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Hundred Ways To Save Cannon Fodder Mom

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The system cub from the interstellar era travels through the novel world, saves the miserable mother inside, and protects them.

The abducted college student mother – Zaizai Online will take you out of the mountains.

The mother of the actress who was killed by domestic violence, Zizai, beat the scumbag head.
The strong woman mother who was forced to disappear – Zaizai brings you back to the world.
A wealthy female mother of a patriarchal family – Zaizai teaches you to fight for family property.
Ewen’s mother, who has been plagued by bad luck all her life – is 100% lucky to be close to the cub.
Pregnant and killed ghost mother – cub takes you to lead the ghost world

Read mine clearance: Cub is a girl, abusive and sleazy, not brought into reality.
The style of writing is slightly immature. If there are logical errors, please correct me.

One sentence introduction: Soft cute cub slaps the face online
Purpose: Family love heals everything
Content tags: Face Slap System Quick Wear Shuangwen
Search keywords: protagonist: mother and cub ┃ supporting role: ┃ other:

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Short Title:HWTSCFMP
Alternate Title:拯救炮灰妈妈的一百种方法[快穿]
Author:night and starry sky
Weekly Rank:#3730
Monthly Rank:#3488
All Time Rank:#7109
Tags:Absent Parents, Abuse, Abusive Characters, Adultery, Aggressive Characters, Amnesia, Bullying, Cheats, Child Abuse, Child Protagonist, Childcare, Complex Family Relationships, Counterattack, Crime, Faceslap, Family, Family Love, Female Protagonist, Forced into a Relationship, Future Civilization, Futuristic Setting, Ghosts, Kidnappings, Murder, Murders, No Cp, No romance, Phobias, Psychopaths, Quick Transmigration, R-18, Rape, Rebirth, Revenge, Sexual Abuse, System,
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  1. First arc is true story happened in Chinese rural village. It’s common in rural villages. Many Chinese rural men abducted women and lock up them, I saw news in weibo. Women were abducted, kidnapped and forced to give birth son for men. One women were forced to give 8 children. She was lock up by that beast man for many year , forced to give children for him. It’s so tragedy and scary. 😡😡rural village are very patriarchy, forced women to give son.

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