Ye Ranni heard Dilok's words, her eyes flickered, and she looked at Ye Sishen, who was physically weak, and chased after her.

Dilock frowned, looking at Ye Ranni with some vigilance.

"Miss Ye, I hope you don't tell the outside world about your husband, can you do it?"

Ye Ranni didn't seem to hear Dilok talking, and continued to walk forward until she caught up with Ye Sishen.

"Second Brother, Xia Nuan must be eye-catching. Even if she dies, you shouldn't give up!" Ye Ranni stopped Ye Sishen's way.

Ye Sishen heard Ye Ranni's words, her eyes ignited a anger, raised her hand, and slap Ye Ranni: "She is not dead, you better take back what you just said."

Ye Ranni was slaped heavily, half of her face was numb. This was the first time Ye Sishen hit her. She never thought that losing Xia Nuan would make Ye Sishen extremely crazy. !! Ye Ranni looked at Ye Sishen with some grievances, with anger.

"Are you alive without Xia Nuan? Why can't you accept the reality?" Ye Ranni shouted at Ye Sichen.

Ye Sichen didn't look at Ye Ranni, and he directly cut off the resistance of the water. He went to the sea to find Xia Nuan, and Dillock could not stop him.

At this moment, Aken drove over the cruise ship towards the downstream side, and Ye Sichen's eyes flashed with a beam of light, pushing Dilock away and running towards the cruise ship.

"Sir, the lower reaches leads to a fishing village, but they haven't found the trace of his wife. I have sent someone to look around." The news brought by Aken once again extinguished the hope in Ye Sishen's heart, his His eyes were darker than ever, and He stood there staring at the deep blue sea.

"Aken, I want to find her in person." He walked towards the cruise ship, a little bit lost.

"Sir, you can't stand it," Aken advised.

"It's okay, I can eat it." Ye Sishen's attitude was extremely firm. He decided to go to the lower reaches of the sea to find Xia Nuan until he found Xia Nuan.

"Sir, you can just listen to me, you really aren't fit for bumps." Dilock had to stop him.

But Ye Sishen decided that things could not be changed by anyone. Ye Sishen still wanted a cruise ship.

"I know where Xia Nuan is!" At this time, a woman's sharp voice sounded on the beach.

This woman wasn't Ye Ranni's, even Ye Ranni felt a little confused and looked over to the beach.

This woman was an extreme fan of Ye Sishen at first, and in order to get Ye Sishen, she could do everything, and even counted Xia Nuan. This woman is Lin Meng, Ye Ranni can recognize her.

Obviously, Ye Sishen, Dilock and Aken also recognized Lin Meng.

Ye Sishen turned and walked in front of Lin Meng: "What did you just say?"

Lin Meng's tone was extremely firm: "I know Xia Nuan's whereabouts, Gu Jinhan's detonator is nothing more than a scary smoke bomb. She did not die, and Gu Jinhan is still with her!"

Ye Sichen squeezed Lin Meng's shoulder and kept asking: "Where is she? Tell me, where is she?"

Lin Meng looked at Ye Sishen proudly, but never said the whereabouts of Xia Nuan.

"I know you want to know her whereabouts, but I won't tell you. Unless you are willing to marry me, let me be your woman!" Lin Meng's eyes were extremely firm, as if any threat could not be Shake her heart.

Ye Sishen's eyes were flushed, and Lin Mo's arm squeezed a little bit harder: "Tell me, where is she?"

"Yesi Shen, I love you, as long as you marry me, as long as you marry me, I will tell you her whereabouts." Lin Meng's tears poured silently, but there was no trace of timidity: "Even if you Whip me, make me worse than death, and I won't tell Xia Nuan's whereabouts, unless you let me be your wife. "

Ye Sishen let go of Lin Meng, without thinking about it, he directly agreed with Lin Meng: "Okay, I will marry you, I will marry you now."

Lin Meng's eyes flashed with joy, holding Ye Sishen's hand tightly, and rushing into his arms: "Ye Sishen, you know, I love you so much ..."

Speaking of which, her throat choked.

Ye Ranni saw this scene, and some reactions could not come. She felt ridiculous and incredible. Ye Sishen told Lin Meng the whereabouts of Xia Nuan, and she actually agreed to marry Lin Meng!

Ye Ranni took a step forward to persuade Lin Meng to agree to the idea and let Ye Sishen take back this sentence, however, Dilok stopped Ye Ranni.

Ye Sishen really said he could do it. He returned to Nijia with Lin Mo and started the wedding of Zhang Luo. The Nijia was filled with the excitement of preparing for the wedding. However, Ye Sishen under the excitement seemed too much. Sad and sad, he only hoped that Lin Meng could tell her about Xia Nu's whereabouts.

However, Lin Meng still gave up, and told Ye Sishen that what she wanted was not a wedding, but to be his real wife.

