Xia Nuan felt a little surprised, looked at Gu Jinhan, and asked Gu Jinhan with uncertainty: "Do you really want to send me back?"

Gu Jinhan affirmed with a glance, nodded: "Yes, I really want to send you back, I don't want to force you, I have completely figured it out."

Xia Nuan listened to Gu Jinhan's words, and her heart moved slightly. She passed Gu Jinhan's clothes, and Gu Jinhan put on the clothes, and passed the sadness in his eyes: "Let's go."

"Are you going now? Is your body consuming?" Xia Nuan asked Gu Jinhan with some worries.

On the cruise, she saw Gu Jinhan going to ignite the explosives on her body. At that time, she thought that Gu Jinhan was going to end up with Ye Sichen, so she didn't want to push Ye Sichen away, and then Gu Jinhan was taken away from the sea. In the middle, she originally thought that she and Gu Jinhan would be blown up at the same time, but she was wrong. Gu Jinhan's detonator was simply a smoke bomb, just blinding Ye Sichen's eyes. The real situation is that Gu Jinhan was before the typhoon had come. Take her into the submarine and leave the vast ocean.

However, because Gu Jinhan was injured when she drove the submarine, she was always ill in bed. On several occasions, she tried to escape, but did not escape. Now, she can only leave with the help of Gu Jinhan.

Gu Jinhan nodded, a bitter smile filled his mouth: "Aren't you anxious to see Ye Sishen, I don't want to make you anxious, let's go."

After he finished speaking, he passed Xia Nuan and walked out of the bedroom. Xia Nuan followed, silently following him.

Gu Jinhan didn't break his word, and really took Xia Nuan to leave this remote fishing village, and still drove the submarine before him, traveling along the upstream.

In fact, this route was the route that Aken was looking for in the summer and warm time, but Gu Jinhan was hiding very well. In order not to tell outsiders the wind, he also bought the downstream fishermen with money and blocked their mouths. Therefore, Aken No clue was found. Xia Nuan didn't know, but Xia Nuan knew that Ye Sishen must be looking for her like crazy, she didn't want to make Ye Sishen worry.

Thinking of this, Xia Nuan hoped that Gu Jinhan could speed up.

However, because Gu Jinhan was injured, she did not urge. Gu Jinhan seemed to know her mind. Even if Xia Nuan didn't say anything, he speeded up the cruise and returned to country A soon.

The time before and after is less than five hours. Xia Nuan felt that everything was so dreamy, she concealed her inner excitement, and imagined seeing Ye Sishen, he must be incredible.

Xia Nuan could not help showing a sweet smile.

Gu Jinhan keenly observed Xia Nuan's happiness. He turned around and stopped, greeted a taxi, and said to Xia Nuan, "I'll take you back first, and redeem Gu Mei from Ye Sishen's hands. . "

Xia Nuan listened and put away a smile, and looked at Gu Jinhan with some anxiety: "Jin Han, try not to conflict with Ye Si and try to do something extreme. If you calm down, I will do well with Ye Si Shen He said he would let Gu Mei, believe me. "

Gu Jinhan smiled bitterly: "I know, I'm not doing something extreme."

Xia Nuan was relieved and got on the car with Gu Jinhan.

After getting on the bus, the driver asked Gu Jinhan where to go. Gu Jinhan and Xia Nu unanimously said, "Go home."

"Nijia? Is it the Ni family? Wow, you don't know, Mr. Cong is the best friend of Nijia, and Madame Nicolas allows him to hold a wedding in Nijia."

Gu Jinhan heard this, smiled, and glanced at Xia Nun secretly, only to see that the light in Xia Nuan's eyes suddenly darkened a little, and the happy smile at the corner of his mouth was gone.

Gu Jinhan's thin lips drew a hint of sneer, then asked the driver in front of him with a curious expression: "Master, who is Mr. Cong you said?"

"It's Mr. Cong Shencong. He vindicated his family and helped country A get rid of a scourge Xiao Chi. How can you not know these things that the whole world knows? He is going to get married, just I'm going to hold a wedding today, and I heard that the bride and the Nan family have some relationship. "

Xia Nuan's head buzzed, and those doubtful eyes with a touch of disbelief, Gu Jinhan held Xia Nuan's hand subconsciously. Xia Nuan had been holding back his emotions, and looked down without saying a word.

Gu Jinhan didn't say anything. When Xia Nuan was distracted, he took out his mobile phone and sent Lin Meng a message, and Lin Meng quickly responded to him. He glanced, put the phone in his pocket, and then ordered the driver: "Master, I'm going to the marriage registry."

The driver smiled through the rearview mirror: "It looks like you are also a new couple. Today is really a happy day."

After speaking, the driver turned the steering wheel and drove towards the marriage registration office.

