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Ye Sishen felt if he had a hallucination. He actually heard Xia Nuan's voice, probably because he missed her too much. He smiled bitterly and led Lin Lim into the middle of the living room, on both sides of the red carpet. The guests who came to the wedding were invited by Nan Zhentian. Nan Zhentian deliberately took out Ye Sishen and Lin Meng's wedding out of his way. It is not easy to attack, and even more angry, Ye Sishen is unwilling to marry the loyal Geli, even marrying Lin Lim who has extreme behavior!

Mrs. Ni, don't look away, don't want to see Lin Meng's satisfied face, and unconsciously turn her eyes, only to find Xia Nuan and Gu Jinhan standing outside the door!

Mrs. Ni thought that she had read it wrong, closed her eyes and looked at it again. Xia Nuan and Gu Jinhan were still standing there, and some guests had found them!

While Mrs. Nishen hadn't turned around, Mrs. Nipples lowered her voice and instructed Gree beside her, "Gree, have you seen that woman? Try to find a way to spread her away!"

After listening to Mrs. Ni's words and looking in that direction, she saw Xia Nuan, which surprised Gree's heart, but she was too late to be confused and did what Mrs. Ni's said. Chao Xia Nuan and Gu Jinhan went silently.

Geli left a heart, she was afraid that Ye Sichen punished her, so she would not drive Xia Nuo herself, so she sent security personnel who opposed the house to persuade Xia Nuo in the past.

While Xia Nuan was approaching, two security personnel stopped her.

"We are here for the wedding." Xia Nuan said.

"Sorry, you are not on the invitation list, please leave." The security personnel of Nijia are all newly transferred by Mrs. Ni, and they don't know Xia Nuan. In the past, Xia Nun showed his face as Mrs. Cong, and her face All have been made up, and now she is shown in true face, and others cannot confirm her.

"If you want me to go, you can hand over Gu Mei!" Xia Nuan watched Ye Sishen drifting away, and that heart became a ball.

Her voice was sharp and louder than before. Everyone looked over to her, and Ye Sishen turned and immediately met Xia Nuan's angry and sad eyes.

His heart continued to revive, and he continued to ignite the flames of hope. His eyes were filled with

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With endless joy, he shook off the hand resting on his arm, and accelerated his pace toward Xia Nuan.

Seeing this scene, Lin Meng was not surprised at all, but looked at Xia Nuan, a little more proud than before.

"A Nuan, are you?" Ye Si Shen pinched Xia Nuan's shoulders, inexpressible excitement.

Xia Nuan smiled coldly and pushed Ye Sichen away: "I came to ask for someone from you."

All the guests around looked at this side, with a curious look, Ye Sishen still did not give up holding Xia Nuan's hand and announced something wrong: "Now I announce that the wedding is cancelled . "

The guests whispered as soon as they heard it.

Seeing this, Mrs. Ni had to send someone to invite the guests out. After all the guests had dispersed, Ye Sishen took Xia Nuan into her arms. Gu Jinhan saw the situation and came forward to try to stop it but was controlled by the Dilocke people. Up.

Xia Nuan was like a walking dead, letting Ye Si sink.

Ye Sishen kept kissing her forehead and murmured in his mouth: "A warm, do you know that I am going crazy for you? For you, I can do everything. I always believe that you are not dead, and I and you are There is a spirit in your heart, A Nuan ... "

"Yesi Shen, I don't love you anymore, I wish you a happy wedding, I am here to take Gu Mei away, and if you dare to hurt Gu Jinhan, I will desperately work with you." Xia Nuan concealed her inner feelings , Said ruthlessly.

Ye Sishen's heart sank, and the joy in his eyes was immediately replaced by sadness: "My wedding with Lin Meng is not counted, I am for you ..."

"Don't explain it, can I bless you still? I'm not here to blame you." Xia Nuan interrupted Ye Sishen's words.

"A warm, don't you misunderstand me like this? I marry Lin Meng because I want Lin Meng to tell me your whereabouts, I'm all for you, you misinterpret me like this, I'm sad." Ye Si choked his throat and choked. .

Xia Nuan looked at him, seeing the endless sadness in his expression, and there was a touch of movement in his heart.

Lin Meng stood behind Ye Sishen and looked at Ye Sishen with resentment: "We have registered for marriage! I am your real wife. As long as I don't promise a divorce, I will always be your wife!" "

This sentence is like a thunderous thunder

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In Xia Nuan's heart, she hidden the feelings in her eyes and got rid of Ye Sishen's shackles.

"Yesi Shen, you have to surrender Gu Mei, surrender Gu Mei, and I will leave with Gu Jinhan and Gu Mei."

"I won't tell you to leave!" Ye Si refused to think and refused, holding Xia Nuan constantly aggravating: "A Nuan, I won't tell you to slip away from me."

"Yeshen, I don't love you anymore. I'm married to Gu Jinhan now. Gu Jinhan is my husband. I want you to know that I'm not here with you!" Xia Nuan became excited.

Ye Si sinked into a chill for a while, and looked at Xia Nuan with a pained expression, slowly released Xia Nuan, and instructed Dillock: "Bring Gu Mei over and let her leave with Gu Jinhan."

After he said it, he looked at Xia Nuan: "As for you, I won't tell you to leave."

"What about me!" Lin Meng walked over and interposed between Xia Nuan and Ye Sishen.

Ye Sishen smiled coldly and looked at Lin Meng: "You married Cong Shen, and I am Ye Sishen."

"You ..." Lin Meng gritted her teeth, the face flushed: "You dare not continue to live as Ye Sishen! If that's the case, people all over the world will abandon you because of your fraud. you!"

"I don't care." Ye Sichen held Xia Nuan's hand.

Lin Meng smiled and looked at Xia Nuan: "So Xia Nuan, do you support him to do this? By that time, the Union State and the Moonlight will target her! Even if you are with him, you will not get it Any happiness! You get nothing but fear! "

After hearing this, Mrs. Ni was also afraid for a while, and took a step forward to discourage Ye Sichen: "A Shen, you can't be so impulsive, Lin Meng is right, you can't show people as Ye Sichen!"

Xia Nuan heard this and released Ye Sishen's hand: "Mr. Cong, you will always be Mr. Cong. I'm Gu Jinhan's wife now, please let Gu Mei go, and let Gu Mei go and I will leave."

"I won't tell you to go!"

"But I must go!" Xia Nuan screamed at him.

Ye Sishen had to let go of Xia Nuan, with a pain in his eyes: "Okay, I'll do you well."


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