyes subconsciously.

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