Xia Nuan did not understand what Gu Jinhan was going to do at the marriage registration office. She asked Gu Jinhan, Gu Jinhan didn't say anything. When he got to the marriage registration office, Gu Jinhan told Xia Nuan that he was here to check whether Ye Sishen had been Cong Shen got married in the name, and also check who was married.

Xia Nuan didn't seem to have the courage to go in and stood there when he heard this.

"I don't want to go in, I should believe Ye Sishen, he won't betray me." She caught the taunt in Gu Jinhan's eyes, and there was something in her heart that was not tasteful. Because she already felt that Gu Jinhan was watching her jokes.

Gu Jinhan said, "If you really believe him, you should investigate the real situation here without any fear. What if someone deliberately does something bad with his name?"

Xia Nuan thought about it and entered the marriage registry with Gu Jinhan.

"What do you want to check? We have new people here every day to register for marriage." The staff member said impatiently.

"I am looking for a public figure, Mr. Cong Shencong. I heard that he is getting married today. Does he come here to register for marriage?"

Gu Jinhan asked the staff opposite.

Xia Nuan looked at the staff's happy and gossip-like face, and the heart continued to sink.

"Yes, that's right, Mr. Cong is going to get married. The whole country A knows it. How do you know?" The staff member scoffed a little.

Gu Jinhan frowned, looking a little weird, and continued to ask the staff: "Who does he want to marry?"

"It is said that it has a relationship with the Nan family. It is a very cute and sweet girl named Lin Meng. Just before Mr. Cong took her to the marriage registration, they looked very loving."

The staff member said with interest, although Cong Shen is a great hero admired by everyone in Country A, but everyone knows about his marriage, and it doesn't matter if she reveals something.

After hearing these words, Gu Jinhan looked at Xia Nuan with a pale face, and couldn't help but secretly rejoice. He looked at Xia Nuan who was a bit lost, and quietly followed Xia Nuan and left the marriage registry.

Gu Jinhan caught up with Xia Nuan and held Xia Nuan's hand: "So, Xia Nuan, would you still return to him?"

Xia Nuan didn't say anything, but walked a little boundlessly, as if he had lost his soul.

Gu Jinhan continued to add fuel and vinegar: "I originally thought that after losing you, Ye Sishen would die better than life, and would suffer in pain and thoughts every day, but he did not expect that he would forget you so soon and married the forest Lemon, in my opinion, he doesn't love you at all, he only loves himself. "

Xia Nunton stopped, looked at Gu Jinhan, and shook his head unbelievably: "I don't believe he will marry Lin Meng. There must be some hidden feelings in it, I will go to him in person."

Ye Sishen loves her as much as she loves Ye Sishen, so he won't forget her easily! Thinking of this, Xia Nuan seemed to have sparked hope, got into the car, and ordered the driver to drive home.

Gu Jinhan did not expect that Xia Nuan was stirred up, and he had to go to Ye Si to sink. He originally thought that Xia Nuan would die, and then chose to be with him ...

Sitting in the car, Xia Nuan was so upset that she had no mental understanding of the scenery outside the window. She just hoped to see Ye Sishen soon.

It was finally time to go home. However, when the driver came to the tree-lined road, he stopped because there were dozens of luxury cars in front. The owners of these luxury cars came to Ye Sishen's wedding.

Xia Nuan was not in the mood to take the car, opened the door, got out of the car, and ran in the direction of the door to the house, so that Gu Jinhan had to speed up and chase her.

Xia Nuan finally ran to the door of Nijia, and she heard the sacred and romantic marching march inside the villa like a palace.

Xia Nuan's heart sank as if she had fallen into the icy abyss, so that every time she listened to the marriage march, her body and mind would be cold.

She moved forward stiffly, tears slipped silently, Gu Jinhan grabbed her with some distress, and stopped her pace. However, she let go of Gu Jinhan's hand and walked forward. When she walked in, under her feet was a red carpet showing joy. On the side of the red carpet, a pair of newcomers walked into the center of the luxurious living room with the blessing of the guests. Men are indeed Ye Sishen, and women are also Lin Meng.

Xia Nuan's head was blank, and he couldn't help shaking.

"Xia Nuan, can you calm down? He doesn't love you anymore. In his eyes, you are just an old man. You still follow me." Gu Jinhan held Xia Nuan's hand in order not to call the night Seeing Xia Nu, Si Shen has been trying to drag Xia Nu away.

Xia Nuan smiled, holding Gu Jinhan's hand back, and looked at the new couple: "Jin Han, don't you want to save Gu Mei? I must convince him to let Gu Mei go."

"I will find a way ..." Gu Jinhan was going to start with Lin Meng.

"No need, since it's here, we should attend his wedding!" Xia Nuan's voice raised a little.

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