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How Can You Become the Richest Man By Letting You Host a Game Company

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Xu Zhi, who traveled to Blue Star, took over the iron rice bowl of the family cook early and became the assistant to the daughter-in-law of the president of the game company.

Knowing that the daughter-in-law was suddenly pregnant, the mother-in-law asked her to go home to have a miscarriage.

Before returning home, hand over the power of the company to Xu Zhi, so that the company can operate smoothly after the child has landed.

Who knows.

The October period has come, and the daughter-in-law of the CEO, who has just given birth to a child, learns that she has become the richest woman in China.

“Wow wow…”

Looking at the twins who just landed, Xu Zhi said to himself, a year later, the richest man in the world will be your mother’s.


When Xu Zhi took office in the company, he drastically canceled the originally expensive new travel plan, and turned his head to jump on the line of fire.

Planning Department: Chairman, this 4-round pistol has 18 rounds of bullets in it. I am a graduate student in mathematics, and I strongly disagree.

Operation Department: Chairman, this gun is sold for 999, I am afraid it is difficult for us to sell it.

Marketing Department:……

Despite everyone’s opposition, Xu Zhi insisted on getting on the jumping line of fire. A month later, the jumping line of fire started the public beta.

The amount exceeded 10 million in one day, 300 million in ten days, and one billion in a month! ! !

Xu Zhi: You don’t understand, game companies want to bring players the strongest entertainment! Finding the real in the virtual is tantamount to adding salt for sweetness.

By the way, this month, the company’s owner will give out a bonus of 100,000 yuan.

All staff: The chairman is awesome! ! ! !

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Alternate Title:让你代管游戏公司,怎么成首富了
Author:nice almond tree
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All Time Rank:#4310
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Businessmen, Character Growth, Clever Protagonist, Co-Workers, e-Sports, Early Romance, Gamers, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Parallel Worlds, Pregnancy, Previous Life Talent, Romantic Subplot, Transmigration,
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  1. Tengda? Losing money to be a Tycoon? The first game this mc made seems like Ocean Stronghold from Losing Money To Be A Tycoon...

  2. A ten year gap in game development compare to earth is almost nothing like ten years ago we had mw2 bf3 gta sa 4 and many more bruh

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