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Humans Are Falling Apart, Just In the Moon, Science God

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The protagonist of the collapse of the three former civilizations is Dr. Mei. What is the end of logic, the strongest brain, super intelligence, this is the story of the strongest scientist of Honkai with knowledge of the moon becoming the god of science!

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Alternate Title:人在崩坏,刚下型月,科学上帝
Author:wastepaper basket
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All Time Rank:#8697
Tags:Determined Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Female Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Shoujo-Ai Subplot, Time Travel, World Travel,
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16 Comments on “Humans Are Falling Apart, Just In the Moon, Science God
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  1. Nice 👍 ,poison free novel and stating the fact buddhist is not from Chinese,i always heard these guy saying Buddha from honghuang ,but this is the first novel i heard to hear Budha from India :v,i almost got brainwashed by these guys... 😱

  2. something weird... ? this author is too smart ? people always say that anything you don't know you will always say it's quantum physicsand in this novel although the author did not write any formula and calculation ,but he still write the theory that somethime i question why did this gut write novel ? of course most theory is nonsense but you can remember the thoery and write them well enough that some fool believe it, and it's a goddaman TALENT !!

  3. It seems after first few chapter author starts copy pasting. Entire volumes of text directly from other novels. In first 100 chapter altough author used other novels it seems to have been written personaly. After that it seems like he copy pasted from science sites and source novels directly and not just a bit but entire chapter are a colab of pastings from other peoples work. Like 9/10 of the chapter is just text copied from other works and summaries of their world building. Last almost 200 might as well have been 20 if not less without all that.

  4. Any website with all the free available chapters of “ pirates: super summoning “ fanfic in which protagonist is forced to eat soft rice of summoned wife.

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