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How to Fall in Love with the Villain

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Novel Summary

Q: How would you approach your target?

Tiger Tribe:
Jiang Yu (excited): “Cure him, give him medicine!”

Future Mecha:
Duan Jingzhe (at a loss): “… umm … feed him expired nutrients?”

Ancient Court:
Donghao Yang (banter): “Follow nature’s example and flirt shamelessly.”

Next unlucky protagonist: “…”

This is a collection of three short stories in which each protagonist crosses to another world or is reborn.

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Short Title:
Original Title:如何与反派谈恋爱
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi
Weekly Rank:#1746
Monthly Rank:#1736
All Time Rank:#1798
Tags:Age Regression, Ancient China, Animal Characteristics, Beastkin, Caring Protagonist, Charming Protagonist, Child Abuse, Childhood Friends, Clever Protagonist, Cold Love Interests, Determined Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Handsome Male Lead, Helpful Protagonist, Herbalist, Humanoid Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Manipulative Characters, Mpreg, Multiple Protagonists, Pregnancy, Proactive Protagonist, Reincarnated in Another World, Schemes And Conspiracies, Shapeshifters, Shy Characters, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Strong Love Interests, Transmigration, Tribal Society, Weak Protagonist, World Hopping,

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