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This is a story about Sylvia and Fred.
I think young people should be high-spirited and wanton.
Everyone is growing up, but even though things are changing, those young people with love still shine, illuminating the galaxy and the world.
There is one sentence I agree with:
The Weasley Twins are the most Gryffindor boys I’ve ever seen.
They are brave and free.
I long for the light of twins, so I have this story.
Who wouldn’t want to be incarcerated at Hogwarts Nightcrawler with the Weasleys?
Don’t argue, you think.
This is the story of a silly college student crossing hp
I’m here to raise my head to guarantee a happy ending! Save all the troubles! No worries! What is it?
There are many private settings, all ooc belong to me.
I hope you love Little Sill as much as I do.

Content tags: Anglo-American derivation Soul transformation Traveling through time and space Traveling through books
Search keywords: Protagonist: Sylvia Tonks, Fred Weasley ┃ Supporting roles: George Weasley, Hoddle Waughlin, Draco Malfoy, HP everyone ┃ Others:

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Short Title:HDMF
Alternate Title:HP亲爱的怪胎小姐
Author:who stole my pine nuts
Weekly Rank:#4537
Monthly Rank:#5507
All Time Rank:#8483
Tags:Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Female Protagonist, Harry Potter,
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14 Comments on “HP Dear Miss Freak
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  1. Not yet finished reading this one. For me I don't know how to describe it, I like the story the plot etc, but the way author write it make me annoyed, he/she write this novel such as a report about what happen with the MC, not like a story that can make us going to the story itself, and I don't feel like I part of the story (such a GOD POV) but more like some student reading a report.

  2. Ugh it’s so annoying, I’m glad the author addresses it but if the first line of the description is exalting Fred and the mc why do you have to tease us with the mc and a gloomy handsome ‘bad boy’ having so much romance ! Ugh….. 🥲 But yeah the authors note is at the end of ch 31, they say ‘hoddle’ isn’t as simple as the foil for Fred who likes the mc, tbh I’m kind of irritated by the emotionally advanced older handsome boy who has a lot of romantic interactions with the mc but isn’t the love interest, now in ‘the troubleshooting diary at Hogwarts’ I kind of get it because the other person is a enemies to lovers but tbh let’s get some slytherin representation, I mean harry’s mom fell for James and he changed his ways to be less of a dick, anyways, I’m just tired of reading a Weasley twin x mc and then having better more interesting(as love interests) characters coming along like hoddle in this fanfic or that Slytherin boy in ‘the troubleshooting diary at Hogwarts’ anyways the progress is so slow ! 😣 and the. These authors titillate us with these sexy bad boys who are following a proper romance novels plot ! 😂

  3. Capítulo 5: los chinos y su obsesión por creer que la comida china es la mejor del mundo... Me estaba gustando este fic pero realmente no soporto y no entiendo la necesidad de hacer que hagan comida china en Hogwarts. Hermana llevas 11 años viviendo en Londres! Entiendo que de vez en cuando quiera comer comida china, pero hacer que cocinen eso en su primer día? En fin, me esforzaré por aguantar mi disgusto por este detalle, porque la novela está buena quitándolo

  4. es que a ellos les restan créditos social si hablan mal de su pais, así que en cualquier cosa que hagan tienen que decir que china es lo mejor del mundo o se van a la cárcel

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