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How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai

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When a person dies, they either die light as a feather (aka unimportant) or heavy as Mt. Tai (aka very important).

Their nature is certainly not ordinary. So when these kind of people do not die as extraordinary people, their hearts will have some lingering wishes.

Souls with lingerings wishes in their hearts, just one bowl of soup from Meng Po isn’t enough to let them forget past events. Souls that aren’t pure enough can’t go through reincarnation.

Therefore, they need –

Hello, this the underworld’s department of purifying souls, serial number 666 Lu Heng (MC) is at your disposal. Our service obejctive is: fulfilling your wish to die importantly, additionally, never being OOC!

Lu Heng: Left the name in the annals, this evaluations grade will be for sure S+!

Section Chief: Lu Heng, why did you break apart the CP again!! I am deducting your salary! Deducting, deducting, deducting!!!!

Lu Heng: Leader, this is really not my fault!!! QAQ

Mysterious Person: *rubs Lu Heng’s head*

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:
Alternate Title:如何死得重于泰山
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Monthly Rank:#5058
All Time Rank:#4879
Tags:Amnesia, Apocalypse, Beasts, Calm Protagonist, Cultivation, Demons, Dragons, Elves, Episodic, Gods, Interdimensional Travel, Multiple Realms, Omegaverse, Possessive Characters, Priests, Revenge, System Administrator, Time Travel, Transmigration, World Hopping, Zombies,
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  1. I rarely comment on review but guys you should try this series. I cried bucket each episode. The logical plot grab my heart and emotional line so great. The protagonist are not so Mary Sue but it was in line with all the plot. No exaggeration. I pray a lot along the story so they didn't end up in bad ending. The author is awesome I love him.

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