Wen Jing's eyes were resentful, and she looked at Ren Jian as if she was looking at the scumbag: "Ayu, but he said you were just teammates, he didn't dare to admit it."

Yu Qinghuan was stunned for a moment, then turned his eyes to look at Ren Jian, he grinned, his eyes full of wanton and teasing: "Just a teammate?"

Ren Jian panicked and tried to explain in a hurry: "I..."

Yu Qing smiled and shook Ren Jian's hand: "Go home and settle the account."

Any excuses, speechless.

Yu Qinghuan looked at Sister Wen Jing who was still a little sullen, and said with a smile: "After all, I don't know that I have a good relationship with you. He was worried that it would affect the relationship between me and you, so he said that it was only teammates, yes. For my sake."

Ren Jian did not expect that Yu Qinghuan would defend himself, and looked at him in surprise for a while.

"Ah..." Wen Jing nodded as she listened, indicating that she understood.

"Okay, okay, let's not talk about some of these." The lively girl said in time to adjust the atmosphere, "We have an appointment for a movie, little brother, do you want to go with us? Now hurry to see if there are any movie tickets for sale online, Maybe there's more!"

"Thank you, but I still have something to do." Renji refused, and he had to send Ren's mother and grandmother home.

A few people sat and chatted for a while. Ren's mother called and it was time to leave. Yu Qinghuan got up and sent him out of the milk tea shop.

"I'm sorry, I..." He walked out of the milk tea shop, and said in despair.

"Why are you apologizing?" Yu Qing smiled and patted Ren Jian's shoulder, "You have experienced those things before, and of course you know better than me to be cautious. Unlike me, who has such a big heart, just say what you want to say."

"You...Aren't you worried that your friend won't accept it?" Ren Jian expressed his confusion.

"I'm worried." Yu Qinghuan didn't deny it, "But, I don't think I did anything wrong, and we didn't gossip in public, right? If they can't even accept my words, then I am sorry to say goodbye."

Yu Qinghuan said it lightly, but he was very firm. He not only understood the panic in office, but also understood that his friends might be disgusted.

In the shopping mall, people came and went, and Ren Jian suddenly reached out and hugged Yu Qinghuan.

Yu Qinghuan was stunned for a moment, then smiled and stroked Ren Jian's back.

Ren Jian said: "Tomorrow on the third day of the first day, I don't have to visit relatives. Come to my house for dinner with my uncle."

"Okay." Yu Qinghuan didn't refuse, "I'll go back and talk to my dad."

Ren Jian sighed and hugged Yu Qinghuan tightly, then released him.

The two said goodbye.

Ren Jian found Ren's mother and grandmother in the parking lot and sent them home. After a lively dinner, Ren's father, Ren's mother, Ren Jian and the three returned home. Ren Jian said that he would invite Yu Qinghuan and Yu Qinghuan tomorrow. Yu's father came to the house: "Mom, will it trouble you?"

Ren's mother said, "what's the trouble with this! You two have been back for a few days, so why don't you accompany us more quickly?"

Ren Jian smiled, and his smile was full of gratitude. He suddenly remembered something: "By the way, Mom, is the sound insulation in our house good?"

Ren's mother said, "It's alright, what's the matter?"

Ren Jian moved his eyes away guiltily, and said quickly, "Just ask."

After the question, Ren Jian was not at ease, so he took a tape recorder and put it in the room, tapped and tapped everywhere, and finally listened to the recording.

Finally came to a conclusion.

The sound insulation of his house is very good.

On the third day of junior high, Yu Qinghuan came to Ren Jian's house alone to pay New Year's greetings.

Dad Yu signed himself up for a tour group and went out to play, but he didn't come together.

Yu Qinghuan carried a bunch of New Year's gifts, and let her mother blame him, saying that he was too polite.

Ren's father was still in charge, and Ren's father was half-cooked when he found that the soy sauce was gone, so he sent Renjian to buy it.

Yu Qinghuan volunteered to go with Ren Jian.

The night was cool, the clouds were light and the wind was light, and the winter was foggy. The two came to the supermarket at the gate of the community and found that it was not open, so they had to go to the supermarket far away from the community to buy.

