How Are You Guys Getting Boyfriends While Gaming

Got roomed with another straight man in a love hotel and had to share a bed. Meeting by the road side on a certain day, the boy in his arms was smiling wildly. Hey, let me explain myself, don’t go ahead of yourself. I was just being a samaritan. I had to help, even if […].... Read more

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Chapter 154 Extra (End) Happy New Year and good health Chapter 153 Extra (4) After I get home, I'll do a good job of 'calculating' Chapter 152 Extra (3) Wash your hands frequently and wear a mask

Chapter 151 Extra (2) Oh my god Chapter 150 Extra (1) Is the sound insulation effect good? Chapter 149 end Chapter 148 what is it like being sick Chapter 147 as my family Chapter 146 Don't talk nonsense Chapter 145 Do you have a fever Chapter 144 It's time to do the right thing Chapter 143 hahaha doing things

Chapter 142 something happened, something happened Chapter 141 That's how it fell Chapter 140 what should he do

Chapter 139 Never give up, never fail Chapter 138 The abuse and confusion Chapter 137 one word kiss Chapter 136 Can't stop starting Chapter 135 Let's talk about taking medicine Chapter 134 why do you ask Chapter 133 stubbornly guard the desire Chapter 132 do you want assistant to die Chapter 131 see this ring

Chapter 130 Did you bring your medicine? Chapter 129 No need to be sad and sad Chapter 128 surprising thing Chapter 127 why are we both alright Chapter 126 Willingness to be punished Chapter 125 Where can I go this year Chapter 124 You're a real drinker Chapter 123 drunk who will take it away Chapter 122 It's such a test of stamina Chapter 121 I have to wear turtleneck these two days Chapter 120 also make low-level mistakes Chapter 119 what does this imply

Chapter 118 Back to before liberation Chapter 117 pleasant things Chapter 116 Are you sure you are awake Chapter 115 get drunk and do something Chapter 114 what choice do you have Chapter 113 Is it that kind of corporal punishment? Chapter 112 June is cold and three winters are warm Chapter 111 Do you remember what happened last night? Chapter 110 He is my boyfriend Chapter 109 I am his suitor Chapter 108 nothing makes sense Chapter 107 Go past the door at night

Chapter 106 There is light in his eyes Chapter 105 You won't get sick by tossing Chapter 104 Fighting is prohibited in the ward Chapter 103 It's all forgotten Chapter 102 where are his family Chapter 101 It's going to be misunderstood Chapter 100 It's really sad to keep each other warm Chapter 99 where is your family Chapter 98 Oops, he missed the point Chapter 97 Big bed can sleep two people Chapter 96 That unreachable phone Chapter 95 This scene seems familiar

Chapter 94 Last time was fake, this time is real Chapter 93 The tooth can't be unbuttoned Chapter 92 How can you sleep on this horse? Chapter 91 Anyway, it's over. Chapter 90 thank you for liking me too Chapter 89 I have something to say to you Chapter 88 it doesn't matter it's me Chapter 87 so blind Chapter 86 I'm with him anyway Chapter 85 don't mind seeing me at night Chapter 84 Anyway, it's over. Chapter 83 daily in-depth communication

Chapter 82 hug nothing Chapter 81 I can't live in a room Chapter 80 who said i had a boyfriend Chapter 79 what is reckless Chapter 78 true god-level support Chapter 77 Repeated mistakes after impulse Chapter 76 so skinless Chapter 75 Drinking hurts and hurts Chapter 74 False god-level support Chapter 73 Coaxing a daughter-in-law is a big deal Chapter 72 Another way to pay tuition Chapter 71 Assist or make things happen

Chapter 70 Bullying newbies nobody cares Chapter 69 I am his jungler Chapter 68 On the incidence of double standards Chapter 67 What is active business Chapter 66 it's all because of you Chapter 65 This vinegar jar is big and round Chapter 64 Misdemeanor youth betrayal contract Chapter 63 Remember to add clothes when it's cold Chapter 62 Please be gentle with him Chapter 61 I'm going after your son Chapter 60 what is indispensable Chapter 59 There are thousands of whispers in my ears

Chapter 58 It's really philosophical Chapter 57 bed together Chapter 56 Love room doesn't mind Chapter 55 Be honest and don't lie Chapter 54 Dangduan continues to suffer from its chaos Chapter 53 what makes you wake up early Chapter 52 want to be seen in his eyes Chapter 51 Fate has come, can't escape Chapter 50 What script is this from? Chapter 49 Occupations that depend on talent Chapter 48 This courier is not wrong Chapter 47 I'm so handsome

Chapter 46 a sudden onset of the condition Chapter 45 i will take care of myself Chapter 44 Look, it won't be less meat Chapter 43 Can take pictures but not hug Chapter 42 TV routines are deceiving Chapter 41 No way back but forward Chapter 40 Is it hard to explain seriously? Chapter 39 It's really just one day away Chapter 38 Love in disguise Chapter 37 what would happen if you kissed hard Chapter 36 i really like him Chapter 35 Can't I get into my eyes?

Chapter 34 long night he is light Chapter 33 I am not me, I have changed Chapter 32 I don't like to hear you always mention him Chapter 31 Our family's seniority is really messed up Chapter 30 You two have an unusual relationship Chapter 29 Stand still, I'll come Chapter 28 What is a sincere return Chapter 27 An operation is as fierce as a tiger Chapter 26 undress to warm the bed to be grateful Chapter 25 Why don't you try it yourself Chapter 24 Cohabitation days to run in Chapter 23 We live together, you live here

Chapter 22 seriously jealous Chapter 21 How is this favor Chapter 20 When irritability meets cowardice Chapter 19 I'm jealous Chapter 18 Unknown corner Chapter 17 It's alright to come back Chapter 16 The words are not amazing Chapter 15 Don't panic when the wheel rolls over your face Chapter 14 Don't be afraid of the deep city routines Chapter 13 take you home and meet others Chapter 12 Drunk was picked up Chapter 11 Gold plating is not as good as stainless steel

Chapter 10 He also gambled Chapter 9 The skin has always been unpopular Chapter 8 Embrace others and meet the present Chapter 7 I can't remember when I slept Chapter 6 what is it Chapter 5 It's all because of you Chapter 4 Not much to mention Chapter 3 One day broken heart Chapter 2 Many years of abstinence Chapter 1 I feel like my life has reached its peak

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