Ye Si frowned and looked at Lin Meng coldly: "Lin Meng, I have done as you said, why don't you tell me where she is?"

"Yeshen, I want to register with you for a veritable marriage registration. I want to be your real wife, do you understand?" Lin Meng held Yeshen's hand: "In fact, when you pretend to be When I was deep, I recognized you, because I love you so much. I can recognize you even if you turn to ashes. My whole life is to marry you and be your wife. "

"Lin Meng, I have a bottom line. Holding a wedding is already my last bottom line. You better not irritate me." Ye Si Shen pinched Lin Meng's chin, gritted his teeth, word by word.

Lin Meng did not have the slightest fear, and he kept touching his chest with his hands: "What about angering you, can you kill me? If you kill me, you will never know Xia Nuan's whereabouts So, you won't do anything to me. I want to go to the marriage registration first and then hold the wedding. "

Ye Sishen pressed the anger in his heart a little bit and looked at Lin Meng: "Do you have to register now?"

"Yes, you must, or else you never want to know Xia Nuan's whereabouts."

Ye Sichen squeezed Lin Meng's hand and dragged her sharply, pulling her downstairs, getting in the car, and driving towards the place where the marriage was registered ...

In the dim bedroom, Xia Nuan sat beside the bed and guarded the unconscious Gu Jinhan. Gu Jinhan was always weak, but he was sober and blurred.

Xia Nuan gently laid the water cup aside, looked at Gu Jinhan, and looked at the dim room around him.

She knew that Ye Sishen must have been looking for her at this moment and worried about her. She wanted to leave here as soon as possible, but Gu Jinhan was dying again ...

She resented Gu Jinhan's extremes, but when she thought of her past owes to Gu Jinhan, she couldn't bear to leave him alone, so after leaving the deep sea, she tried to leave him several times, but she dispelled that thought because of her guilt. However, she didn't want to ask Ye Sishen to worry about her. She still wanted to go back and reunite with Ye Sishen, but this place was completely new to her. She didn't know which direction to leave, and several times she left. She was almost lost here, and was almost caught by some gangsters. Since then she has not dared to go out alone.

"Gu Jinhan, do you feel better now?" Xia Nuan saw Gu Jinhan was awake and could not help asking him.

Gu Jinhan looked at Xia Nuan and shook her hand. "I'm disappointed. I'm not good."

Xia Nuan pulled back and looked elsewhere: "I can't stay here all the time, Ye Sishen must be worried about me, and I want to get in touch with him."

"You can rest assured that I have contacted him. He knows that you are still alive and is happy, but he does not know where you are. The only thing he knows is that you are still alive. I think this is a relief to him. "Gu Jinhan said.

Xia Nuan heard Gu Jinhan's words, a touch of tenderness flashed in his eyes: "Did you really tell him that I was safe?"

"It's true. I've figured it out. I'm going to send you back in person. I'm not begging you. Are you satisfied now?" Gu Jinhan said with a bitter smile: "But I only want him to take me Gu Meifang, her sister. "

"You can rest assured, as long as I go back, I will definitely ask him to release Gu Mei, and I believe he is not the kind of cruel man, he will not treat Gu Mei."

Gu Mei has been in Ye Sishen's hands. Gu Jinhan is worried that if Ye Sishen cannot find Xia Nuan, Gu Mei will be in danger. Ask him to give Xia Nuan arch to Ye Sishen himself, of course he is not reconciled, but he wants to rescue Gu Mei. What's more, Xia Nuan always thought about Ye Sishen. He kept forcing her like this would only arouse her resentment, so he had to find another way, such as starting from Lin Meng ...

Thinking of this, Gu Jinhan supported to get up: "I feel much better, A Nuan, can you help me bring in the clothes I drank outside?"

Xia Nuan got up and went out.

Gu Jinhan saw Xia Nuan go out, turned on the phone, dialed Lin Meng's phone, lowered his voice, and asked Lin Meng over there: "How is the situation over there?"

There, Lin Meng only spoke a word, Gu Jinhan nodded and hung up.

This Lin Meng loves Ye Sishen very much, just as he loves Xia Nuan, so he and Lin Meng decided to cooperate for the one they love. Lin Meng was introduced to him by Gu Mei. At the time, Lin Meng injected poison in order to keep away from Xia Nuan and Ye Sishen's feelings. Obviously, Lin Meng's love for Ye Sishen had reached the point of going crazy.

As it happens, he can take advantage of this opportunity created by Lin Meng and tell Xia Nuan to die for Ye Si ...

Xia Nuan took the clothes in, Gu Jinhan subconsciously pressed the phone to shut down, and quickly put the phone under the pillow.

"I'll send you back to country A now." Gu Jinhan lifted the quilt to the ground.

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