The two chose the soy sauce, and they asked Yu Qinghuan to wait for him at the entrance of the supermarket. He came to line up to pay. Although Yu Qinghuan was puzzled, he obeyed obediently.

When I was checking out, I took a box of sleeves very calmly, and after paying the final payment, I stuffed the sleeves into my pocket and hid them.

He picked up the soy sauce and walked towards the door of the supermarket, when he was suddenly stopped.

"Any time? Is it a term?"

Ren Zhan turned back in doubt, and was stunned for a moment.

"Long time no see." Lu Ren recognized Ren Jian.

"Yeah... long time no see." Ren Jian took a deep breath, "I heard that you are married, congratulations."

"Thank you, are you too?" Lu Ren pointed to the ring on Ren Jian's hand.

Ren nodded calmly.

"Great." Lu Ren sighed, "When you were sick in high school..."

Ren Jian frowned and interrupted him: "Sick? Do you still think it's a disease?"

Lu Ren was taken aback: "Huh?"

Ren Jian asked: "Do you still think that I like boys, is it a disease?"

Lu Ren's expression changed, and he looked around cautiously, as if he had said something very shameless: "What's the matter with you, why are you still like this..."

Ren Jian said calmly: "I'm sorry, there are still people waiting for me, let's go first."

After speaking, Ren Jian turned his head and left, strode towards the supermarket door.

At the entrance of the supermarket, Yu Qinghuan saw him, raised his hand and waved, indicating that he was here.

Ren Jian walked towards Yu Qinghuan, and every step was very firm.

He found that he no longer cared about other people's eyes, and was no longer afraid of hiding in the corners and corners of his body and shouting about the wrong thing.

Facing the light of his own, he is oriented towards freedom, equality, singleness, the vast world, and inclusiveness.

Embrace your soul to desire, not just to satisfy mine.

"Let's go, go home." Ren Jian walked to Yu Qinghuan's side.

"Well, good." Yu Qing responded to him with a smile.

The two walked outside the supermarket and found that it was snowing. The snow in the south always made the ground wet, and the cold air kept digging into the cracks in the bones.

Ren Jian took off his scarf and put it on Yu Qinghuan.

"Don't, don't, you wear it yourself, I'm not cold." Yu Qinghuan refused.

"It's okay, I'm wearing a turtleneck sweater." He didn't give Yu Qinghuan a chance to refuse. After tying his scarf, he took him home.

After dinner, Ren's father and Ren's mother went out to see friends, and stayed at home with Yu Qinghuan.

The two of them were idle and bored, so they turned on the game and played in double row.

TKOW's group jumped out.

Jiang Haohan: What the hell! The palace fighting game that Momo made was really difficult! I rode on a horse for two days and kept dying.

Gu Zhizhi lost a screenshot, it was a screenshot of him playing as a queen: Huh? is that really so difficult?

Crowd: …

Captain: I know, you... It seems that some strange hidden attribute has been discovered.

Yu Qinghuan: Happy Chinese New Year, everyone, is there any good score? Are you going to rank?

Ren Jian: No, none of them are available, we just need to fight.

Crowd: …

Ren Jian and Yu Qinghuan arranged for one night. After Ren's mother and Ren's father came back, they didn't disturb them, so they told them to go to bed early, and then they went to rest first.

Ren Jian and Yu Qinghuan hit twelve o'clock. Ren Jian glanced at the time and said, "Why don't we go to bed too."

Yu Qinghuan felt that it was a little early, guessing that Ren Jian felt sleepy, and nodded: "Okay."

Ren Jian added, "You still sleep in my room tonight."

Yu Qinghuan nodded and asked, "What about you?"

Ren Jian looked away: "Me? I sleep in the guest room."

Yu Qinghuan opened his mouth and wanted to ask Ren Jian if he wanted to come over and sleep with him tonight, but felt that it was a little wrong to ask, as if he meant something, so he had to shut up, and a trace of disappointment flashed in his heart.

And he didn't see it, Ren Jian slightly hooked the corner of his mouth.