Ren Jian: "…"

Ren Jian seriously thought about the sound insulation effect of his room.

Then I found out I didn't know it.

But whether the sound insulation effect is good or not, it will not affect any night sneaking into the room and chatting with Yu Qinghuan under the quilt.

There was a sound of fireworks outside the room, and the quilt in the room was warm.

In the early morning of the second day, after a lively breakfast, Dad Yu took Yu Qinghuan to a temple on a mountain in the suburbs to burn incense, so as to hope for a good omen for the year, while Mama Ren and Dad Ren took Ren Jian to visit relatives for New Year's greetings.

The two secretly kissed goodbye in the room while the parents were not paying attention.

Ren Jian followed his parents and went to his grandparents' house first.

Ren family Ding Xingwang, on the first day of the new year, grandparents' house was full of friends and flowers.

Ren Jian struggled to identify the seven aunts and eight aunts. Although he was reminded by Ren's mother, he still could not call out the names of some relatives.

He was young and promising, and looked handsome. After greeting relatives, he was inevitably asked a few words.

Aunt: "Hey! What does my nephew do? I heard he runs an internet company?"

Uncle: "No! It's playing games!"

Aunt: "Huh? Games?"

Little aunt: "Although it's a game, my nephew is a world champion! I earn a lot, but I will give my third brother a face!"

Aunt: "Oh, oh, it's amazing, I know, it's often on the news! You can see it in that WeChat family group!"

Ren Jian humbly said nothing and smirked.

Uncle: "Hey, second child, nephew has reached the age to find a daughter-in-law! Hurry up and make plans."

Ren's heart tightened, and his eyes fell to the ground.

Dad Ren said calmly, "I have found it."

Ren suddenly raised his head.

Several relatives showed surprised expressions: "What? Found it?"

Dad Ren nodded: "Well, he is a kind-hearted child. My wife and I are very satisfied. We have the opportunity to introduce you to him."

He bowed his head, his eyes reddened.

"Great." Several relatives applauded.

Dad Ren reached out and patted Ren Jian on the shoulder encouragingly.

At this time, Yu Qinghuan and Dad Yu were doing volunteer work in the temple. This was invited by Dad Yu's friend. Dad Yu's friend believed in Buddhism, and Dad Yu and Yu Qinghuan were simply doing good deeds.

On the first day of the new year, the incense is prosperous, and people come and go, shoulder to shoulder.

Yu Qinghuan and Yu's father had a light lunch in the temple, and then Yu Qinghuan took advantage of the break to send a message to Renjian.

【what are you doing? 】

Soon, Renjian replied to the message, and he replied with a selfie.

All around him were six or seven year olds.

There are two lying on the left side, one hanging from the body, and one on the back.

Ren showed a distressed and broken look.

Yu Qinghuan looked at the photo and laughed directly.

At this moment, TKOW's group jumped out.

Assistant: Happy New Year, Happy New Year.

Jiang Haohan: Red envelopes, red envelopes.

Captain: Call Dad, call Dad.

Gu knows: the son is good, the son is good.

[The coach has left the group chat. 】

The assistant pulled the coach back and messaged: Don't run away.

Chen Mo suddenly appeared: I recently discovered a very difficult game.

Jiang Haohan: Huh? No, is there a game that Momo finds difficult?

Gu Zhizhi: What game, send it out and have a look.

Chen Mo: Really, it's hard. I died ten times in five minutes.

Now even Yu Qinghuan became curious.

Chen Mo's talent for games is different from ordinary people. Although the mechanics of the game are different, games that test visual dynamics and reaction speed are a piece of cake for Chen Mo.

What game makes him feel difficult?

Under everyone's urging, Chen Mo posted the name of the game in the group.

Crowd: …

The name of that game is .

Travel through the palace of the Qing Dynasty.

Crowd: …

Chen Mo: Gong Dou, it's really too difficult, it's really too difficult to be the queen.

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